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  1. It really wasn't that hard.... I put ribs in first to smoke them longer. Chicken & lamb half hour later and probed them with my iGrill2. Chicken out first then the lamb, foiled them. Mopped the pork with Chipotle jelly and they were great. I was a little surprised how good everything turned out. All done in about 3 hrs at around 275 deg. First 2 hours in heavy apple wood smoke.
  2. Had some family over the weekend and so I went for the quadruplet in my Vision! Whole Chicken Leg of Lamb stuffed with blue cheese (my favorite) Baby Back Ribs Pork Lions New potatoes where there were gaps
  3. Well I went for baby back ribs and had dismal results. My goal was the 3-2-1 process but it failed after the 2. The ribs were so over cooked I could not get them out of the foil without the meat falling apart. I could not keep my temp at 225. It would climb up to 260 and I would damper to get it down. Still my family and friends loved the meat flavor and the 3 racks were devoured.
  4. Thanks for sharing and allowing newbies like myself absorb new tricks and ideas to maximize a cook!
  5. Any thoughts on what my 2nd cook should be this weekend to help me familiarize myself more with my Vision? Brisket, Butt, Ribs or Prime Rib? Thanks in advance!
  6. Welcome C00kie, Awesome setup you got there in Sing. I swing by there couple times a year (when the oil is above $80/barrel) and enjoy the stay but hate the flight time.
  7. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00GRFHXVQ/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=390HJQ9LHP4IR&coliid=IGO1FPGKLRI3G&psc=1
  8. I don't mean any disrespect but what's the difference with the $24.99 thermometer on Amazon that has 932 reviews with 76% at 5 stars and the thermopen?
  9. Wow that's looks great! Can you please share the recipe on the rub and time & temps on the kamado.
  10. Thank you all for taking time to share your insight, ideas and complements. There are good people in this forum! God bless Beto
  11. Larry, I'm a big Amazon buyer and this sharpener has great reviews. Worth trying it and return it if you don't like it.
  12. Had an ok first run with my Vision. Did the volcano start with royal oaks lump charcoal and 3 chucks of Apple wood. After lighting and lid open for 5 minutes the temp shot up quick to 250 with igrill2 probe on the grate. The temp between probe and gauge was about 50 deg (grate was hotter). Realized I had not installed the heat diverter so that stabled the temps between the probe and the lid gauge. Still struggled keeping my temp 250 with the bottom vent at <1/4" and lid at 1/8". Temps would not stable out for more than 5 minutes. After allot of reading I'm thinking royal oak charcoal is not very reliable. After temp reached 300 and put in my chickens and with a pan below to catch the fat. Never could really walk away from the grill since the temp always wanted to climb with vents dam near closed. Never had smoked food myself and I had a blast smoking these chickens. 2 hours later we had some really good tasting yardbirds! Any suggestions and advise on my run away temps would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Thank you all for the kind words and advise. I got allot of reading to do
  14. Hello everyone, Just yesterday I bought me a Vision Grill B series already assembled from Sam's Club. I've had a gas pit for years and have not used it much here recently. I've read Vision Grill's website and I can't find any instructions or guidance on what to do on my first run (temps & times). Any feedback would be greatly appreciated since I like to use it this weekend for fathers day. Kind Regards
  15. They are designed to handle 500+ deg, so 117 may seem hot but it should handle it without a problem.
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