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  1. Thanks everyone. Here is the recipe that John used. There's the video and the ingredients are in the description It's a little different than the book because he brines it, but it's pretty much the same recipe.
  2. We cooked a 7 pounder today to test out the Exclusively Kamado recipe that John used in the video (no brine). It came out very juicy! The herbs gave it a nice flavor and great aroma. I think we're gonna use this recipe this year.
  3. That things looks AWESOME. My input to this thread is simply that I want one and the peace of mind alone would make it worth it for me
  4. Did my first brisket. It's just the flat (near impossible to get full packer where I live). Pulled it at 160 and placed it in a foiled pan with beef broth, learned from Chris Lily. I pulled it around 200° IT and rested it in the cooler for 2 hours. It wasn't bad but it wasn't great. I know it's difficult to get flat to be super tender, but I was hoping I could get it close. It wasn't totally dry but definitely not as tender as I had hoped.
  5. Fogo isn't cheap, but it's in a different league than RO.
  6. My buddy with a BGE got 9ne of these and loves it
  7. Rip the deflectors out or say R.I.P to the firebox.
  8. Very nice. That baked Alaska is beautiful.
  9. Thanks Phil. I see now that it really doesn't qualify as a recipe post. I think my original goal was to compare and contrast the 2 methods, but in the end I used the same method for both sets of ribs.
  10. First time beef short ribs on the big joe. Posted the process in the recipe section.
  11. My wife says it's the best cook yet, and I think I agree. The came out very tender, but with just the right chew. The ones on the grate were taking so long, and the foiled ones came out so amazing, that I just put the other ones in the foil as well. This is a recipe thread so here is how they got looking this good: 1. Use your steak rub of choice. I used Meat Church Holy Cow meat rub (amazing stuff). 2. Put ribs on grate bone side down, smoke indirect at 225. I used peach wood 3. Once the IT reaches 165, place them in a pan with some apple juice (I didn't use much) and cover with foil. 4. Cook until temp reaches 200-210 and when they are probe tender. I really recommend this cook, despite the oddly long cook time, it came out spectacular!
  12. Update. Foiled ones took 7.5 hours. The unfoiled ones are still about 20° out. I started the cook at 225 but I bumped it to 250 when it was taking so long. Pics to come.
  13. This is my first time. I read a few different methods. I'm trying 2. Unfortunately my Publix only sells them cut into smaller pieces, but this is not so bad since I'm doing 2 methods. I have 7 pieces and I am doing 4 on the grate all the way till they're done and at 160 internal I'm placing the other 3 in a container with apple juice and foil. At this point they've been in the big joe for 6.5 hours and only one of them is almost ready! The other ones are about 15° behind. At this pace they should all be done at about 7.5 hours! It's taking way longer than what I've been reading, but at this point I've learned that all meat is different so I'm waiting it out. Will post pics when I get them off.
  14. I have the party Q because it's battery operated. I used to need it for my Akorn, but not really for the BJ. I do think it's great for overnight cooks as it gives me peace of mind and better sleep.
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