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  1. I've recently started using Kebroak and love it. Burns really cleanly, quick start up times, etc. I haven't found any stray bs in the bag yet (still on my 1st 40lb-er).
  2. Sorry...didn't last more than 5min lol
  3. That I have! Sweet. Probably doing it again soon. Was too good not to.
  4. Definitely feel better after seeing A16's pies Thx. Like I said...it was definitely tasty. I missed a chunk of wood somewhere in there, so the crust took on a subtle cherry wood smoke flavor. It was awesome with that extra note in there. I will say....I definitely need to get a proper peel. Using aluminum foil on a cookie sheet then to stone was ok...but would have rather have had no foil for a slightly more crunchy crust.
  5. Thx all. It's definitely cause for my never to get chain/store pizza again lol.
  6. It was all deformed with bubbles. I popped them near the 6m mark. It tasted great.
  7. Dough - Whole Foods organic. Bought it from the lady that made their pizzas who was friendly enough to tell me her temps and times (550 for 7.5min). Sauce - Commercial organic brand Cheese - organic mozzarella, Romano, parmigiana Some leftover turkey pepperoni Preheated Akorn with pizza stone diffuser and at grate level preheated 15" KJ stone to 550* and let it sit there for about 20min. Put pie on and dome temp climbed back up 500-525 during time in there. Pulled it at 8.5mins. It's ugly (dumb me forgot to poke it before assembly) but tastes awesome.
  8. thanks all. i used the "i don't have the tip top yet, so cannot do safely" excuse. i'll be planking it. i can dial 220/225 easily enough...but nothing lower attempted. just smoking lower than 200 in general creeps me out lol. will be planking around 300/350. all - thanks for the input mods, feel free to close
  9. I almost have them talked into letting me just grill it @ 300 on planks. I would prefer this b/c I don't know how to do that low temps and honestly have never smoked fish
  10. Anyone have advice on achieving and maintaining lower than 200*, say around 170*? I've been asked to smoke 6# of cod
  11. It's not coming from around the o-ring visually. It looks like it's traversing up the stack and out between the wall of the stack and the "dial." There was a distinct "roll" of the smoke doing this. Not even the slightest wisp around the base of the stack meeting the dome. I'll take it off and re-do if you think that could be causing an issue. The temps were going up dramatically (+10-20%) with the wind and my not doing anything to the vents. I wasn't worried about the visual smoke existing as much as i was looking for clues of where the gusts were pushing through more. The bottom vent I think is/was the main culprit. The slider had more play that I would have thought...so i just put gasket material behind it. I agree, it took me at least 3 tried to get it right. I get a few puff of leaked smoke here and there and I have no issues to maintain temp nor to snuff the coals. People need to stop worrying when they see a puff here and there. If you CANNOT kill the fire with the closed vents, then that's an issue. (usually takes 2+ hours depending on the temp) I killed the fire with the vents, but the wind had died down by then. I wouldn't have touched it except for the swings w/ temp with the gusts of wind. I guess that could be due to the extra vacuum pull from the draft too...hard to say. It was only 10mins off of my day, so no big stress about it. I have a 9# brisket to do, so wanted to make sure ducks are in a row given how windy it is today.
  12. Boo...wind kicked up today and I noticed smoke in 2 places. 1 - from bottom vent. Gonna use the nomex gasket fix on that. 2 - from what appeared to be between the top vent dial and its inner wall. It was fed curling from under that completely closed and not where it meets the dome. #2 not sure what to do
  13. Thx all...it was delish. Didn't survive lunch lol
  14. 250 for 1st hour, 300 til done. Raised temp with bird in. It had a can in its rear with angry orchard cider. Used cherry for smoke. One chunk ran out 30m before pull.
  15. Being one of the newest Akorn owners on here....so much this. I only looked at the manual for assembly. My flagship cook/seasoning/etc all were controlled with info from all of the folk here.
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