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  1. Looks like you did a great job! Only thing I would have done differently is set the high alarm to 275 after it went off and gone back to sleep. Some smoke wood may have ignited or a new section of charcoal caught causing a slight bump in heat. That's all part of it though, brisket is a beast to perfect but it looks like you're on your way.
  2. I would be interested in this for my Kamado if the price point was right. I like the idea! Good work and good luck!
  3. Do you have enough charcoal loaded up? Can you attach a pic of how much charcoal you usually load?
  4. For 14 burgers I would go 2 zone as Mr. Cue suggests. There's a lot to do with 14 burgers you want the cool side for the cheese to melt. Like you mentioned, burgers are page 1 but honestly 14 burgers is chapter 10. I would go with 350-400, lid closed. If you can remember, I'd close the bottom vent while you're flipping the burgers and adding cheese, just remember to open it back up when you close the lid. The will help with the temps rising as was mentioned by Tarheel. Cheese is quick, for me usually 30 seconds lid closed on the classic but it depends on the cheese. Cheddar is longer than american. A dry run is a good idea and honestly my biggest challenge when I cook 8 burgers which fills up half the classic is room for the spatula to flip. Yes the burgers shrink which helps but give yourself some extra space and do another batch. Good luck!
  5. I get the 2 pack from Costco and find that they're better quality than what I find at the grocery store.
  6. Amazing...it looks brand new! Or what I think it would look like brand new.
  7. That's an interesting idea...do you think you could fit 2 chicken on the spit spatchcocked?
  8. Funny, we bought one for oil and it doesn't work. I thought it was a fluke and was going to get a replacement but maybe I'll just return it and figure out something else.
  9. Subscribed! Looks good, I just watched the carne asada video and will be trying the recipe soon. Ever since we left CA we've been searching for a good recipe to replicate what we ate growing up. Cant wait to give it a go!
  10. Thanks for the tip! I have this problem more and more as the gasket degrades. Will definitely try this out!
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