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  1. just found out that lodge released a new redesigned sportsman's grill. i have the old one that i use when we go car camping and when cooking yakatori. anyways, here's the new one https://www.lodgecastiron.com/product/sportsmans-pro-cast-iron-grill?sku=LSPROG and i found a review on youtube https://youtu.be/vIcjVJt3UXM
  2. The kj cart that was talked about months ago appears to be available now https://www.instagram.com/p/Bjk2eqznTpB/?hl=en Here's the product link in cdn dollars https://dicksonbbq.com/products/modular-cart-for-classic-joe
  3. Sent a mesg to kamado joe support with video of my turkey rocking and they are sending me a new motor. So I'm quite impressed with their customer service.
  4. heres' mine from yesterday for canadian thxgiving.. 12lbs. no prob. I had it at 375-400 and it cooked in approx 2 hrs.. faster than expected. for the big extended family dinner today, the 24lbs didnt go so well..the jotisserie couldn't handle it and it just rocked back and forth so we ended up cooking it a la beer can. 4 hrs at approx 350c
  5. I just cooked a 12 lbs turkey on the joetisserie no problem yesterday. But today i had the same behaviour as you on a 24 lbs turkey.. just rocked back and forth. The box says it can handle up to 50 lbs but proofs in the pudding. I think what's key is having it balanced on the spit. With the 24 lbs we tried respiking 3x. It was just tooo breast heavy. We ended up just beer canning it 01776C0F-3B07-4487-9DEC-DB9B26E7D050.MOV
  6. looks like they sell the classic style instead of diamond at HD. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Vision-Grills-Cadet-Kamado-Charcoal-Grill-in-Orange-CS-O19C1CBVDX-S7/300943553
  7. the CGS Vision Spider is 40% off til halloween.. https://ceramicgrillstore.com/collections/vision-spider-classic-professional-s-series/products/large-spider-vision Actually all spiders (BGE, etc) but not the woo :(
  8. As indicated by someone on RedFlagDeals, costco.ca is clearing out their vision classic B for the year. $599 CDN http://www.costco.ca/Vision-Grills-Clasic-B-Series-Kamado-Ceramic-Charcoal-Grill-with-Ash-Drawer.product.100286965.html
  9. check out the following link: http://forums.redflagdeals.com/costco-kamado-joe-jr-classic-big-gta-downsview-burlington-st-catherines-ancaster-1989451/ There are no events scheduled for Newmarket, Richmond Hill or Markham. Here are the locations where this vendor will have an event. North York - May 25 to June 5, 2016 Burlington - June 7 to 19, 2016 St. Catharines - June 21 to July 3, 2016 Ancaster - August 16-28, 2016
  10. i was able to place it in any direction with just the bottom rack so we figured we'd cook it upright.. here's a pic. 5.5kg = 12 lbs. initially when i put the bird in, it touched the prongs of the top vent and lifted the top vent 1/3 off but i just jammed the top back down and by the time the bird was done, it had shrunk.
  11. I was going to put the bird in a aluminum tray and poke some holes in it.. if I can fit it on the upper rack I'll put an old pizza stone on the lowerrack. anyways we ended up buying a 5.5kg bird so worst case it goes in the oven.
  12. thanksgiving in canada is coming up upon us this weekend and we're thinking of smoking it in our vision M series (medium size) grill. Can anyone comment on how big of a turkey they were able to cook with it? specifically the M series. google has told me 12-15 lbs on a BGE medium but im not exactly sure if that is the same size as the vision. In some pics ive noticed the BGE plate setter is much lower than the lip of the bowl so they seem to be able to put a bigger bird.
  13. ive also noticed every time I goto the costo.ca website the vision kamado keeps on going up in price.. initially it was 849 -> 869. and today, 889!
  14. if you're not set on a vision, I've read that Costco will be clearing out the pit bosses for 499$ starting aug 18 http://forums.redflagdeals.com/costco-east-deals-advance-lava-hot-summer-blowout-1784205/ PitBoss Kamado Grill 22" WAS: $649.99 WILL BE: $499.97 Costco East... not sure how diff costcos out west are like..
  15. just saw this at Costco.ca.. looks like they are selling it again. http://www.costco.ca/Vision-Grills-Kamado-Ceramic-Charcoal-BBQ.product.10366325.html
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