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  1. UTVol

    Kamado Guru will stay ONLINE

    Thanks for keeping the forum going John. When I told my wife the forum was closing even she was sad. Basically all my Kamado info comes from this site and your videos. Thanks again for all you do, check is in the mail.
  2. This is kind of a gut punch, pretty sad. Like other have said, this was the funnel into Kamado cooking for them and I'm no exception. I truly am grateful for all of John's efforts as well as the KG community and the moderators in maintaining this amazing site. I'm not into FB but will check it out when it switches over but would be in support of CA's forum if it comes to fruition. I'm not sure what other options exist besides BGE and KK forums but if anyone is aware of another worthwhile forum, I'd be interested in that as well. Thanks for everything John and I, like others will plan on enjoying this site until 12/31.
  3. UTVol

    Search For A New Forum Begins

    Like you, not into FB. Does FB have a forum format or will it just become a FB group? Are there any more details beyond the banner?
  4. UTVol

    Titan Ash Basket for KJ Classic

    Nice avatar btw...took me back!
  5. UTVol

    Heat Deflectors Leaking?

    I have the same gap on mine but I'm usually using a drip pan so its a non issue.
  6. UTVol

    Should I eat it or not?!

    +1...you;re probably ok but you'll be able to tell from the smell. I wouldn't worry about the bacteria since you're cooking it to over 200 degrees and 3.5 hrs isn't that long. How warm was it outside during those 4hrs? If it was steaks maybe I'd be worried but I'd probably roll with it. But if you're concerned, chop it up, throw it in the freezer, and give it to the dog periodically. I did this for some ribs my wife forgot in the garage overnight.
  7. Meat Church Gospel is good but my favorite is Runnin Wild Honey BBQ. Aside from that I make my own from various cookbooks like the meathead book and ray lampe's slow fire.
  8. Thats awesome that you were able to use a homegrown pineapple! Great cook! Could you taste the pineapple in the chicken when you cooked it that way or was it a good way to not burn the pineapple on the grill?
  9. UTVol

    Hi from NL

    Welcome aboard and let us know what the issues are. Hopefully we can get it straightened out for you.
  10. UTVol

    Hello from Melbourne

    Welcome aboard!
  11. UTVol

    Uninvited guest

    I found a wasps nest under our patio bench and my cooking table near my Kamado. They're sneaky little buggers!
  12. UTVol

    Uninvited guest

    If any of you guys have essential oils or if you don't and get stung, lavender is the truth! I got hit in the back by one and my back swelled up to about 12 inches around the area. Applied some lavender oil, pain and swelling gone in 15 minutes. It was like nothing ever happened. Hopefully you never need it but in case you do, its a lifesaver.
  13. UTVol

    Well D**M

    My stomach turned when i saw the first pic. I think I would have lost my mind if that happened to me. Glad everyone is ok and the damage was minor.
  14. UTVol

    Uninvited guest

    I just got rid of a mud dauber nest and was under the assumption that they dont sting. Guess I got lucky. Good to know that in the future I should proceed with a bit more caution.