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  1. Same thing in central texas and it been that way for at least a year or so, its pretty crazy.
  2. Welcome aboard!
  3. Sounds good, I'll give it a go!
  4. Welcome aboard! No need to cure, just fill er up and start cooking. However, there are multiple posts on here about learning how to maange temps prior to cooking on it. Search for temp control or posts from Ceramic Chef. Also, I think John posted a walk through on this as well.
  5. Welcome aboard and congrats on the Kamado purchase!! No need to cure anything, just start cranking out food!!
  6. Thanks for the advice everyone! I pretty much do the same thing as everyone else. No abrasives, use a plastic scraper to get the gunk off, heat up, oil, wipe. However....I am storing in a cabinet so maybe that's the issue, which can be remedied. The other problem I have is that where its rusting there is virtually no seasoning left. I've been pondering this for some time and will see what you guys think. I have a 15" skillet which is pretty massive. However, very rarely do I fill the whole thing up when I cook. Would cooking on it without actually using the entire surface over time burn off the seasoning since during the whole cooking process your not adding (or minimally) any oils into the pan?
  7. Alright Gurus, been meaning to ask for some time how everyone maintains and seasons their cast iron skillets. I have a 15" skillet I seasoned with flax oil 5x and am at the point where the seasoning is basically gone and there are some rust spots. I have no clue how this is possible since I oil after every cook but since I need to start from scratch, I figure I'd see what everyone's take is on this. Thanks! Side note - Not sure if this is in the correct section so please feel free to move.
  8. I'm doing the same as you soccerdad, exactly the same size as well. I plan on about a 1.5-2 hr cook @ 350 or until I hit 130, maybe 125 IT. You should be good with a 4 hrs window and if you miss the window, don't sweat it, everyone will love what you kick out of your Kamado. Happy Easter buddy and let us know how it turns out!
  9. We used to buy the pre-peeled garlic and had the same conclusion, to each their own. I'm curious what brand you guys use of the pre-peeled garlic if you;re not noticing a taste difference. Would love to try it.
  10. Welcome aboard!
  11. Welcome aboard!
  12. On behalf of everyone else, you're welcome!
  13. Congrats and welcome aboard!
  14. CC is right about the stall. I usually hit it about 180-190 and based on your meticulous tracking I would agree with CC that you were in the middle of the stall.