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  1. A conscious decision to join, enter a credit card and cheat on their loved ones was made. The fact that the participants were caught with their pants down is all their fault and no one else's. I have no sympathy for self inflicted stupidity The reason for the hack was given as "to prove that nothing is secret or can be made to disappear on the Internet" after the site offered to wipe the information for an extra fee. There is no such thing as secret or private where the Internet is concerned no matter how well protected and it should be treated as such.
  2. Boneless butt after 7 hours at 230-250...super tasty
  3. Flash Gas


    Another to try for this that are fond of porter. Just try it before passing judgment
  4. Spend a day getting to know your Kamado and trying to control the various temps...225, 275, 350 ect. There is a learning curve to setting the vents and having the patience to let it be long enough to not over correct.
  5. After shopping and comparing all the brands in my local area, I chose the Vision. Ordered from Home Depot and had it delivered to my door in three days free of charge. It was available from my local but I do not own a vehicle capable of transporting the heavy bugger. Ordered over the phone and applied for the Home Depot credit card with the intent of paying it off within the six months no interest period. Received the 10% discount without using the card and was given an extra 5% off for Father's Day. Which brand you choose is up to the individual and all of them will provide exceptional r
  6. I thank all of you for your varied input on cooking temps. Next question would be to brine or not to brine? That seems to be as varied as the cook temp amongst the vids I've reviewed. As chicken is not generally a tough meat, it would seem overkill or am I missing the point of brining?
  7. After my last cook turned out ok but not life altering, I need to redeem myself as a keeper of the Kamado. What temp will give me a juicy, tasty, slightly smokey bird to please the other half? I've seen temps from 250 to 400 for cooks. Meat temp is key and I have the proper thermometer for the job. Recipes and or video would help tremendously...TIA
  8. After enjoying the results of the day's cook one thing is abundantly clear.....cheap meat is not always the wisest choice. These were purchased on sale from Wally World and I figured why not? Maybe next time I do beef ribs they will be a little closer to the other end of the cow. Already shopping for my next adventure because I like big butts and cannot lie
  9. 6 1/2 hrs later. Sauced the last 45 min at 15 min intervals with store bought. Wrapped in foil and a couple of tea towels for the next hour and then it's time to see if my patience will be rewarded
  10. Three hours in and the first check to see if they needed to be rotated. Temp seems to rise and fall around 15-20 degrees with me adjusting the top vent occasionally....is this normal as the lump is inconsistent in size? At this point I'm not sure how I could do an overnight and get some shut eye lol.
  11. Something to make you think of how small a piece of the universe mankind occupies......some of the images you are seeing actually occurred millions of years ago if not billions as that is how long it took the light from that image to reach us here.
  12. As you can see I spared no expense for my first cook....that's right all beef. Slow cooked for two hours at 225-235. They turned out juicy and moist with a perfect smoke ring. Alas no rub was used so no bark. While on the grill and the final money shot. They were so good I shared with no one. Tomorrows cook will be beef ribs now that the jitters have been worked out
  13. Flash Gas

    KJ Haters

    When researching my first Kamado I too visited my local Ace expecting to view the KJ. Nothing but a sea of green. Before too long a sales rep approached me and asked if I had any questions....no it doesn't come with a stand, that's $149.00 extra, the side table "wings" extra, the placesetter is $65.00 extra, the cover is $60.00 extra, you will need an ash tool which is $ 30.00 extra, second grill grate $45.00 extra....nothing was included... and finally no we do not deliver. Are there sales/promotions/discounts at any time....no. I mentioned the KJ and the rep immediately began to belittle
  14. It actually went off without a hitch. My eldest stopped by to give a hand. Removed the ash tray assembly and used that for grip. Not so bad with two people. Moved her back to the porch for final assembly and the maiden burn tomorrow. Something tells me it will be an early rise for me as the anticipation is growing exponentially by the minute.
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