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  1. If they accept Paypal I would use it as you can always get your money refunded.
  2. If there is no ID on my phone I simply don't answer and it goes straight to voice mail. If my blocker IDs it as a scam it gets blocked. I am not receiving near as many as I used to.
  3. Depends on if you squat down to pick it up or just bend over where it counts as a toe touch!
  4. I agree with John as I did one a while back close to 400 and it was a little dry when finished, I should have wrapped it.
  5. I forget that I even have a dome thermometer when I am cooking. I don't think I have even looked at it in several years now.
  6. They should have come out with this before I got divorced! My ex already had the female version.
  7. That last pic makes my mouth water. I am hungry now!
  8. I definitely have the one you showed.
  9. I usually just do my butts at 300/325 degrees and they cook a lot faster and no stall to speak of. Not much if any difference in taste and a firmer bark.
  10. Mine only leaks where the wires from my remote goes through and usually not even there. Take your fingers and pinch and gently roll the gasket all the way around and it should stop leaking. You will not find a better gasket on the market.
  11. I bought an acorn several years back and take good care of mine so it is not showing much if any wear so far. I store mine in a small room in my garage and roll it back and forth when I cook on it. I thought about getting a ceramic kamado a few times but I do not want to have one sitting on my deck full time nor out in my yard full time and the sheer weight and maneuverability prohibits me from rolling one around like I can do with my Acorn. It cooks as well as an Kamado I think and holds temps great once I learned it. I can light mine, throw on the meat and walk away till it is done worry fre
  12. That is growing on me. Might be my next truck.
  13. I hope you mean Auburn, GA or else there is a town in GA this old retired revenue agent never heard of.
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