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  1. I've been contemplating this myself. When i do it, I'll be putting mine on the dome as there's less change of BBQ sauce or my grill brush damaging the gasket. If you decide to do it, please update us and let us know how it went, especially with the Joetisserie.
  2. Thats awesome and congrats on 25 years! Its a beautiful place to visit!
  3. Looks fantastic, great cook!! You didn't "cause" anything or do anything wrong. Any fat that is going to render, will have rendered by the time you hit 205. Like KK said, that internal fat/gristle is going to be there.
  4. Nice video John! I know you've mentioned this somewhere else before but where did you get that motor/what brand and model is it? Also, do you have additional rotisserie forks? I've been looking for a second set and have been having a hard time finding some that fit. Thanks in advance!
  5. I agree with everyone that is recommending you leave the wood chunks out based on your wife's feedback. To touch on the timing of when to put the wood chucks on. I put mine in first and the charcoal on top, then light a spot. Once temp stabilizes, I put the meat on and 9/10 times, the white smoke is gone and i have a blue smoke. Good luck!
  6. that looks amazing! well done!!
  7. Thanks guys, I'll try those things and will report back if still having issues.
  8. Hey Gurus, Need some help, if possible. I received the new firebox for my Classic which originally came with the one piece KJC. I'm not sure if I put it together incorrectly but I noticed my grill grate wasn't level. I don't remember if it was level before I cooked on it the first time but its not now. I tried to fiddle with it and makes sure the petals were seated properly, no luck. Not sure if the metal is not level but will check that next. in the meantime I wanted to probe to group and see if anyone else ran into this. Secondly, the ash tray seems to be gett
  9. I have an extra fire ring for a KJ Classic if anyone in the Central TX is interested in grabbing it. I got the new paneled firebox as a warranty replacement which doesn't use the ring. If anyone is interested, PM me. Its heading to the curb next Friday if I don't get any takers.
  10. I wouldn't use a controller when using the joetiserrie. Set the vents , get te temp where you want it, spin away!
  11. I leave the ring outside on top of my plastic cabinet. The rod, motor, and forks are in a drawer in the house.
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