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  1. In the Uk the Pit Boss from Costco is cheaper than the Akorn.
  2. Mine is this years model with the spark arrester screen, it's still a bit loose. Last years model must have been terrible.
  3. I have an Auber temperature controller that I have used very successfully with my Akorn for a couple of years using the settings described here I tried it yesterday on my new PB24 on a test run and it worked really well, it overshot by about 3ºF coming up to temperature and after a while stabilised to my set temperature of 225ºF no problem at all. However this morning, for my first cook in the PB, it got it up to temperature quickly using the Auber, I switched off the fan whilst putting the meat in, I had to repostion the temperature probe and clipped it onto the rack holding
  4. I thought this might be the case. And now I've discovered it's unlikely to cause me any problems, I'm quite happy, it was just a bit alarming seeing the amount of smoke pouring through a closed vent. Just need to get cooking!
  5. I did take the vent apart and the top section of the daisy wheel looks like it was finished by hand with an angle grinder, and is not a good mate to the base plate. I ended up lubricating it with some powdered graphite and tightening the screw as tight as it would go whilst still being able to open and close the vent. I think it may have closed the gaps up slightly but it still leaks quite a lot. Luckily however, it doesn't actually seem to be a problem. When both vents are closed the coals are extinguished pretty quickly. The temperature started dropping within about 5 minutes of
  6. I ended up buying the PB24. Whilst there is leakage around the bottom of the top vent it is nothing compared to the amount of leakage through the vent itself when it's closed. However this doesn't seem to be much of an issue, when both vents are closed the fire is extinguished pretty quickly. I was also pleased to note that the dome seals well to the base, because the demo model in Costco certainly did not pass the dollar bill test (£5 note in my case) I did make a couple of aluminium shims to tighten the bottom vent which seem to work pretty well This is them in a
  7. It seemed reasonably tight when I assembled the kamado. I'll have a closer look tomorrow.
  8. I bought my Pit Boss on Monday and decided to check for leaks today. I too have this issue of smoke billowing out of the top vent when it is closed. There is a little coming out at the join between the top vent and the ceramic which I will address using some high temperature silicone gasket or some nomex, but the majority of the smoke that escapes is through the vent itself. The photo doesn't make it look as bad as it actually is. Has anyone else had this issue? (Obviously OP has). And does it get better with usage, as the vent gets caked in tar? Luckily i
  9. Another quick question, how thick are the gaskets? I've read that Vision gakets are twice as thick as the main brands and was wondering if this was the case with the PB24 too
  10. Hey EZ Smoke, I was reading the Pit Boss Review thread and saw that you were running out of fuel at 8 hours on a low and slow cook. I too use an Akorn, I've never had it run out of fuel and always have plenty of charcoal left over even after a 14 hour cook. Now you have had some time getting used to the PB do you still find it runs out of fuel at 8 hours or can you get longer cooks out of it without having to refuel?
  11. Great, thanks for the info. Good to know that the issues (if any )are easily fixed.
  12. I'm really interested in buying one of these. I have read that earlier models can have a few issues, mainly that the vents can be leaky and don't extinuish the coals when completely shut down, or the top vent not closing properly. Can anyone tell me if these issues have been fixed now on the 2017 model? Thanks
  13. Do you know what your paver is made of? Most of the ones available here are made of concrete, I'm wondering they would be ok in the Akorn
  14. I do have a 15" stone, but I got the better results (except for it breaking) from the 13" stone as I could use it higher up in the dome than the 15"
  15. Best pizza so far. I placed my 13" pizza stone on the raised rack and didn't use a difflecter and cranked up the kamado to full. Threw some wood chips on the coals just before putting the pizza on. The Chips flared up and flames licked up into the dome helping to cook the top of the pizza. The pizza was done in less than 2 minutes. Unfortunately my pizza stone broke in two, so will need replacing, perhaps with cast iron.
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