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  1. Spray heavily with oven cleaner. Let it sit for a while and then awhile and then dump a bucket full of hot soapy water in it and brush the heck out of it. Dump it and do it again and probably again until it is clean.
  2. At the dollar store, get a square plastic container you put kids sandwich in. Drill holes in the side to run wires thru, unit inside, lid sealed, works great to keep rain and moisture out.
  3. I have read that putting the meat on the cooker when it is cold helps create a smoke ring, not sure if that really works but easy enough to try.
  4. Tuesday I did a 18.5 pound Full Packer brisket. At 270 degrees, I put it on at 8:30 a.m. and it was done at 3:30 p.m. finish temp was 202 degrees. It was excellent. I wrapped it in foil with juices at 11:45 a.m. when the color was where I wanted it to be. So total cooking time was 7 hours.
  5. I wouldn't ever do that. You want to create a,, "chimney effect" where the heat and smoke from the bottom drafts upward through the product and the cooker then out the top. Being open on top, even just a little does this and also keeps bad smoke from lingering inside which could screw up the taste.
  6. Looks great, since it's to slice up and take to a party, probably best for the higher finish temp as not to scare anyone. Thanks.
  7. Excellent info, thanks. was 140 a better target temp?
  8. Just shy of 4 lbs, want to cook it up for new Years eve, indirect about 250ish. Take to about 130? How long would you estimate the cook time?
  9. I found out the hard way that the tip top temp controller does not fit the Vision. Are there any similar products that do?
  10. My Walmart did not have any but i just went online and had it shipped there. Got an email it was there in 2 days, picked it up, put it together, seasoned the grate and threw some burgers on it for the first cook. LOVE IT!
  11. Just ordered a Jr from Walmart with a rollback price of $109.00. Ordered a chargriller smokin stone to for only $19.74. They knock off $5.27 for picking it up at the store.
  12. Boy that looks good! What size ham is it, times and temps you cooked it at? Thanks
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