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  1. I have this one and its awesome! https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000RADVJ0?tag=thewire06-20&linkCode=xm2&ascsubtag=AgEAAAAAAAAAANjr
  2. UTVol

    New from Southwest Florida

    Welcome aboard!
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    Cast Iron Tarte Tatin

    LOL, I was thinking the same thing. Awesome dessert!
  4. I think shuley is touching on part of your problem. The filet is the most tender part of the cow, hence, the premium. I think its safe to say that usually the most tender part of any animal has the least amount of flavor and that's where you can become an artist of sorts. As an example, with brisket or a ribeye, there is so much fat as that renders it imparts a lot of good flavor and its not "beef meat flavor" that you mentioned not liking. So I think you have a couple of options given your palate described above. Really hone in on flavors you enjoy on beef and hit it hard on the filet or pick a different cut. No shame in that game. I love filet but every time i have it at its at a restaurant and its dry aged, $50 and worth every penny. If I did it at home I'm almost positive it wouldnt be as good. Now, every other steak cut I could probably churn out a better product than a restaurant. Try new york strip or a ribeye of the same grass fed company and see if you notice a difference. If you still dont like the taste, try the same cuts but not grass fed. I think the hard part is figuring out if you dont like the beef flavor, lean flavor, or grass fed flavor. Another option is to try some beef ribs if that sounds appealing, they are super rich and heavy due to the fat content and are a different profile from the filets. Good luck and keep us posted!
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    BGE vs KJ Argument Finally Solved

    LOL, thats awesome!
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    New Introduction

    Welcome aboard!
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    Replacement Wire Mesh Gasket Install Journal

    @Charcoal Addict Any chance you can please attach a pic of the pin you shaved to make it work?
  8. Agree. Stick with salt (kosher) and pepper and do what landscaper said. You'll still be critical and it may not be perfect but you'll be darn close. Brisket is tough to master.
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    My First Customization

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    Backsplash and Knife Bar

    That looks great, well done!
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    New member

    Welcome aboard and congrats on your purchase!! In regards to posting, I would use the search feature to see if there are any posts you can reference but if you can't find anything, open a thread and fire away! Our community is pretty awesome so you should get some feedback pretty quickly. For octopus and clams, I'd use the search feature as well or you can go to the seafood section and search in that forum as well. On the burgers, everyone's tastes are different so what may be "a lot" for me may be "can't taste it" for you. Try the burgers on the regular grills and do a taste test. The CI griddle is nice for searing steaks, smash burgers, and a million other things. Best about about your grill is the accessories and the options you have for making some delicious food!
  12. UTVol

    Skin off salmon to cure?

    I think you get a better cure with skin off. I tried trout with skin and used a dry brine on and it was ok but not great. I then used a wet brine and it came out better. All the salmon i've done has been skin off and its come out well.
  13. UTVol

    As a new Joe owner......

    +1 When you get heat soaked the gap drops as well. I would stick to using 1 thermometer to keep things simple. For example, when I grill/cook dinner, i just use the dome therm. If I'm doing a low and slow, I'll use the digital probes.