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  1. Congrats on the truck! Looking forward to seeing your project unfold!!
  2. KJ Big Block is my go to and I usually load up at the costco roadshows. if I ever get in a pinch, I'll grab B&B from Academy.
  3. +1 to the above. As long as you can control temps you're fine. When my gaskets gets back i can't do a low and slow without temps creeping up and that's usually a trigger for me to replace. Each grill is different though. I do like the cushion of a fresh gasket though.
  4. This is awesome! Thanks for putting it together
  5. Are you running double cast iron griddles?
  6. Welcome aboard and Go Vols!
  7. Yes!! And cant wait!!
  8. Agree with CA on this. I used the cotton balls in alcohol and still do for low and slows but the light time with a mapp torch vs. the cotton balls is dramatic. FWIW, there is an adapter that connects a 5 gallon propane tank to the small tanks for the torch so you can refill them. Propane is cheaper for the 5 gallon tanks so moving it to the smaller tanks is more cost effective, however, the consumption rate on the mapp torch is pretty low.
  9. Welcome aboard BBQ Princess! Hit youtube and check out the Kamado Joe Channel. You'll get an idea on how to get the fire going for different cooks as well as some good recipes and details around specific cooks, an invaluable resource! It'll get you up and running and cut some of the learning curve out of the process. Post pics of your cook! Good luck!
  10. I've seen posts where you can achieve the same thing by rolling the racks of ribs and sticking a skewer through them to hold them. Had a buddy try it and said they came out awesome. I'd lean towards the skewers vs. another rack but I lean towards the minimalist side of gadgets, but that's just me. I think it would work well and you can probably get another rack of ribs in the center instead of that chicken.
  11. Great video Larry! Did it taste like pastrami or corned beef? Been wanting to try this as well.
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