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  1. Got a bottle of Woodford Double Oaked for Christmas and thoroughly enjoyed it....
  2. As a kettle-head myself and with being lifelong friends with an devout Egghead, I can attEst to the the fact that the camaraderie amongst the Weber Kettle and BGE communities is very strong. They do a lot of meet-ups and get-together fairly regularly, does the same exist in any formal or organized way in the KJ community? Don't kill me because I'm not a beer guy, but I'm starting to get into wine and I love whiskey/scotch/bourbon, cigars and any variety of smoked/grilled/barbecued animal and it seems as if it'd be awesome to put faces and people to names, so if anyone is planning or would like to plan something, I'm in!
  3. How big/strong are you? While not a Big Joe, I've lifted a BGE XL by myself and set it into a table. I just squatted and bear-hugged it; granted I'm 6'4.5", 325-ish lbs. and have been lifting for 30 years....it's the size in addition to the weight that makes it unwieldy more so than the weight because it's only 250 lbs and if you put the weight on a bar, most of us could lift that all day long.
  4. Any concern about the pressure treated around your food? Although considering my parents deck and picnic table was/is PT and the arsenic didn't kill me after 22 years in their house, I should be fine....[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  5. Or who just keep your gear outside on a deck or patios.... Do you have a problem with critters? My plan for this summer was to extend my 9'x17' paver patio by 32" to 11'8"x17' and once my wife got on board, it quickly grew to expanding 96" to 18'x17' with a pergola/gazebo and Outdoor Kitchen. We're past the planning stage and are picking materials and finishes, but as we live near a park, we get rabbits, raccoons, opossums, grey squirrels and field mice in our yard. Outside of the raccoon stealing my ashcan lid, I seem to have an understanding with all the critters, that is, all but the tree rats....they'd chewed holes on the supposed tamper-proof city trash carts so I would hate invest all this time and money only to have my kitchen and furniture destroyed within a week. For those of you with critter concerns, outside of a dog(next year when my son is 8 and a little more responsible), what are you guys doing to protect your gear?
  6. Check for any hairline cracks first so that it doesn't explode with the heat....
  7. Sucks to hear about your experience in Cabela's as they are not only one of my favorite stores, but my grandmother sold them a piece of land in Arkansas and their Corporate Real Estate Team is top notch, but it's always great to hear stories about companies taking care of customers and it seems as if KJ, KK and Weber are a big part of what makes this hobby so enjoyable.
  8. Depends upon how much of a cheapskate you are; I paid less than that for my NIB KJ Classic....[emoji12]
  9. Based upon the chimney, the Pit Boss appears to be made by the same factory that makes the Vision.
  10. Having opposable thumbs and all, do raccoons steal? I have an old 30-quart aluminum stock pot that I use for my ash bin and When I can home today, there were raccoon tracks in the snow leading up to the pot and back to a tree and the lid was missing. I know the lid was on this morning when I left as I made a mental note to put it in the garage this morning AND there was less snow in the pot than on the patio meaning it was covered for at least part of the day. I get why a raccoon would go into the pot as the ashes are often saturated with meat drippings, but would they take the lid? Even if a buzzard, as my dad and his police buddies used call opportunistic thieves, had come into my yard looking for scrap, wouldn't they have taken the whole pot? Or perhaps more importantly, why is this perplexing me so? The wind could've just blown it off and then the snow covered it....
  11. I'm legitimately shocked to hear that; would've assumed real grits were everywhere in Richmond. I'm from Chicago, but my family is from Mississippi and St. Louis/Kansas City via Arkansas and originally South Carolina and one of the best things about visiting family is that while some places are always better than others, as a rule you can find GREAT breakfast, fried chicken, grits and BBQ pig anywhere.
  12. Should go together pretty quick, only sticky part is lifting the Joe into the stand. I lifted mine while my wife held the stand in place and my 6-year old had my phone to call my cousin who lives 4-blocks away, just in case things went to hell....[emoji23][emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Enjoy!
  13. Before my KJ Classic, I was a Weber and UDS guy, so I even with my 3 kettles, I was only spending $100 or so every couple of years. It wasn't until my 26"er that I bought specifically to turn into a Mini-Ranch Kettle that I spent what I'd call, significant money i.e. over $300. I say that to say, while it often comes across as being petty or a "hater", even with an Akorn or a Bubba/Big Steel/Broil King Keg, these cookers represent fairly substantial investments for the most of us and as such, they've garnered a big of loyalty from us as owners.
  14. If I had to hazard a guess, I'd say 15-16" at the most.
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