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  1. pesto3

    Joe Jr getting a work out.

    Thanks mate. If it fits in the Jr, that’s where I cook it. Love it
  2. pesto3

    Joe Jr getting a work out.

    Hi mate, these were back ribs, 300f, water pan, just over 3 hours. Spritzed every 20 min after the 2 hour mark.
  3. pesto3

    Joe Jr getting a work out.

    Cheers mate! Best camping food ever!
  4. First time doing this and at $47 per KG I didn’t want to stuff it up!! Grilled direct for a medium rare. Had to add some jalapeño poppers to it of course.
  5. Took the little guy camping with us and it didn’t disappoint!! Beef back ribs, wings, cheeks and veggies!
  6. Hi mate, sorry, been camping with no service for a few days. Honestly, I wasn’t a huge fan. I think just mango on its own is better (for my tastes anyway) I’m going to try green mango next time and finish it off with a bit of salt. It was nice to try something different though! Glen.
  7. Quick and easy one the other night. Tail and prawns split and basted with garlic butter, S&P and herbs. Grilled direct till cooked. Grilled some mango cheeks and also served with a mango salad. Pretty darn good!!
  8. pesto3

    Lamb Ribs

    Lamb ribs smoked over pecan wood at 285f for around 2 hours and then finished off direct over an open flame, fat side down. These are delicious, if you can get your hands on some I would definitely be giving them a go!!
  9. pesto3

    Brisket and bits n pieces

    Hi frank, this was actually a full brisket. No trimming done on the flat at all, only the point end. It was Tasmanian grass fed, Cape Grim. I love the Cape Grimm briskets and shorties, but they obviously don’t have the fat content of the grain fed. But I prefer the flavour.
  10. pesto3

    Brisket and bits n pieces

    Thanks, shane the brisket was a touch over though.
  11. Unfortunately, the brisket was a touch over cooked. Missed the window a bit. Still good though. I did burnt ends in butter and smoked honey, they were awesome!!
  12. pesto3

    Wet ages or not

    Hey mate, I’ve dry aged, wet aged meat (21 days wet) in the past with no problems. Not sure if it is deemed safe or not though. Never even thought about it. I’m still alive, only have a slight twitch lmao. Bone in is a good way to go on whole rib roasts. Less wastage as the bone protects that side on the meat and there isn’t any trimming to be done. Good luck mate!