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  1. UTVol

    Hi from Melbourne, Australia

    Welcome aboard!
  2. UTVol

    Hello from California!

    Welcome aboard!
  3. UTVol

    Finally upgraded to a Large BGE

    Congrats on the new egg!! Its an exciting time turning that ceramic black!
  4. UTVol

    KJ Replacement Gasket: New or Old?

    Oh I believe you but was curious about what the problems were. I.e. - fit on an older classic, effectiveness, etc.
  5. UTVol

    KJ Replacement Gasket: New or Old?

    I can adjust if that's the case, right? Still curious why @John Setzler recommends sticking with the old gasket.
  6. UTVol

    KJ Replacement Gasket: New or Old?

    Oh wow, fill me in on that. I was going to spring for the new only out of pocket if I was out of warranty.
  7. UTVol

    Charcoal Grill: Square vs. Kettle?

    Hmmm....I could go for that for sure. I'll keep my eyes open. Thanks!
  8. UTVol

    Prime Rib

    Wow...the edge to edge pink on that is ridiculous! Well done, looks awesome!!
  9. Does anyone know if KJ is sending the new gasket out as a replacement for gaskets under warranty? Thanks all!
  10. UTVol

    Smoking 3 Butts on a Diamond Cut B

    I've tried it before on my KJ classic and what I've found was the bark formation on the bottom 2 butts was pretty bad due to the drippings of the butt on the extender rack. I won't do it again. Maybe I had fattier shoulders than Gayton? IDK, it maybe a YMMV thing.
  11. UTVol

    Charcoal Grill: Square vs. Kettle?

    We found a free square one that's used or if its not worth it, I was eyeing that $60 weber maybe even the $99 18" weber. Just wasnt sure if it was worth it. Sounds like the square one is fine for a one and done. I was trying to justify a KJ Jr but its a stretch. I want one anyway but wanted to get it as part of a demo deal from Costco. Thanks for the input everyone!
  12. UTVol

    Charcoal Grill: Square vs. Kettle?

    Will do, good call.
  13. Ok gurus, I'm out of my depth here. Planning a family vacation on the beach this coming summer and there is no grill where we're going. I'm looking to pick up a charcoal grill for the week, nothing fancy. My first tendency is to grab a weber but they are not cheap. I've seen these square grills which look cheap and are about half the price and am wondering if there's any downside. Looking for any thoughts or inputs.
  14. UTVol

    Hello from Belgium

    Welcome aboard! Awesome GIF!
  15. I'm with John. Was in Hickory for almost 4 years and never had a mustard based sauce. Must have been something special for the wedding as you suggested. Was it good?