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  1. Hi, I came here to ask the same question. My i-grill mini died recently. For this type of thermometer, can you leave it in the meat? The one thing that I liked about the igrill was the app integration so that I could keep an eye on it without going to the grill over and over. Other than that the igrill mini (first generation) was pretty disappointing. It lost connection quite a bit, was not very intuitive for on/off and died after only light use, although I had it for about 4 years.
  2. Yum! It looks professional. Baking bread is such a therapeutic experience.
  3. I do similar to mstewart39! I won't even bother with getting complicated with wrapping and overtending it. They are that good. I use this method: http://kamadojim.com/damn-simple-damn-delicious-pork-spare-ribs-recipe/
  4. I love cold brew coffee. It is all that I drink these days as far as coffee goes and I love dark beer. But this did not do anything for me. I thought it would be a natural fit, but I would rather just have cold brew coffee over ice. It seems like more places are offering it so maybe it is just me! Fun to try though.
  5. I am not going to get into a pissing match. As I said above, every candidate has made mistakes and has regrets. Enjoy your victory.
  6. Hillary's message was just that - America is already great and we need to move forward UNITED. My husband is Mexican American (he and his parents were born here). I have a niece who is half Middle Eastern decent and she is also a lesbian. Many friends and other family members that are LGBT. My cousin has a special needs child. They can't look to Trump as a leader with his track record - no way. This victory by Trump is painful on just the character level. He has shown no class. I am a woman and I am appalled. I was with Hillary the first time around, but I got behind Obama after she dropped out. He has been so inspirational to me. To me Hillary was not the lesser of two evils, but a candidate that aligns almost 100% with my beliefs and values. I am seriously baffled that so many people supported Trump and that Hillary was seen in such a negative way. Every candidate has issues and has done things that they later regret. She repeatedly defended herself and presented plans for putting her programs into action. While Trump only said that things aren't working without ever saying what he will actually do to fix it. They were chanting "lock her up" last night. Like, they could not think of a better victory cry? Seriously? Always the negative. I live in a county where Hillary got 85 percent of the vote and the third parties got 5 percent. Trump received 9.9 percent. Thank you, San Francisco. I don't want to live anywhere else. I will focus on the fact that I can enjoy my liberal bubble. I do have friends and family members who lean right and as long as they are not bashing my side I respect their opinions.
  7. I like Whole Foods' dough - whole wheat, regular and multi-grain. They are all good.
  8. I have heard my neighbor close a window a couple of times when I fire up my grill, but so far they have not complained. They did however complain about our windchimes which we gladly moved to another part of the yard. I don't feel your request was unreasonable.
  9. Thanks for the info. I will most definitely be skipping it. I realized that I missed a recent BGE event called Eggs on the River this month and did a search to find something similar in Northern California. This Costco thing came up and I was curious.
  10. Sounds great. That area is simply gorgeous. Have fun!
  11. Hi, I was wondering if the Costco events are worth attending. I already have a kamado and don't plan to buy a second, but would be interested in going for "fun." I would need to drive about an hour to get to the event that I have in mind. I am a Costco member. Do you get to sample food? Get recipes? Etc. I learned that there was one somewhat near me when I searched the web for events. Any info you can provide would help me decide. Thanks.
  12. I am not the biggest chicken fan, but I love it on the kamado! It make great chicken salad with leftovers because you can taste the subtle smokey-ness.
  13. Looks sooooo good. I love anything with Feta.
  14. Last time I ate there all I could think about was that the buns contain a chemical also used in yoga mats. I got pretty grossed out and have not been back!
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