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  1. Oh wow, fill me in on that. I was going to spring for the new only out of pocket if I was out of warranty.
  2. Hmmm....I could go for that for sure. I'll keep my eyes open. Thanks!
  3. Wow...the edge to edge pink on that is ridiculous! Well done, looks awesome!!
  4. Does anyone know if KJ is sending the new gasket out as a replacement for gaskets under warranty? Thanks all!
  5. I've tried it before on my KJ classic and what I've found was the bark formation on the bottom 2 butts was pretty bad due to the drippings of the butt on the extender rack. I won't do it again. Maybe I had fattier shoulders than Gayton? IDK, it maybe a YMMV thing.
  6. We found a free square one that's used or if its not worth it, I was eyeing that $60 weber maybe even the $99 18" weber. Just wasnt sure if it was worth it. Sounds like the square one is fine for a one and done. I was trying to justify a KJ Jr but its a stretch. I want one anyway but wanted to get it as part of a demo deal from Costco. Thanks for the input everyone!
  7. Ok gurus, I'm out of my depth here. Planning a family vacation on the beach this coming summer and there is no grill where we're going. I'm looking to pick up a charcoal grill for the week, nothing fancy. My first tendency is to grab a weber but they are not cheap. I've seen these square grills which look cheap and are about half the price and am wondering if there's any downside. Looking for any thoughts or inputs.
  8. Welcome aboard! Awesome GIF!
  9. I'm with John. Was in Hickory for almost 4 years and never had a mustard based sauce. Must have been something special for the wedding as you suggested. Was it good?
  10. True story! I have my peanut oil in a blue bucket for my turkey fryer!
  11. Awesome post! Looks great! I like the idea of cold smoking it whole and then slicing. From your experience do you see any advantage to slicing and then cold smoking? I like your way better and didn't think of smoking it whole but it makes more sense/seems easier.
  12. Can you elaborate on what the difference in results were?
  13. HAHA....I was thinking the same thing. Let us know how the it all shook out.
  14. I want to be like you when I grow up!
  15. Welcome aboard! I think (someone can correct me) the cheapest model in your links is the oldest KJ and doesnt come with the D&C system. Additionally, the side tables and handle are wood not the hard plastic. The KJ in the 2nd link comes with the D&C and the plastic handles and side tables. And the last one on the list, classic II, has the previous upgrades along with the upgraded hinge which allows the lid to float, the gasket upgrade, firebox upgrade, and the top vent upgrade. I'm not as familiar with the differences between the first and second grill listed so if anyone else has some additional information on what changed, please feel free to chime in. Hope that helps a bit!
  16. My backyard sits in a wind tunnel and getting the grill up to temp is aided by the wind, that's the plus. I think John mentioned temp fluctuations which is true. I've had to turn my grill so the vents face either away or at 90 degrees to the wind, I cant recall. In any case you can play with that and figure out what works for you in the event you want to skip on the temp controller. Welcome aboard and looking forward to seeing some great Hawaiian cooks!
  17. +1. I will go through a bag of less dense wood of the same weight as a dense bag of wood much quicker.
  18. That looks awesome! I may have to track down one of the restaurants that do this. Nice cook John!
  19. All good advice so far but one additional thing to mention, each grill is slightly different and unique, so factor that in as well. For what its worth, I cant hold 225 unless the bottom vent has a tiny opening. My gasket is shot and that's part of my problem but despite that, it will hold as long as I dont open the lid. It doesnt take much which is why our grills are so efficient. Just be patient and play with it. Spend a weekend with some beer, light a fire, time the spacing between adjustments, make a log, and experiment. Its worth the $3 in lump for you to get some experience fiddling and tweaking your grill.
  20. I think its called Chicken Fajita Rub...I found it works great on both chicken and beef.
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