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  1. . B5E01FAA-F2D6-44CF-B890-629E26AF937E.MOV
  2. Beef shorties, Chard over an open flame and then braised/smoked in an open pan at 350f until probe tender (2.5 hours) then rested and served with green curry sauce. This was beyond amazing! . .
  3. Hahahaha, yeah some recipes can be a real pain to convert!! It’s funny, majority of Australians who enjoy low n slow BBQ talk in Fahrenheit. It’s something that’s totally outside of what we were taught and yet it’s hard to then convert back to Celsius.
  4. Loooove masala too! Palak is probably my favourite.
  5. Believe it or not, this actually doesn’t have any butter in it at all. Here’s a video I did a while back on the process. There is a full ingredients listing in the description of the video.
  6. Nothing new here, this is a favourite in our house as we are getting close to winter (Australia) chicken thighs seared on the classic and then transferred to the Big joe where the sauce is being smoked over peach wood. Butter naan straight on the grill just before serving. Check out those bubbles! So good thanks for looking
  7. Wow what an awesome cook!! Been ages since I’ve stuffed a piece of meat and you have just lite my fire! Sensational write up too!
  8. I would not worry about using a grate temp probe ever. Calibrate your dome temp gauge and then just go off that. Too many variables with a temp gauge in at grill level.
  9. Nice!!! I also had never heard of collard greens, not a thing here in Australia (that I’m aware of) great idea!
  10. I flip them regularly but if they get really bad I hit them with a pain scraper.
  11. Not as yet mate. I’m putting something together though. It’s an easy recipe and process.
  12. What a great looking cook mate! Job well done!
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