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  1. I now have absolutely no desire to build a brick oven from scratch! That looks like way too much work for this old man. If I go with an oven, I think I'll buy a pre-fab! Moses in PA
  2. I'd just gently advance and retract the screws into the mount and use the threads of the mount to "scrub" the residue off. Get a pre-charged pneumatic and then you won't have to worry about that fierce recoil Moses in PA
  3. Neat story and pics. Many years ago at Skyline Drive Cathy and I saw a doe about a 100 yards ahead on the trail and caught a brief glimpse of "something" off to the side of the trail, but then the doe went off into the woods. When we got to that spot in the trail, we had to look very hard in the ferns that were no more than a foot high, but there was a fawn, looking just like your picture above. Despite the fact that we were less than 6 feet away, our malamute had no idea the fawn was there. This is their defense from predators that they wouldn't be able to run away from, they freeze and have little to no scent, and the predator will pass right by them without ever knowing that a meal is lying just a few feet away. When danger passes, Mom comes back and they both go on their way. Moses in PA
  4. MosesM

    Hawk visitors

    Thanks! I have had a few things published or used by online sites, but since the advent of digital photography, great looking nature shots are pretty much everywhere. Moses in PA
  5. MosesM

    Hawk visitors

    Used to do a lot of nature photography. Here's a couple of my favorite raptor shots: Immature Red-tailed Hawk Immature Bald Eagle Osprey Sharp-shinned Hawk Gotzero your bird doesn't look anything like an eagle to me in your pic Moses in PA
  6. I guess I'm strange, but I just don't GET these grills. 50+ pounds isn't terribly portable to me, they are definitely not cheap, they just seem like an over sized and over priced charcoal grill. It's not like aluminum is a great insulator so that you would get the same effect as a Kamado. I would just buy a Weber 22' at 1/5 the price and half the weight. Moses in PA
  7. Okay, that pizza looks so good I just bit the bullet and ordered the Ken Forkish Pizza book! Nice job! Moses in PA
  8. Me, I'd brine it and smoke it! Moses in PA
  9. Just assembled my $91 Jr from Amazon and have just started the initial burn/seasoning. Heavier duty than I expected. Had alignment issues with one screw on one of the side handles but with a little cussing got it done. Don't care much for how the front handle is attached, but Hey!, I only have to do it once Looking forward to many delicious cooks with it! Moses in PA
  10. I'm with Robert and Moloch, I just use a CC rather than a debit. I've been shopping on the web since the mid 90's and despite having my card hacked at least 6 - 8 times, I haven't lost a penny. Only once did I pick it up before my CC company did, usually I'll get a call asking my if I made a specific purchase, and it turns out that I didn't. They freeze the card, and a week later I have a new card. It's a pain to change my automatic payments for DISH, Verizon, whatever - but I'm not out any money. I have learned to let my CC company know when I've traveling, nothing like standing in a Walmart in FL, trying to buy your sister's Christmas present and having two different cards declined! Moses in PA
  11. Gorgeous area, we were up that way last month, on our way up to Grand Manan, NB. Get up there on Cadillac Mtn, have tea and some fantastic popovers on the lawn at Jordan Pond and hike/bike the carriage paths. We've camped there a couple of times and have always had a good time. Here's a few pics I got there (best viewed at "Original" size) http://www.pbase.com/kaboommals/acadia Moses in PA
  12. Keeper, I won't show these pics to my wife, I hate to hear screaming Living in central PA with State Game Lands on 3 sides of my property, I'm used to wild critters. Have a few garter snakes that like to sun on our front stoop and I've had mink out in the yard in the winter. Have to bring in the bird feeders every night or the bears will visit. Doe with twin fawns in the front yard pruning my apple trees for me right now. Ran into a buddy on my daily dog walk this morning and he told me he had bear prints all over the road in front of his house when he pulled out. Had 3 bears at once on his porch and in his yard earlier this year. His Mom (who lives about 1/2 mile in the other direction from me) had a bear break into her garage last year and it flipped over her freezer to make dining easier. This year she looked out her bedroom window and there was a bear standing on his hind legs with his nose pressed against the screen! She around 80 years old so we know her heart must be good Don't worry too much about these encounters, most of the time the critters just want left alone. Though I had a bear encounter last year that spooked me a little, most of the time I just get a big kick when I see them. Moses in PA
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