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  1. Caught and brought home some yellowtail and bonito today and wondering if you guys have some good recipies. Havent had either one so really curious how to cook them up on or off the kamado. More ideas the better! We like options especially with two young kids, lol. Looking forward to some fresh fish the next few nights! How about storage? Can we freeze what we dont eat right away? Thanks!
  2. I remembered this thread and talk about the mortar and pestle. I was in Costco a few minutes ago and saw this on close out for under $7!!!! Is HEAVY!! I looked them up and saw the same one being sold for over $40. So i bought one
  3. Anyone have any experience with outdoor speaker systems? Id like to get some speakers outback to have the ability to have some music while hanging at the pool or grilling if we want to. They have everything wireless/bluetooth these days, id assume the have speakers as well. Pros/cons? Would need a reciever also. Any advice, knowledge, pics, etc would be great. Had a few people stop by while we were grilling and kids were in the pool and thought, we need some music out here! Have a few more questions, but ill wait to see if anyone has any advice first. Thanks!
  4. Had some family stop by unannounced so the meat was cut and eaten without a pic. Came out awesome! It was huge! I got the biggest one i could find. There were others there at 3+ lbs. this one was 4.11 lbs. USDA Choice beef loin tri tip. The last one i picked up was over 3lbs as well. Really wish i had a pic. Anyways, it was a hit! Thanks again!
  5. Uhhhhh hadnt done that. Guess ill spray 'er down!
  6. Plan on Deflector in low position, grate in upper... And do u normally just use one deflector or stack the two? Cant wait!
  7. I assume this is enough for a descent size tritip 3-4#?
  8. This one?: http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/15702-boscos-santa-maria-rub/#entry187937 Thats the one i was looking at, lol. I have 'rubbed sage' that work instead of 'sage powder'?
  9. I think im gonna run down and grab a tri-tip to grill up for lunch today. The last time i used a marinade overnight and it was awesome. With deciding this last minute, figured id try a rub today. If you have one you really like to use for tri-tip, let me know! Was lookin in the recipe forum and Bosco has a pretty easy one. With rubs, does it do the meat any better if you let it sit longer? I was just gonna let it sit while im prepping the grill. My first tri-tip on the Joe was indirect low for about 1:45 then higher for last few minutes. Any other suggestions? It worked last time, but hey, im new and wanna experiment, lol.
  10. Awesome advice for the new guys (myself being one of them). It amazes me the time you veterans take to explain these details. No matter how much searching, I always miss something and you guys make posts like this to bring it all back together. Cook by cook, we will get it, lol. Oh and one more thing I've read and learned and is a must, burp the grill before you open it up or you will get an intense ball of heat, or worse, coming at you when you open that bad boy!
  11. I did review the the original mod post and must have missed the leveling part the first time. Thanks. bosco where would you get a magnet like that? Home Depot? Is it called a pot magnet? I'll wait a few cooks and see what happens. It is out of level quite a bit. I just done want to have to have a screwdriver as part of my grilling prep forever, lol. Right now I tighten up the screw before a cook so that the vent stays in the spot I adjust it to, then after the cook, I loosen the screw to get the daisywheel to sit flush to snuff out the fire.
  12. I had this EXACT experience! Got my Big Joe and did drumsticks, burgers, dogs, and some other stuff with lower/med heat and had no issues other than taking a little longer than I was hoping to get to temp.I did a tri tip about a week ago and like you, low temp no problem, IT hit, tied to get it up to high temp for the last few minutes, and couldn't do it after waiting what felt like forever. After getting clear yesterday on what a "full firebox" is, last night I filled it to the fire ring, and I was up to temp in no time and was climbing quickly. After I pulled the chops, I had to see if it would climb annd sure enough, opened the vents and it went high in no time! Also found it easier to regulate the temps! Like you said, the full firebox is spot on. Fill the firebox!! Lol
  13. Took some of the advice and info from you all and some searches and decided to try some pork chops tonight. Filled up KBJ to the fore ring as suggested earlier. Temps came up way faster than previously! Thank you! Brought it to 400* dome temp and got it steady. Let the chops sit in rub while grill was coming up to temp. Once I had it steady at 400*, I put them on for about 10-12 minutes a side I'd say. Direct heat. Pulled them off at about 145ish and let sit for a few while getting other things ready. Holy crap. Never had juice sitting from chops before. The first words were OMG these are amazing! If u have something different to try, post it up...but I'd say the first attempt was darn tasty!! Took a pic of the last one for ya:
  14. Thanks ladies and gents! I knew it was alot at once, lol. Everytime i think of something i want to post i end up busy and dont....then some other question pops up. This morning i had some time so i figured id post whst i had. Maybe i should have done a few individual posts. Great answers and that clears some things up. Been using search feature alot too. Tons of info here. Thanks!
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