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  1. Welcome to the Guru . a lot of great info & people here....
  2. Welcome to the Guru . ....
  3. Welcome to the Guru. .. There is a lot of great info here . If you can't find it, just ask. great bunch of people here .
  4. Nice looking bird... Now what's this brandy butter thing? Sounds wonderful. Please do share..
  5. After a couple of cooks i noticed this strange discoloration in the lid. Any thoughts?
  6. Nice job... good luck with your cook .
  7. Thats one fantastic looking deep dish pie.... Where did you get that pan?
  8. I went with the XL. It's an amazing unit to cook on....
  9. Congrats on the Primo. Just got my Primo XL 400 last weekend. I'm so happy, as I'm sure you are as well. Cheers
  10. That looks fantastic. Mmmmm
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