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  1. I would love to do it but unfortunately I have to work that weekend.
  2. Going to a cookout my uncle is doing. He's making his pulled pork which I don't like. Figured I'd bring some beef ribs for everybody so I get to cook and actually have some bbq I like.
  3. Small world, I worked for Timken at the iron station plant for quite a while then even went to Schaeffler/Ina/Fag for a period in Fort Mill.
  4. No, I ordered white in both the 20 and 65.
  5. Got the email that part of my order has shipped about a month and a half early. The 20 should be here Monday. Can't wait to try it out.
  6. Spoiler alert!The ice will eventually melt. Of course the ice eventually melts the only thing that keeps ice in it from melting is a freezer
  7. That's awesome. I hope mine shows up soon.
  8. It's true. This is the message I received from chargriller. Good morning. The Akron Jr will be red this time around. It will be sold exclusively at Walmart.com starting in June. Thank you!
  9. I've used the Myron Mixon method and my own variations of it. What I've found to work best is use the water pan but use it as a drip pan. Don't put the brisket in a pan like he says to for the first 2.5 hours put it directly on the grate(this is why the water pan is used as a drip pan). After the 2.5 hours place the brisket in a clean pan and cover with foil to finish the rest of the cook then rest for 4 hours. His recipe really does produce good brisket and if you're following the same recipe I have which is the one in his book it cooks at 350 degrees not 300.
  10. Its nice to hear that coming from someone on hear who has one. Definitely puts my mind at ease knowing the wait will be worth it.
  11. It's actually 2½ Months GG!....but who is counting. That is a really loooong backorder. Crap you're right lol. But hopefully they'll worth the wait. Really just wanted to give these new guys a try and figuring if they aren't good quality products I can send them back so I figured what's the risk.
  12. I don't know of any bucee's around hear but if I did I definitely would go if they have them in stock. I agree shipping by 5/31 is a long wait but it's really only a little over a month and I do have a couple of coolers that will do the job until they come in. This wasn't really a need thing they're just something I wanted the same way I have 3 kamados now just because I wanted them. If they don't perform or compare in build quality to the yeti I will send them back and get the yetis. I just liked the fact I could get two for a little less than the price of the yeti 65.
  13. As soon I receive them I'm going to borrow a buddies yeti and do a comparison side by side.
  14. So I just recently decided that I'm ready to spend the money on a higher end cooler. So far all I've ever owned are cheap igloos, Colemans, or Styrofoam coolers. They've always served the purpose for what I needed at the time. With that being said, I now have a beach home that we will be spending quite a lot of time at during the summer along with trips to the mountains and of course having people over for barbecues since I've discovered the wonderful world of kamado cooking. Anyways, in my search of a good cooler that I don't have to constantly fill with ice, I've decided to give rtic a try
  15. I'm really shooting for 35 days. I bought a whole tenderloin too so we have plenty of filets to last until the strip I'm dry aging is done.
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