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  1. Amazing...it looks brand new! Or what I think it would look like brand new.
  2. That's an interesting idea...do you think you could fit 2 chicken on the spit spatchcocked?
  3. Funny, we bought one for oil and it doesn't work. I thought it was a fluke and was going to get a replacement but maybe I'll just return it and figure out something else.
  4. Subscribed! Looks good, I just watched the carne asada video and will be trying the recipe soon. Ever since we left CA we've been searching for a good recipe to replicate what we ate growing up. Cant wait to give it a go!
  5. Thanks for the tip! I have this problem more and more as the gasket degrades. Will definitely try this out!
  6. UTVol

    Hey y'all

    Welcome aboard!
  7. Thanks all, much appreciated! Trying it tonight, will keep you posted!
  8. Gents, Wanted to see if anyone has tried to spin 2 birds at the same time on the Classic using the Joetisserie. I think it will work but wanted to check in with the brain trust to see if cook evenness is an issue along with space on the rod. Thanks in advance!
  9. That's pretty amazing! Did you start them from seed or buy transplants? Also, how much are you watering/week and what are the temps at in Delaware? I'm struggling to get my pepper going. I have some theories but wanted to check in with you since you're seeing just great success. Also, did you start the garden bed with one 6" board and add the second for greater depth after the fact or were you always at 12"?
  10. Never had this problem. They ran out of lump on day 1 once but that's the extent of my frustration. Every other time, they're awesome! He even gave me his number and told me to call/text ahead to makes sure the resupply of charcoal actually came in when it was supposed to before I headed over. Was just at Costco yesterday and stopped by the roadshow. We chatted a bit about how awesome our KJs are, good times!
  11. I got St. Louis ribs up today, brats/burgers/dogs tomorrow, and a brisket for Sunday. I'll be doing John's Atlanta Brisket, which is ridiculously good. Not TX brisket but amazing, Everyone in TX loves it so I figured I'd keep making it.
  12. I dont remove it on either and like Golf Griller mention, I think on beef you're not supposed to remove. I've never really noticed a difference on pork whether its on or off so just save myself the hassle. To each their own I guess.
  13. Congrats on the truck! Looking forward to seeing your project unfold!!
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