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  1. The name pretty much sums it up. First you have to make a caramel and then add fish sauce, ginger, pepper, spring onions and....wings. Cook for around 25 min and then directly on the grill for some colour. Reduce the sauce down and stir it all through. Add some sesame seeds and chopped spring onions before serving. These are stick and sweet! . .
  2. Hi mate, the Brussel sprouts were just halved and the outer leaf removed and then sautéed on a cast iron pan with butter, bacon and broccolini. It was on the Kamado but it wouldn’t have had any real smokey flavour either. I did use to bake them in there but they repeat on me something crazy when I do them like that. Lol
  3. Thanks a lot mate! That’s a really kind thing to say! Cheers
  4. Thanks ckreef! The jalapeño themselves don’t add that much heat at all. That’s why I added the chipotle sauce for a little extra heat. I don’t like a lot of heat, just enough to know it’s there.
  5. Mate you will kill it for sure! Beef back ribs are so good! Good luck tomorrow mate!!
  6. Fresh water Barra can taste a bit dirty but salt water is amazing!
  7. Barramundi cooked on the Big Joe on a half moon cast iron pan served on potato smash and asparagus and topped with Parmesan and a home made bacon crumb. . . Cheers!
  8. I haven’t tried it but that would be amazing!! Thanks!
  9. Yeah I have to be careful, my wife doesn’t like heat at all!
  10. Jalapeño beef back ribs basted with a chipotle mora and maple syrup sauce. the sauce was on point served with corn, Brussel sprouts sautéed with bacon and broccolini. .. cheers everyone!
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