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  1. How did the story end? Were you successful installing the mesh gasket?
  2. Thanks for your thoughts, guys. Much appreciated. I think I will skip on the Classic II (even though I adore it) and either go with a "normal" kettle or that Napoleon that @odamaK suggested. Really like the idea of having a charcoal grill integrated into a gas grill! Muchas Gracias!
  3. Hi guys, a few years ago I bought a Big Joe and was generally happy with it. I bought it because I often had the time for long cooks and cooking for larger groups. However, my life has changed and I just don't have the time anymore it and also I am mostly cooking for myself or a small family of four these days. For that reason, I find myself firing up our Weber Q gas grill 98% of the time while the Big Joe collects dust and mold. But I am missing the real fire. And so I was thinking of maybe switching to the new Classic II. In the hopes that I need a much smaller fire in there that I can get to quicker for the kind of cooks I am normally doing on the gas grill (90% direct heat, simple "throw it on, turn it twice and eat" dishes). Will I get there with the Classic II? Or would I be better off with something like a Weber kettle charcoal grill? It should be simple, quick and easy. As in: I don't have the time do do more. Thoughts? I think I may be overshooting with another Kamado.
  4. All good guys. Turkey almost done Will give the grill a VERY thorough cleaning in the next few days.
  5. I hope I can cool it off enough. I closed all lids down after the burn off (which worked surprisingly well, no more mold to be seen) and it's cruising at just below 400 now. If I can get it down to 300-350 I am all good. Thanks guys, some great advice here.
  6. HELP!!! MOULD. I have guests tonight and was about to get the Kamado ready. I haven't used it for a few weeks and when I opened it up today, there was mould everywhere. I am kind of panicing given that I have to get started with my cook. What do you guys think? Can I just go "nuclear" for half an hour or so and just burn it all off? Or should I cancel and get this cleaned thoroughly?
  7. Sorry, language barrier (I am not a native speaker). I actually want to add wood, but then want to get to a state where it thins out as quickly as possible. It usually takes me forever to get there. Hope this makes sense.
  8. Ok, whether it's blue or not, any hints on how I get there quickly?
  9. I am not actually aiming for having the smoke thin and blue, I just used that term for lack of a better word. What I am actually looking for is less smoke. I posted a thread about having trouble with my neighborst a few days ago and it's the thick white smoke that's bothering them. After a while it disappears and instead I have almost invisible smoke (not sure if it's blue, I wouldn't say so). That's what I want and I am wondering how to get there quicker. My point is how do I prevent heavy smolder thick smoke. Is it possible it is related to the size of the chunks? I read somewhere on Facebook that the larger the chunks, the more time it takes for them to get to a state where they smolder less.
  10. Are there other ways too? I am not sure I am ready to "waste" a dutch oven for this. I don't mind having a little bit of white smoke in the beginning, if there is a method to turn it into thin blue smoke very quickly.
  11. Hi guys, I am still new to smoking. I am trying to get to the thin blue smoke but it always takes me forever. I have a lot of thick white smoke all the time. Any hints on how to get there faster? I am using wood chunks btw, not chips. And I don't soak them in water. However, my chunks are rather large. Could that be the reason (taking them forever to glow through)? Thanks
  12. Moving is not an option. I just moved here less than a year ago. And I like it here, despite some jerky neighbors.
  13. Hey Pesto... that's probably where I am going to end up with if the other things like the fan won't work out. Cooking with no smoke at all (and just do smoking 1-2 times a month at most). Not ideal, but I guess better then giving it up completely.
  14. Yes, when everything is up to temp and the white smoke disappeared, there is not much visible smoke left, that's right. But it takes 1-2 hours to get there and is still leaved the fire smell. Wallawu: What do you mean with the back of the fan pointing to the upper vent? Do you mean to actually suck the smoke into the fan that way and blow it out away from the grill? Interesting thought.... Thanks guys.
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