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  1. TheLinX004

    Requesting ideas for a gathering

    K_sqrd - What would you usually cook your Eye of Round to in order to slice and reheat the next day? I'm going to give that a try this weekend as a dry run and just put an eye of round on the smoker since they were on sale this morning. Was thinking cooking to somewhere around 180 so it's easier to slice and it will be heated again in the slow cooker?
  2. TheLinX004

    Requesting ideas for a gathering

    Thanks everyone I appreciate the multiple suggestions. I was hesitant to do the pork shoulder because of the time I would need to get up and get it going in order to be certain it would be done and wrapped prior to leaving for the baptism. I also thought about doing it a day or so before and just reheating in a slow cooker while at the service, have had success in the past with this along with some finishing sauce. Great community here, thanks again all for your help!
  3. Hoping some people might be able to throw some good ideas at me for a predicament I'll be in a couple weeks from now. We will be celebrating the baptism of our twin daughters at a 5 o'clock service and having people over after to eat (approx. 15 ppl). Wanted to cook something on the Akorn but also wanted to get people eating around 20-25 minutes from getting home since it will already be 6:30 or so. Was thinking some kind of stew or chili since I can get it almost done and just let it sit at a low temp while were at the service. My only hold up on this is if it's 80+ degrees outside it may not be the best option. Anyone have any good ideas on something I could prepare ahead of time and fire up in a short time returning home? Thanks in advance for any help!
  4. What "dh14ster" said, this is exactly the process I follow. I find it pretty easy to pull off the top grate and diffuser and within about 20 minutes of opening the grates I have a roaring fire to sear the steaks. Right onto the weber grate and sear for a minute or so each side depending on thickness. I really found out you need to do a few before you get a good idea of how long to sear each side depending on the thickness, take notes as you do them.
  5. Thanks for the points Jkill and Addertooth. I think both your first points are what I was considering was the issue, that being I've been using a thinner stone from the box stores. I have always placed it in the grill at the time of lighting it up and left it in there until temp was all the way down. Used pizza stones for years and never had any issue so I was familiar with how to care for them. This leads me back to the quality of the stone probably being the problem. Thanks for the info.
  6. I appreciate the tip Larry, may have to look at that alternative. And your right I already have that same pizza pan you used in your video. Any concern with the aluminum and high temps? I thought I remembered reading at one point that certain pans aren't good to use at temps higher than 500 or so but I can't find the info at the moment. Thanks again!
  7. Cooking on an Akorn I've had for a little while now and I started by using an older pizza stone on the bottom tabs which I've placed a Weber grill on. After a few cooks, that pizza stone broke which I wasn't too concerned about as I chalked it up to being to close to the fire. This works fine for me since I can use the broken pieces to cook direct or indirect by only using half of it occasionally. But now, last night I was cooking pizza's on another pizza stone I had on the upper warming rack to get it as close as possible to the dome heat. This one eventually cracked as well about half way through the cook. I am wondering if it was due to it not being on a flat surface since it's larger than lip around the grate but I don't know for sure. I want to continue doing pizzas and I have some smaller pizza stones I usually use in the upper grate but last night was cooking a larger pizza that didn't fit. I don't want to take the chance again with another larger Pizza stone anywhere in the Akorn until I had maybe some insight from anyone here. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.
  8. TheLinX004

    Smoked Jerky

    Curious if anyone can give some insight as to how to tell when they are done? I know Hog mentioned he let it go for to long and Grilling Chicken mentioned leaving it on for 4-5 hours? Is there a test method to determine that it's done? I just figured it would be hard to get an IT with such a thin piece of meat.
  9. TheLinX004

    Mushroom and Goat Cheese Bechamel Pizza

    Thanks Tinyfish, yeah the crust turns out amazing with that recipe from Nunyabiz. I've made it a couple times and it gets the perfect fluffiness with still enough crunch that you can hold up a slice without it folding in half!
  10. First off, I couldn't have made such a great pizza without Nunyabiz thorough explanation of his/her "Pizza, dough, and cooking method" post http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/19175-pizza-dough-and-cooking-method/ . I've done that method twice now and both times it has been some of the best pizza and dough I've ever made myself. The recipe I followed came from Kitchen Daily and can be found here. I added some guacamole slices to the top of mine at the end just because I had them laying around. But even without, this is one of the best pizzas I've ever had. If you haven't tried Nunyabiz's pizza dough recipe yet I strongly suggest you give it a shot.
  11. TheLinX004

    New Akorn and Kamodo Cooker

    Just want to start by saying thanks to everyone on this site for the advice to get me up and running with my Akorn. I transitioned from a propane smoker to the Akorn and my life has simply changed, amazing what these things can do. Luckily due to the improvements in Char-Broil's construction of the Akorn I didn't have to mod my cooker at all but appreciate everyone's input on their own modifications for future reference.