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  1. When I first got my Big Joe I had the same issue with the racks... Some things are so simple; yet, so difficult to see for yourself Loins look awesome! I just thawed out 4lbs left over from a Costco purchase and need to cook them today. This may be a stupid question, but did you take out the divide and conquer racks before taking it up to 600? fat
  2. I'm looking at the deal right now... I think this would be an awesome second Kamado family member! I have the Big Joe so that's a lot of space to heat up when it's just the wife and me. That's what I'm going to tell her when she "inquires" about why I have two Joe's
  3. Awesome intro! Love the pics and good luck on finding out what you've got there.
  4. Funny, I was just reading the answer to this question in Smoke It Like a Pro. According to the author Corned Beef is one step before Pastrami... You make Corned Beef, with the brine, and then you use the rub to turn it into Pastrami! I'm not sure if that's true or not, but I thought I'd share what I read.
  5. One of the most Awesome things I've seen as far as cooking goes!!!
  6. I have some yellow tail and tilapia filets, along with a pork loin in a brine for to cook for Christmas lunch. I'm going to use your method on the fish because I like the simplicity Merry Christmas everyone!!!
  7. That looks awesome!!! I'd love to try something like this for Christmas dinner...
  8. We had an extra chicken breast in the fridge so I decided to make a late night, 9PM, salad. Sometimes simple things taste so great "Organic" from our garden: Leaf lettuce Lemon pepper Sweet Hungarian pepper Small basil leaf --- Cucumber Fresh cracked S&P on one side of the breast. Lowery's and Paprika on the other side. Target GrillGrate temp 425°. Once hitting that I believe I was able to keep the dome temp around 300°... 170° on the thin end and 160° at the thick end: Ranch and Lawry's:
  9. So glad this old post got some love... Incredible, Awesome, WOW
  10. Since I don't see it mentioned... The GrillGrates have changed my cooking life!!! These are so insanely awesome I just ordered the tongs and I'm really mad at myself for not also getting the brush! Other than that as an owner of the BigJoe since July 3rd I've purchased: Pizza stone Pizza peel Revolutionary 932°F Extreme Heat Resistant EN407 Certified Gloves... These will not protect you at 932° but they are still great gloves. I cooked my finger twice the first day I used my BigJoe so this was a must. iGrill2 Etekcity Lasergrip 1080 Non-contact Digital Laser IR Infrared Thermometer Temperature Gun, Yellow/Black (Go Pens, Bucs, and Steelers!!!) TS4000 + MAPP tank. I started using the cotton ball/rubbing alcohol method so I don't waste this gas lighting my charcoal anymore.
  11. This is good to see as I just got my first set. I love these things so I'll be sure to watch my temps!
  12. Welcome from the SFV! Lots of tips here but as Hosermage said YouTube is also really great.
  13. Wife and I made farm fresh veggie patties last night. They are in the fridge chillin for tonight's pool party. Threw a couple on the GrillGrates last night and they came out awesome! Also have 2 three pound boneless pork loins that we'll do something with.
  14. Looked online and nothing there, so I take it this is a literal go to your local store...?
  15. Awesome stuff and thanks for the responses! I will be ordering the brush and the tongs... I used them last night and I write a little report in a bit
  16. Thanks WhoDat! I leave my deflectors and pizza stone in... should I not do that too?
  17. I received my XL GrillGrate today!!! Happily I will be using them tomorrow. Any tips or tricks? I also received my warrantied Fire Ring and grate from KJ. It took them over a month to send me the new ones but I am glad that they took care of it.
  18. I don't think I've ever seen a better interview from a news station... and it had nothing to do with the news crew
  19. I had a post yesterday about what to do with a 10lb Boneless Pork Loin. Thanks for all of those comments and I still have 8-9lbs left so I'll be looking at that thread again. I cut the loin into three equal parts minus three chops. I put the three large chunks in Food Saver bags, sealed them, and stuck them in the fridge. My cutting skills are not terrible, probably the wrong knife, but not even either. I had one of really good thickness and two a little less thick. I used three different rubs so the wife and I could try each cut: First Chop: > Fresh cracked S&P > Vegeta - We picked up a couple different packets on our trip along the Eastern Adriatic Sea. I believe we got this when we stopped in Bosnia Herzegovina. It's the oddest thing because Croatia has the tiniest slice removed from its coastal line which splits "North" Croatia from "South" Croatia. This was apparently part of a peace treaty so that Bosnia Herzegovina could have access to the water. It seems minor but we were told many Croatians won't travel north or south because of this "border crossing." Anyway, if you EVER have a chance to go to any of the following you must do so: Albania, Montenegro, Croatia, and Slovenia!!! They will treat you like royalty Second Chop: > Fresh cracked S&P > Lowery's > Cumin Third Chop: > Char Crust Ginger Teriyaki The second chop was the thickest and came out spot on! The third went a little long, as I was distracted. The first was just fine. The Loin - 10.2lbs for $20.30... Gotta love Costco!!! Some "chips" and carrots too:
  20. I was going to suggest cutting in to three pieces. Cook two pork chops tonight and cure the rest to turn into back bacon. Yum. Panchango... I like the way you think!!!
  21. That sounds amazing and I'd love the recipe. Is it similar to this? http://recipecircus.com/recipes/Trish/ETHNIC/Pork_Loin_Mexicana.html If you think yours is better then I would love for you to post it!!!
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