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  1. Pork Rack on The JT

    yeah, not the first time its happened and I'm sure it won't be the last, lol. thanks mate!
  2. Chicken and Shrimp Paella

    Wow! I haven't tried making paella yet, this has got me drooling!
  3. Pepper Steak

  4. I pushed this a little too far tonight. The plan was to take it off when it hit an IT of 140f and let it rest through. I missed the mark by around 6f. Just enough to make it a touch dry. Still turned out good though. It had a sensational crust. Salt, pepper and rosemary. Thanjs for looking
  5. Big Joe Rotisserie

  6. Big Joe Rotisserie

    Wow! Thanks mate! I'm thinking about making one for my JR with a battery operated Rotisserie for camping......not sure if there is enough room for it to be feasible yet.
  7. Big Joe Rotisserie

    Thanks mate! Really appreciate those comments!
  8. Big Joe Rotisserie

    Thanks mate! I enjoyed making it. i love it!
  9. Big Joe Rotisserie

    hope these shots are helpful to you mate. I used my gas BBQ rotisserie for this. thats why it goes out both ends. I didn't want to cut it down. this way I can always put it back on my gas bbq if I want to. here is a link to my YouTube page. there is a small video of the rotisserie that may show some better angles for you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NpE6s1dhj80
  10. Big Joe Rotisserie

    Great tip! I am making another one for a friend actually. I don't use my side tables but that's a great idea!
  11. Big Joe Rotisserie

    Thanks Mate! sure thing, i will take some photos for you and post it up soon.
  12. Big Joe Rotisserie

    Primo Roti would be awesome! i must admit i wouldn't mine a Primo!
  13. Big Joe Rotisserie

    Thanks buddy!
  14. Big Joe Rotisserie

  15. Big Joe Rotisserie

    Cheers mate.