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  1. Hi, I bought a brand new Big Joe III 4 months ago. I've done a bunch of low and slow smokes on it with a few 400-550 grilling sessions. Lately I've been having trouble with temp creep at low temps, so I started investigating and found that the silicone (?) sealant at the bottom gate is almost completely deteriorated! Since taking these photos last week it has gotten much worse and extended the entire length of the gate. Air is definitely getting in because smoke pours out when I close the cover. What can I do about this? Customer service was completely useless and told me this is not their problem and told me to "store and maintain the grill properly" (with no advise on how to do that!). I'm tempted to just put red RTV on it. How can this be OK after 4 months on a $2500 grill, I don't understand.
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