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  1. Alright! I'll heed your advices and tests a few different scenarios based on that Thanks! Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
  2. Thanks for the many answers I don't agree with some of you saying that smoke isn't bad and that it tastes good, but that's about personal more than anything else, so to each their own on that regard Personally I think it gives an acrid taste @Landscaper and @CeramicChef: Pan with no water: Is your pan sitting on the deflector? I think it the heat from the deflector would cause the same issue, so I'm curious as to what your configuration looks like I could surely give it a try @CKReef Grill Grates: Yes, these looks nice and I've read good thing about them Do you leave them on and you use only that for everything or just for some applications like this? I'm wondering what difference it'd make to a steak for example, grilled directly over the coals with the SS grates or with Grill Grates on top of them. @AdderTooth That's an option, but I should have mentioned I mostly do spatchcock chicken To all regardless, thanks for your inputs!
  3. Hello all, haven't ben here too much lately due to me enjoying the Kamado Joe too much So, a very simple question (I guess): How do you avoid having the chicken fat generating that bad smoke you don't want near your food and clothes? I tried at different temperatures, with/without deflectors, with water pan.... only the water pan kind of worked, but the chicken turned almost soggy; Too much humidity Any pointers? Thanks! MP
  4. Same cpu Same camera Same screen Same battery Same size/weight Has mentioned, touchId (fingerprint sensor) is on the 3 The 2 has either 16gb or 32gb of storage No 32gb option on the 3, with 16, 64 or 128gb Depending on the usage, 32gb might be a sweet spot 16gb is usually too small not to be frustrating in the long run, but again, it always depends in the who uses it and the what it's used for --- Again, as mentioned already, it'd be wise to wait sept. 9th and see what's in store regarding the minis
  5. That's quite a "hot" topic it seems! Haven't read it all though, but I just thought I would relate my experience in relation to the OP I have reasons to think I was addicted to coke/Pepsi for a while; not that I was drinking crazy amount of it (especially by american's standards, no offense meant), I was drinking 1-2 can per day in general. However, I found I was literally *craving* the stuff after a bit less than a day since the last "dose", and could chug a can just to appease that feeling I tried to stop drinking sodas twice without success, but always had that craving coming back and wining the fight Until my girlfriend offered me/us a Sodastream, to inject water with CO2 (advertised as the DIY Soda thing) The idea here was not to replace commercial soda with "diy" soda, but to just drink sparkling water instead, no syrup involved Well it turns out that since I started drinking this, I didn't even have to try to stop drinking/thinking about having a Coke or whatever, and I can now drink one once in a while and still not feel that craving coming back Long story short, if anyone want to stop drinking sodas and are having a hard time, sparkling water might be the solution (and water is good for you, there's no debate around that )
  6. Ok, And how would you proceed to pre-warm a cooler? Hot Water? I'll give this a try Thanks!
  7. Hi all, I decided, today, of doing a Low and Slow Roast, more precisely a leg of lamb, boneless It's not very big, around the 2lbs marks. I started it early as I was expecting it to take a good 4h to reach 140F IT, but it is now 3pm over here and it's already at 138F IT I had my KJ at around 225-230F (Grill temp) most of the time I decided on snuffing it out a bit now to have it cook even slower, and grill temp is now at 205F Assuming I don't want to eat for another good 2h (ideally 3h), what would you recommend me of doing? Removing it now and reheat later, or leave it in there and let the KJ temp at this setting and let it drop a bit more? I realize it's a bit of messup, but... oh well Thanks for your help!
  8. Bugs The Kamado arrived at their Qc warehouse in Lachine on Monday, they called in Tuesday to set an appointment. They more or less told me they were available on Friday. It suited me so it was all well I felt like I almost didn't have choice though, not sure how it would have fared if I would have wanted it sooner. Note there was Canada day in between. They dropper it in the backyard, I had to get it on the patio myself For the rest, all is good indeed!
  9. So I ended up (almost) playing it by ear, and it was pretty much a success! Went indirect, grill on top position and heat deflector at the lowest. Haven't monitored the time. Temp in the dome as around 370-400, and grill at 350-390 most of the time. (had a bit of a hard time controlling it) All in all, I gotta say I haven't had that good of a chicken in while! Moist and tender with a (not enough to my liking but still) crispy skin, plus the great but subtle charcoal taste. Sorry no photos, so I guess it didn't really happen and it's all in my head for now
  10. If money is no object, Petzl is where it's at They make different models from pretty much every kind of needs you might have, with different configurations and lumens output There are more expensive stuff out there (such as surefire) but you'll end up paying more for the name. While I am no specialist on the matter, from what I know, I think with Petzl you get the most bang for your bucks (quality and performance wise) Fenix is a very decent brand too, and cheaper than petzl IIRC If you need the ability to make the night as bright as day without having to pay a few hundreds of dollars, I'd look their way. You could get a 900lumens or so headlamp for around 100$, maybe even less. 90lumens is *really* bright, as in: do not ever blast that in the eye of a friend or that relationship will end I personally use a Fenix PD35 (handheld flashlight, with tactical mount when needed) with various outputs, and I love it. For the price, the build quality and performance is really there
  11. Thanks guys! Good question, I guess it's my lack of experience and enthousiasm that keeps me from thinking straight I agree it would make more sense going by grill temp indeed! *facepalm*
  12. Hey all, first, I want to thank everyone contributing to this forum, adding to the plethora of information herein! That said, my KJ classic just arrived today! Still waiting for the GF to get home and see if (hopefully) we can lift that thing on the patio together; so it's not assembled yet Note that I also got a Maverick ET-733 and an instant read probe; I thought that if I were to blow my initial budget by twice the amount, I might as well just go all in Once that's done, I plan on doing a spatchcocked chicken on it for my first cook; I read about this but haven't got a clear answer as to how I should proceed exactly. Should I cook it direct or indirect? What dome temperature should I aim for? Approx time to reach the recommended 170F (just to get an idea) I am also trying the salt/baking powder trick that I think was first written about by @wilburpan Thanks for the advices!
  13. That's just crazy It's a shame that one can have so many hobbies and interests and then be limited by the money
  14. Hmm have never considered using it for smoking per se. When the fan is blowing, even at the lowest setting, you only get small amount of smoke (at least with the wood I'm using, which is mostly oak, maple and the occasional birch You'd have to use water soaked wood chips on top of the embers to actually generate enough smoke I think As for the lowest temperature you could achieve, I can't really tell Today I did some corn on the cobs (really simple and quick stuff; wrapped in foil) on it and took a few thermal pics to give you an idea Definitely not the lowest temperature you can get out of this, but it'd be harder to go lower and keep it steady. Note that I have the Gusto, and as mentioned above, it doesn't work as an oven that we'll because of everything being open Temp registered on the grill. At this stage I had mostly embers with still some flames: Temp registered on the foil (since it reflects heat coming from the grill, it's probably a bit lower than what's shown): Temp registered at the grill itself
  15. Holy shnitzels! I was expecting much more than that (that said, I know close to "nothing" when it comes to optics and what not) While I'm sure it true that expensive gear does *not* equal better results, I can't imagine what you'd manage to do if you'd have invested even more! Regardless, thanks for sharing, it really is a great post!
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