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  1. I’m in Australia and we’ve just started Autumn here. Much nicer than summer!
  2. Had a great day with the kids, chilling and smoking. Perfect day. Kranskys and Baby Backs. .
  3. I’ve got a bottle of 30 year old Glenfiddich that I crack out for special occasions. I will post a pic when I get home. The box is magnificent!!
  4. Thanks mate! I use to love Dewars but I think I single handily drove the price up at my local purely from the amount I would buy from them lmao. This was Dimple 12yr old. Love it!!! cheers
  5. Wow thanks a lot for that!! I almost binned this video because it went way longer than what I intended it to! really appreciate the comment! cheers
  6. Mike, thanks heaps for that comment!! I always try and keep them light and fun and don’t try to be something that I’m not. cheers mate!
  7. Thanks!!! I ended up reheating it for the family later that night. I was too full of scotch lmao
  8. Smoked to an internal of 110f and then seared in a cast iron pan with butter, thyme, rosemary and garlic. Flavour explosion! . . here’s a little video I did. Language warning. Thanks for looking! https://youtu.be/zaRayYx0PNw
  9. Hi everyone, here’s a little video I did on Moink Ball Bolognese. This is quick, easy and tasty as hell! I’m an Australian and I do swear a bit. For us it’s just peppered through the conversation like punctuation. So please don’t take any offence. cheers
  10. Yeah that’s right mate. I made a rotisserie for it and spun some beef shorties. They took around 5 hours from memory. Then kept it going and cranked it up for a steak sear. A bit of charcoal must have fallen threw the grate, hit the fat and up she went. Totally my fault.....and I was blind drunk so it was a good show :-p
  11. Hahahaha so my wife keeps reminding lmao!!!
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