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  1. Anyone pre-ordered these? If so, how is it? I can't seem to find it anywhere that I can pre-order one anymore =\ Do you have to take the joe/big joe out of the stand for installation? Thanks in advance!
  2. @MartyThanks for the detail explanation. People just light the lump, set the vent then come back when it hits temp? No need to open the bottom vent all the way and the top vent all the way for a while so the temp can come up faster?
  3. +1 on the overfills of lump. On my first cook with KAB, I only fill the lump to the top of the KAB. After about 6 hours, I was only left with ashes and had to refill. Made my life so much easier though. Highly recommended!
  4. Thank you guys for the reply! @Bgosnell151 Do you not start with both vents fully open then close them down slowly? @Marty Yeah, I was definitely shocked how much charcoal the big joe took and how fast it burned 0_o If you don't mind me asking, what's your method on getting the temp to 225 and holding? Thanks!
  5. I keep it simple by just rubbing miso paste on the meat side and cook it skin down =D
  6. Hi guys! Finally upgraded myself from an Akorn to the Big Joe from Costco Roadshow. First accessory I bought for it was the KAB. I did my first cook on it with a pork butt last week as a trial run to figure out the temperature control. Used the method I used with the Akorn to get to 275 by cutting air flow in half at certain temp then half again then set what I thought would be the final setting for the temp to hold. The temperature hold at 275 for about 6 hours and died down. Came to realized that all the charcoal were used up. From the readings, I think KAB helps with air flow but it also helps charcoal to burn quicker. Added more charcoal and light it again with the KJ starter using the same lighting method, but somehow I get a temperature creep to 320 this time. At 320 my setting for top vent is a little less than the first line from the left and about 1/2 inch at the bottom vent. I would like to know how are yall experts' prefer way to light the charcoal and preferred way to control temperature. 2nd question is about the divide and conquer. I do a lot of steak and I usually use the reverse sear method starting at 225 till 130 then 500+ with a minute and half on each side. With the divide and conquer system, although one side of the grill will be direct heat over with the grate on the lower section, but how about the overall temp in the grill for me to do a reverse sear? Any insight is highly appreciate it!!
  7. May I know what setting you used in the bottom vent? Thanks!
  8. May I ask what setting so you have on the bottom vent? Thanks!
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