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  1. Jalapeño beef back ribs basted with a chipotle mora and maple syrup sauce. the sauce was on point served with corn, Brussel sprouts sautéed with bacon and broccolini. .. cheers everyone!
  2. First time doing Jalapeño ribs and I’m HOOKED!!! Basted with maple syrup. these were awesome! Lamb Kofta was seared over an open flame and then smoked in the curry sauce for a couple of hours. Ribs were perfect bite off the bone!! juicy and tender! cheers everyone!
  3. Absolutely! Mine was similar, lots of herbs, garlic, veggie stock and red wine, carrots, etc. damn, now I’m hungry for more! Lmao
  4. Hi Keeper, yes they look like very similar styles! Nothing better than that sauce you get from smoking and reducing it down over the course of the cook! So intense!! cheers mate
  5. Yeah braising is awesome in the Kamado.
  6. DFDE7CBB-FEA8-4D03-830E-56A8157515C5.MOV It’s winter over here in Australia so it’s comfort food time! Lamb shanks with mash. 1F8D851E-2809-407A-8D5D-32DF2FD3D3FE.MOV turned the leftovers into pizza for the footy last night. This was amazing! Thanks for looking
  7. Hot and fast on the classic for a couple of hours. 300f. Spritzed with water and sprinkled with rapadura sugar.
  8. sorry mate, didn’t make a video but will post up the recipe for the soup when I get the chance!
  9. Ouch!! Yeah thanks for the warning mate! I know what you’re saying but I don’t fell I have the same control with tongs. For me personally, I fell safer using my hands.
  10. Thanks mate, appreciate the comment!
  11. Those Kofta would have been amazing I’m sure!!!
  12. Here’s the link to the recipe I used as a base. I changed it a little. I doubled the Halloumi and swapped the dil for parsley and mint. https://www.olivemagazine.com/recipes/vegetarian/carrot-halloumi-and-dill-balls/
  13. Roasted veggies in the classic, then boiled with vegetable stock, blended into a purée and then smoked. Meatballs added towards the end. Bloody fantastic winter meal! (AUSTRALIA)
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