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  1. Thanks for the info. I'll save my time and stick with what works. I love the Traeger Oak. I've seen the costco pellets. I'll have to give them a try.
  2. Bosco do you use only Traeger pellets? Or have you used others?
  3. I did not John. How do you do that? That's why I love this website!!
  4. Purchased the 850 last year in November. Had issues right out of the box with the wifire not working. Finally a person came out from where I purchased it, put in a 3rd controller and now it works great(6 months after I purchased it). Customer service not the best but they tried to resolve the issue, they never gave up. The only issue I see now is the probe is not even close. 20 degrees off compared to my thermopen. I have not run into any other errors so far. I love it... so far.
  5. @bosco Fired up my timberline and have had a couple cooks so far. Used hickory pellets. Smoke rings were out of this world but absolutely no hickory flavor. Is that your experience with it? Hardly any smoke what so ever coming out of the unit as well. Would love your feedback when you get some time. To top it off the APP has not worked since I bought the unit. Traeger said they have an issue with it now and do not know when it will be back up..
  7. GREAT REVIEW. Thanks for the input. I am getting the Timberline 850 soon.
  8. @K-ville Well worth the wait! They were AWESOME!! Bought my primal cut at Costco. Not sure what you have North of the border.
  9. slap 1914 Everywhere I look they do not sell them or they are unavailable. Any ideas where to get one?
  10. Looking for cast Iron grates for the Weber kettle with the hole in the middle. Not looking to break the bank. Any help would be great...
  11. In the directions it tells you to put fat cap down and flip after 7 days i believe, or the other way around. I followed their direction pamphlet that came with the bags.
  12. Slowly breaking me down to go buy the Jotisserie!!!! Looks GREAT!!
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