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  1. Will try it. Thanks. Others--I am still listening.
  2. I received my Vision Pro S last Friday. I am using the electric lighter and Vision coal. When I used it the first time, I kept the temperature low ~250F. All went well. I purchased a lava rock (Vision brand) from Home Depot. I cooked some salmon at about 350F. It smelled like kerosene. I have never used any petroleum products in this. The only products I have used have been Vision products just mentioned. The new addition was the lava rock. I was wondering if any one else has come accross this and if they know how to clear it. I tried running it last night to see if it would burn off. I removed the lava rock. I am concerned that it was the source of the contamination. I contacted the company and I was told they never heard of this. They suggested I try a different brand of charcoal--I had used Vision brand, but I will try another one. I would appreciate any suggestions.
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