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  1. rogerfromco

    BBQ'ing for the 4th

    With the day off, I decided to smoke some ribs for the 4th on the Primo XL. Started by dry rubbing them, then smoked with cherry and apple wood at 250F for 5 1/2 hrs before saucing them with 3 different locally made BBQ sauces. The bend test showed they were done. Turned out great. Hope everyone had a great day.
  2. rogerfromco

    Hi from NC. Primo XL user first time post

    Welcome from another XL owner - great cooker.
  3. rogerfromco

    Howdy from a PrImo lover DFW TX

    Welcome from another XL owner.
  4. rogerfromco

    Thank you for all the inspiration and ideas!

    Looks amazing - well done.
  5. Easter dinner was lamb chops, grilled asparagus, and roasted potatoes and tomatoes.
  6. I'm with Der Husker on functionality. That said, one of the things that crossed my mind before buying the XL was trying to find a KJ Road Show event and getting the deal where you show up 1st and ask the Rep to buy the display Big Joe and then get the Jr for free, and then listing the Jr for sale on Craigslist to get a bigger discount on the Big Joe. I love my Primo XL and would buy it again as long as I could afford it.
  7. rogerfromco

    Pitboss and Vision Quality

    +1 - the ash, smoke and the occasional sauce/fat drippings as things go on/off the grates will make that white seem like a bad idea in no time.
  8. rogerfromco

    Pitboss and Vision Quality

    Have you checked out the Pit Boss forum under the Talk About Your Cooker forum?
  9. rogerfromco

    New from Birmingham, AL

    Welcome Brian. I grew up in Vestavia, but now live in CO. Congrats on grabbing the KJ deal at the roadshow. I'd love a Jr, now I just need to find someone that want the big one!
  10. rogerfromco

    Blaze Kamado Salt Water Test Round 1

    +1 - without oxygen, corrosion is extremely limited. That's why metal ships that have been sunk in wars past are still found nearly intact. This "test" is total BS.
  11. rogerfromco

    Spring cleaning

    I did 5 coats for spar urethane. May seem like overkill, but when you think of the work to get a cooker in/out of the table, I figured go big from the start rather then wishing I'd done more a few years later. Two years in and it's holding up great.
  12. rogerfromco

    Spring cleaning

    While I tightened my bolts a few weeks ago, I just got around to doing an annual cleaning of the table and outside of the grill. While I keep it covered throughout the year when not in use, it still gets dirty from the ash and just other environmental dust and dirt. I pulled everything off the shelves and then clean them all with some simple green. Then wiped down the outside of the ceramic cooker with some light soap and water. After I finish cooking tonight, I'll do a high temperature burn off on the inside. What do the rest of the folks do to keep your table and grill clean? Clean as you go? Annual cleaning? What products do you use?
  13. Tri-tip and asparagus.
  14. rogerfromco

    WTB-Flameboss 200

    Crickets.... I know my FB200 gets used regularly and I imagine most do. Now if you were looking for a Maverick laying around you might get some responses.
  15. For removing the veins and seeds, I just cut the tops off then use a potato peeler to core out the insides.