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  1. Thank you very much! Thanks a lot, appreciate it!
  2. Sounds like a great process!! I’m a big fan of hot and fast lately, although low and slow is still very appealing and relaxing!!
  3. Wow, thanks mate! They were good!!
  4. Ran the Big Joe at 175c (350f) water pan, spritzed ever 20 min (ish) after the bark had set. No wrap until the rest. Total cook time was 5 hours. I usually run at 150c but wanted to test it at 175c. Bloody beautiful!!
  5. You will love it mate! It’s a beast!!!
  6. Hey mate, I used “Hell’s Gate spicy rub” which was given to me by a local guy who makes Artisan Hot sauces. It was really nice! The ribs themselves were excellent! I didn’t wrap them during the cook but I did drizzle them with Ghee and honey during the cook. Beautiful!
  7. Veggies were mint! Such a good feed!
  8. Quick cook up for midweek lunches yesterday. 300f for 3 hours, spritzed after 2 hours.
  9. Hahahaha, it’s lucky I make plenty of them then lmao. Cheers mate, appreciate it!
  10. Perfectly said! Love beef cheeks and they are fantastic spun as well!
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