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  1. Thanks for the kind words everyone, so far so good, got my first cook in and she didnt go up in flames!
  2. When work stresses me out I get in the garage, grab some tools and get my mind right...a little sawdust therapt as I like to call it. I started this thing last week, got the rest of it assembled last night and test fit my Vision classic in it this morning! Still needs sealed and the "lipstick" put on it, but I'm very happy with the progress thus far, and cant wait for my next cook!
  3. Big Dawg Bengal? Is that you? Go-Bengals.com member? Thanks everyone for the info thus far. Im thinking ill bubble wrap the hell out of it inside and out, it will have to go in the moving truck as ill be trailoring my vehicle behind the moving truck and im not sure ill want it rolling around the back seat of my car. Still waiting on vision to get back to me with info on an oem shipping container
  4. Hello everyone, I am moving from Ohio to Florida in February and need to find a way to get my Vision Classic B from point A to point B safely. I do not have the original shipping container, and have reached out to Vision to see if I can obtain the original one from them. (Still waiting) Have any of you successfully moved your Kamado long distance? Please share any tips/suggestions you may have. Thanks
  5. The metal Vision I would assume is lighterweight/more durable when needing to be moved. The removable ash drawer is a nice touch (didnt like the design of this feature on the pro series Kamados myself) the reason I was intrigued by this, is it shows their willingness to be a force in this industry which hopefully translates into longterm success. Id like Vision to remain a legit contender for many years so that my lifetime ceramic warranty is actually worth something. In order to compete with KJ and BGE they need to have a more diverse offering while maintaining quality and affordability.
  6. Vision has confirmed a metal kamado with ceramic firebowl, as well as Different color pro series grills and in the backround possibly a newer Kub (p-series) Im really happy to see them trying new things and getting their name out there, seeing this makes me more confident that Vision will be around for the long haul!
  7. I got mine a few weeks ago for $399 and the accy kit for $39. I was at Sams today and they were asking $449 for the black one and $599 for the red one. Im waiting for the price to drop to 350 or less and im buying a second one!
  8. Resurrecting this thread... Where did you find the chimney cap for $12? Ive googled and cant seem to find anything under $40. Any help is appreciated.
  9. This looks amazing! I just added this to my to-do list!
  10. Decided to try soup and bread for the first time on the vision today and it turned out great! The loaded potato soup consists of chicken stock, cream, potatoes, onion, celery, garlic, bacon, sharp cheddar and gouda cheeses. It was garnished with cheese, scallions, and crispy bacon. The bread consists of Deschutes Jubleale beer (leftover xmas beer) flour, garlic and onion powder, salt, fresh jalapeno, bacon, cheddar and gouda cheeses. Ill post the recipes in the appropriate forums. I am very pleased with how this turned out and will absolutely make them again!
  11. The temp of the meat dropped prior to me shutting the vent. After the rain passed, I was able to increase the grill temp to 325 and the meat hit the target temp of 195 after about an hour. I let it rest for an hour and it turned out delicious. The random drop in temp was very odd. Could be my thermo as well.
  12. I've had a 7lb butt on the Vision for 7 hours at 245-250. It was up to 187 about an hour ago. It's currently raining and the internal temp has dropped to 176... Anyone else experience this? I can't see the rain causing internal temps to fluctuate. The Kamado is down to 210 (I shut the top vent 95% to keep rain water out) Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. Holy crap!!! This looks amazing! I want a Pelican really bad.
  14. http://www.samsclub.com/sams/search/searchResults.jsp?searchCategoryId=all&searchTerm=vision+grills&fromHome=yes&_requestid=87920&mobiledetect=false I dig the red and orange ones.... Pretty neat! Edit* mods please delete, just realized this was posted already in the vision forum.
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