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  1. On tonight's Good Bones, Mina and Karen remodeled half of a clients duplex instead of doing a house they bought to flip. the client lived in the other half and on his back porch had an Akorn. I see Big Green Eggs on tv occasionally on HGZtV and DIY, and sometimes a Kamado Joe or Primo, first time I saw an Akorn
  2. I have an igrill 2 for low and slows with grate probe and 2 meat probes. For instant read have a thermopop. havent had issues with the igrill 2, haven't had the connectivity issues that some mention, at first used it with an iPhone 6 Plus, then upgraded to a 7 plus. The app got better when Weber bought it, idevices app was ok but Weber improved it. the thermopop works great, thermoworks seems to be the Apple of grill temp products, expensive , good design, just work.
  3. Don't know if this has been on here yet
  4. Unfortunately we can't all drive Lambos some of of us have to make do with a Kia
  5. I really like the igrill2 it works well for me. My house isn't large and can get a signal with the Bluetooth anywhere in the house with the grill in my side yard. I got it with 2 meat probes for about $40 last year and bought the grill temp probe direct from idevices. I like the app better now that Weber redesigned it. I do wish you could save the entire cook graph to compare. I do screencaps but it moves forward away from the start of the cook. Gonna try and get my tiptop temp working so I can expand my smoking, really want to do a brisket. I used to work next door to a City BBQ location, and despite being a Chain BBQ joint it's brisket is very good and very consistent and now that I don't work near one I am craving some brisket
  6. I have had my Akorn over a year and have cooked baby backs at least a dozen times, grilled chicken breasts, steaks, pork chops and of course burgers, dogs, and brats. today is Oaks Day in Louisville, KY and I live 2 miles from Churchill Downs and traffic is horrible all weekend, raining most of this weekend. So decided to stay home and make my first attempt at pork shoulders. I originally was gonna try an overnight but the heavy rain last night had me re do the plan and go with a hot and fast today. Fired up the Akorn with Royal Oak and some apple wood chunks at 9:30, had a 2 pack of pork shoulders from Sams club weighing 17.5 lbs combined. Used Pork Barrel Rub from Sams. got the shoulders on about 10:15, grill was about 200, got it to about 300 where it stayed for almost 2 hours, then heavy rain moved in and dropped the temp, opened vents and chased temps for a while. Finally got it settled again at 325 when the rain cleared out about 3 pm. I usually use my igrill2 AMA temp probe on the grill, but first chance to use the 2 meat probes, the smaller shoulder hit 195 about 4:30, the other about 4:50. foiled both and rested them. About 5:45 pulled the first and tossed about 2 lbs in sweet baby rays and it was quickly devoured. then after dinner pulled the other shoulder and now have a lot of leftovers at least 6-7 lbs. no real issues chased the temps a little due to at times heavy rain and heavy wind. It was the coldest Oaks Day in Louisville since JFK was in office per our local news. Will have plenty of leftovers for another cold wet day tomorrow for Derby. L
  7. Don't care, but I am putting ketchup on mine, don't care what Dirty Harry, Obama, or anyone from Chicago says
  8. I had considered cord cutting, but too addicted to my sports, mainly Kentucky Basketball, NCAA tourney (need cable now on 4 networks), college football, NFL. and I work 4 10's a need a DVR, the only OTA dvr that seems any good is the TIVo but they are expensive and carry a monthly fee. Now I am keeping cable for sure, I switched jobs from AAA roadside call center to Spectrum call center, a raise of almost $2 hr and a big perk of free cable service. I have triple play with 300 internet, home phone, and the top cable package with all premiums and most channels, 3 DVR's. I have to pay $4 each for the 2nd and 3rd dvr, my bill went from $240 to $8 and internet got faster and more premium channels. and like the new job, in a billing call center, much easier to explain the cable bill, take payments, and adjust services and packages then to explain why tow trucks take 4 hours to get there
  9. I like your videos, the brisket cook on your Summit was great and funny, seemed like you were trying new things with editing etc. Will you still be doing the Komodo Kamado videos?
  10. I have this set by cave tools http://www.amazon.com/BBQ-Grill-Tools-Set-Professional/dp/B00F4FRH0W They are big and sturdy
  11. I have one of those Samsung French door models, mine just has one drawer on bottom instead of two like yours. The ice maker works great, much better than a similar LG model I used to have. Love the shelving, LED lighting, etc If I could offer a little advice, don't change the water filter the first time it tells you to, they last longer than it says. I have had mine almost 2 years, on second water filter. If you ever get a weird warning and it isn't cooling right, before you call for repair, first look up Google and YouTube. I have had that happen twice and just had to reset the control panel by holding buttons in for a minute.
  12. I love Steak and Shake and their larger buttery cousin Culver's. Louisville, KY also has A couple Smashburger franchises, I finally after there last week and it was meh. The burger was just ok, a rally's burger is juicier and the fires were small like Steak and Shakes and got cold quickly. Their fried pickles were just ok, the only thing I would go back for is their Salted Caramel Milkshake, it was excellent.
  13. Will have to try the salted caramel. Just had a salted caramel milkshake from smash burger yesterday, it was really good.
  14. The early years of Flat screen HDTV is what forced both Costco and SAMs to change their electronics policy. People where buying a tv, then after 6 months to a year upgrade to a newer or bigger one by returning the old for full price and getting a new one. There where threads on AVS forum actually recommending that tactic, to get what tv you can afford at first then staying with current technology etc.. I admit I took advantage of it, not to upgrade but I had bought my folks a 37" Vizio one Christmas before the policy change, after 3 years it went out, was gonna cost $1,000 to fix, and tv only cost $749 - 3 years prior. I still had the receipt and it took hours arguing with a manager and then even a phone call to upper management but eventually left the store with a new 40" and money left over from refund. I know that tv seems small but biggest that will fit in their older built-in that was designed for 32" tube tv.
  15. I bought a set with Tongs, Spatula (w bottle opener built in), and fork from Amazon that is great, Cave Tools. They are very big, very heavy duty, may not be best if you have smaller hands. Set was about $20
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