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  1. Cut 15 lbs of bacon today. Fried up both recipes, i over cooked the first batch a bit, didn't take off til 170-175. That was the "dry" cure, it seemed to be more salty then the amazing ribs recipe. That batch i was able ot pull at 150. Seemed to have more of the maple cure and had more of a bacon texture. the other batch was a little more firm. Overall for the first time it wen't well. However i think i need to get a meet slicer, cutting by hand got a little old and my wife like thinner bacon.
  2. So bacon seems to be doing ok. I split it into 4 zip lock bags, 3 of them seem fine, one the fat seems to be stringy? not sure if that just happens or if something got messed up on that bag? any input? today is going on the 8th day. I was thinking about maybe taking one out tonight and smoking it? or i'll just wait a few more days and do them all on saturday. thoughts? One thing to note is the amazingribs recipe got taken down, apparently too much prague powder was used? althoguh people have been using it for a long time. I don't think its a huge deal unless you eat bacon everyday....
  3. When you say wash the web brine, do you mean just rub the bags?
  4. Taking my first shot at bacon. picked up two pork belly slabs from costco. i followed two recipes one from amazing ribs and one from a friend. amazing ribs is a wet brine where the other one is not. a few questions it says 7 days to cure, that being said it would put me at next wednesday for the time to smoke, would it hurt it if i cured it to friday? as i won't beable to smoke it til saturday. It said to feel the skin off, i'm assuming that the costco belly's were already trimmed i sat there and felt and looked and it just seemed like fat. third since they are in zip lock bags and are suppose to be flipped daily can i stack the bags? i don't see any reason why not, unlike staking bags for the umai dry age bags which i know you cant.
  5. That helps a million, great explanation. Thanks. I'll be sure to snap some pics and get it on here.
  6. and what kind of meat was that exactly? i'm confused between the prime grade, prime roast? is it just a ribeye roast? seems like all the butchers label them different. Also about how long was it on the coals? Lastly you say spin until it reach an IT of about 300??? then open both vents and sear until it reaches an IT 125>103, did you really mean an IT of 100? and then sear until it reaches an IT of 103-125 depending on how well you like your meat done?
  7. can i get a writeup of what was done to prep the meat. this is my next new cook....
  8. just went and picked one up, have a turkey thawing gonna try it before i make the thanksgiving turkey on it...
  9. i was thinking maybe i'll spin a smaller chicken? i'm thinking i would get the same flavor/texture with that.
  10. I've been volunteered to do the turkey this year for thanksgiving. I was thinking about getting the joetissierie, anybody done one on there? turkey will be around 12-15lbs. I may put a little smoke into it but not much as i want to keep it tasting like normal, the inlaws dont particularly like over smoked stuff. wondering if i should use the joetisserie or just roast it?
  11. be sure to tell the wife that you need to rotate the bottles with new bottles every night, and the old ones need to get drank or they go bad...
  12. How long did you cook that bad boy for? thinking about getting a joetisserie for thanksgiving....
  13. I guess i thought it would pull apart a little easier, it wasn't shoe leather by any means. I noticed the thinner,smaller side was more tender then the larger flat side. It still had plenty of flavor and wasn't dried out which is what i was most worried about.
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