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  1. Ok that's kind of what I was thinking as I was peering inside. I can't really explain it other than by saying it looks like the springs are fixed and maybe replaceable but not adjustable.
  2. Hey all, I spent a while searching and it seems like people who have the Costco Louisiana Grill post here or that it's synonymous with Pit Boss? Apologies if I'm posting in the wrong place. I recently moved to Mexico, and picked up another Kamado. The challenge I'm having is that I can't seem to find any way to adjust this spring to hold the lid open at any height. It's the 2020 (bought in 21) red model that I've seen a few of you talk about. The manual doesn't talk about hinge adjustments of any sort and I can't seem to find any videos or threads that talk about it. It's a nice beefy system. On the outside it looks like there's a primary rod that everything rotates on (no surface for any type of tool), and to pan head bolts on the bottom that appear to hold the bracket. I believe if I removed those I could take the lid off. Inside from what I can tell are four springs. I can't adequately describe them so let's just say I can't figure out how to adjust them.
  3. Anyone built their Kamado into their counter top? Any tips?
  4. ah thanks. It was definitely a brisket and about 10 - 15 lbs I think. When I said roast I should have been more clear, it tasted much like roast beef. The 190 makes much more sense now and I definitely didn't do that.
  5. I did a biskett yesterday and it came out great, had the temp at 145 and it was a very juicy roast but I've never done a briskett before. The tenderness and flavor was good but I hear about these 14 hour cooks and mine only took about 3 at 250. Let's say I kept it in for 14 hours or even 6 what would happen? Dry out, fall apart, better, worse? Who's a briskett master?
  6. So I tried my first pizza and well didn't read the forum lol. So I toasted up the bottom real nice... looks like I need to put in my diffuser. Trying again today
  7. Lol sorry, first butt. First charcoal grill and Kamado also but I've been practicing with ribs. About an 8 hour smoke time, and it turned out great. I wish there was an easy way to attach pics but I don't use a pic hosting service.
  8. and it's on the grill.... my first one
  9. I bent over and could see a gap plus a little daylight. I think I was picking something up
  10. Ok that's what I was kind of wondering. So injection isn't necessarily going to add anything that a brine or a marinade can't? Good to know and less things to buy and clean.
  11. Yep that's the one. Pg 53 for the meatloaf. The mac n cheese is near the back of the book.
  12. Today I was making a meatloaf and I noticed that my main seal around the ring isn't perfectly tight as it moves back towards the hinge. Is that an issue and is anyone else seeing that? I still hit the temperatures I need and can hold them consistently.
  13. Can someone school me on these? I've seen them, never tried them. Are they worth it? Do they do anything? All meats or just some?
  14. So I received my Weber cook book that people have been recommending and tonight I tried the meatloaf recipe as well as the mac n cheese. I must say, they both turned out pretty good. I've never done a meatloaf on a BBQ before much less with the charcoal and some mesquite wood chips. Great taste, I'd recommend doing it for anyone wondering.
  15. I think mine turned out pretty good but I guessed at the time. The outsides were a little crunchy and the insides were soft and chewy. I cooked mine at about 250 - 300 for four hours, then pulled out the foil, added some butter and sauce, wrapped them, and put them back in for about 30 minutes. Here's a pic
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