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  1. Check out the DIY section
  2. How much was the big joe 2?
  3. I have a classic 1 and dont have your issue. When my gasket goes I get some leakage and some temp control loss but then i replace it and everything is fine. Coming up on 5 years and its rock solid. I like the post above about adjustment may help. Good luck!
  4. I've done this a couple times and smoke for 4 hours. We did a large batch for Christmas presents and I was concerned it was going to be too smokey but it wasn't. We got rave reviews on the cheese so that makes me feel better. I think the length of time varies bases on cheese type as well as sharpness. We used the tilamook from costco for the Christmas presents but the trial run was with Kirkland brand to see how they hold up being put in the freezer...no issues. That Gouda is going to be amazing...I didn't want it to be my favorite because its a popular thing and was hoping for a new discovery but man, that Gouda is good after being smoked. Keep us posted.
  5. UTVol


    +1...after I watched it I was like WOW...that cool. I'll stick with my Kamado. Its a lot of work and requires a lot of attention. Its fascinating nonetheless.
  6. UTVol


    I hear you John but my point was that he spends considerable time in some lessons that show how to build a fire in an offset and manage it. I don't own an offset, never have. If I was starting from scratch and got an offset it would be helpful. That being said, I'm sure there are a million videos on how to build a fire, smoke, etc. on an offset on youtube. Not sure how his masterclass approach compares to how other build fires in an offset but it was educational. He delves into which log to pick at what point in the process, how to arrange it, etc...pretty cool. From what I've seen on his actual approach to the meat cooking, etc. I agree with you...its kind of all the same.
  7. I'm looking for another set of rotisserie forks for my Joetisserie and am wondering if anyone has any recommendations. I got some onlyfire ones that were supposed to work but they were the wrong size despite saying they would fit. Anyone picked up some that work? Thanks Gurus!
  8. Looks awesome!! Well done!!
  9. UTVol


    My wife got me the Aaron Franklin's masterclass as a gift. Its entertaining and I think its interesting as he walks through (so far, I haven't finished all the videos) how he does what he does and why. If I had an offset it would be extremely helpful I think. Its on my list to finish up before it expires since you only get it for a year. I'll try and report back on this thread once I finish and let you know what I think.
  10. Welcome aboard brother! GO VOLS!!
  11. So I just ran across a post wish shows an accessory called the vortex by owens bbq and it looks pretty similar to a slo roller. Does anyone have experience with both and can shed some light on the difference? The vortex is ~$40 and if you put the heat deflectors above it I'm guessing you're creating the same effect as the slo roller. Would love some thoughts on this!
  12. those look great!! this has been on my list for some time.
  13. So recently my wife and I bought a quarter cow. The price is right and the quality is amazing! As we finished unpacking it I realized we had a lot...and I mean a lot of packages of beef cutlets. I had no idea what a beef cutlet was. I hit the internet and became instantly irritated. They took the tenderloin and sliced it thin and hence, the beef cutlet was born. I think its good for breading and frying like a chicken fried steak but I'm not interested in the carb side of that meal. Does anyone have any ideas on what to do with 8lbs of beef cutlets sliced thin? Thanks Gurus!!
  14. I had some issues with my cold smoked salmon as well. Interested to hear if someone has found the sweet spot in terms of brine, brine time and smoke time.
  15. Looks like you did a great job! Only thing I would have done differently is set the high alarm to 275 after it went off and gone back to sleep. Some smoke wood may have ignited or a new section of charcoal caught causing a slight bump in heat. That's all part of it though, brisket is a beast to perfect but it looks like you're on your way.
  16. I would be interested in this for my Kamado if the price point was right. I like the idea! Good work and good luck!
  17. Do you have enough charcoal loaded up? Can you attach a pic of how much charcoal you usually load?
  18. For 14 burgers I would go 2 zone as Mr. Cue suggests. There's a lot to do with 14 burgers you want the cool side for the cheese to melt. Like you mentioned, burgers are page 1 but honestly 14 burgers is chapter 10. I would go with 350-400, lid closed. If you can remember, I'd close the bottom vent while you're flipping the burgers and adding cheese, just remember to open it back up when you close the lid. The will help with the temps rising as was mentioned by Tarheel. Cheese is quick, for me usually 30 seconds lid closed on the classic but it depends on the cheese. Cheddar is longer than american. A dry run is a good idea and honestly my biggest challenge when I cook 8 burgers which fills up half the classic is room for the spatula to flip. Yes the burgers shrink which helps but give yourself some extra space and do another batch. Good luck!
  19. I get the 2 pack from Costco and find that they're better quality than what I find at the grocery store.
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