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  1. Thanks guys, I'll try those things and will report back if still having issues.
  2. Hey Gurus, Need some help, if possible. I received the new firebox for my Classic which originally came with the one piece KJC. I'm not sure if I put it together incorrectly but I noticed my grill grate wasn't level. I don't remember if it was level before I cooked on it the first time but its not now. I tried to fiddle with it and makes sure the petals were seated properly, no luck. Not sure if the metal is not level but will check that next. in the meantime I wanted to probe to group and see if anyone else ran into this. Secondly, the ash tray seems to be getting stuck. I think I've determine its warped and is hitting the exit port but again wanted to see if anyone had this as an issue. I'm not sure if this is covered under warranty or not but wanted to get some thoughts before I went down that road. Anyone else have an issue getting the ashtray in and out? Thanks in advance!
  3. I have an extra fire ring for a KJ Classic if anyone in the Central TX is interested in grabbing it. I got the new paneled firebox as a warranty replacement which doesn't use the ring. If anyone is interested, PM me. Its heading to the curb next Friday if I don't get any takers.
  4. I wouldn't use a controller when using the joetiserrie. Set the vents , get te temp where you want it, spin away!
  5. I leave the ring outside on top of my plastic cabinet. The rod, motor, and forks are in a drawer in the house.
  6. Exactly!! Its driving me nuts!
  7. Thats awesome!! Congrats and good luck!! Keep the pics coming!!
  8. That's awesome of Buster, super cool!! Praying for you guys!
  9. Check out the DIY section
  10. How much was the big joe 2?
  11. I have a classic 1 and dont have your issue. When my gasket goes I get some leakage and some temp control loss but then i replace it and everything is fine. Coming up on 5 years and its rock solid. I like the post above about adjustment may help. Good luck!
  12. I've done this a couple times and smoke for 4 hours. We did a large batch for Christmas presents and I was concerned it was going to be too smokey but it wasn't. We got rave reviews on the cheese so that makes me feel better. I think the length of time varies bases on cheese type as well as sharpness. We used the tilamook from costco for the Christmas presents but the trial run was with Kirkland brand to see how they hold up being put in the freezer...no issues. That Gouda is going to be amazing...I didn't want it to be my favorite because its a popular thing and was hoping for a new discovery but man, that Gouda is good after being smoked. Keep us posted.
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