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  1. I wasn’t a huge fan of bugs either originally. Give me a sandy any day. But I’ve grown to like them. Scallops are the best though!
  2. Quick and easy dinner last night. Just can’t beat this combo!! Only thing it was missing was a big fat steak!! Thanks for looking!
  3. pesto3

    Vegetarian Chicago Deep Dish

    Veggie deep dish, love it!!! Great entry!
  4. Cheers mate! Yeah still use it a lot. That was my first belly on it.
  5. Had and idea for a different take on pork belly burned ends on the weekend. Spun the belly on my KJ Jr Rotisserie Once I had my crackle I removed the belly and reconfigured my jr. separated the crackle from the belly, set crackle aside and dice the belly into cubes. Put the belly into a pan with some gingerbeer and apple juice and put it back on the Jr, indirect covered in foil. chooped the crackle into a rustic crumb and added some garlic chives. Very happy with the result. My idea for the next one is the same process but with Asian flavours. Thanks for looking!
  6. pesto3

    Brisket and Wings!

    Awesome looking brisket mate!!
  7. Great for your first attempt mate, nice job!!
  8. pesto3

    Sunday pizza

    mighty fine looking pizza!
  9. pesto3

    Deep Dish Chicago Style Stuffed

    absolutely amazing!!
  10. pesto3

    Margherita-heim Pizza

    great pizza and awesome entry!!! love Margarita pizzas!
  11. HAHAHA, there is a “meatza” pizza base which is similar to this. My wife is gluten intolerant so we’ve tried most pizzas that are suitable for her. It was just tooooooo much meat for her. The chicken thigh base isn’t as heavy with the light toppings. (L’dmao) hahahahaha
  12. Thank you, it’s a very fresh pizza (even if the base is made out of chicken) the herbs in the base with the Parmesan really take it to a whole other level.
  13. Thanks @ckreef! I found that pizza peel in the back of the cupboard. Forgot we even had it!
  14. Thank you so much for the kind words! I must admit I’m guilty of the other style of video as well though lol.