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  1. I fit 15 onboard, could have done 16 but a pup of mine had the runs, needed a rice/chicken/pumpkin cure for her and it was onhand.
  2. Before n after pics, skin wass was a little blacker than I would prefer for presentation purposes, but the flavor n juiciness was second to none!
  3. I will wrap in bacon and make bout n inch deeper next time.
  4. Made these with Colby jack, red onions, shrooms n green peppers. Forgot to take the end product pic, sorry. Was too busy eating!
  5. Very cool, will be making these tomorrow!
  6. Thank you all for the feedback, going to do just leg quarters this time even though I like the idea of both, and I always love a good beer can chicken. I will use the main and top rack and go with the 350-375 and indirect heat suggestion for how to cook them. I would do a mix, but bought the leg quarters on the way home today. They were on sale for about a buck a piece, and each one weighs almost a pound! To good of a deal to pass up. I will take pics along the way and be sure to post! Thanks again. Ed
  7. Hi Aljoseph, Yeah, confused myself there also! It was supposed to say no brine, rub applied the night before. Ed
  8. Looks awesome! Silly question, why are they called beer can burgers?
  9. Moving this post to the appropriate forum since it is not a recipe. Hi John, Thank you for moving this. I also posted in the poultry section, so plz delete accordingly. I apologize for creating extra work for you. I thought since I posted my rub and sauce that this counted as a recipe. I see now that since I am looking for folks opinions, it is not a recipe. Once again, I apologize. I am fairly new to the group and will learn as I go as to what you and others expect. It truly is a great forum, the best I have ever seen no matter the base topic. Thank you again. Ed
  10. Hi all! Wow, this is a great forum! I cannot believe all of the participation at all times. It is truly a great environment and awesome group of folks. Thank you! Getting to my point of this post, I am debating on smoking either 15 Leg/Thigh quarters or 4 whole birds this weekend. I have never done either on this Kamado since it is less than a month old, and it is located at our getaway and only use it on the weekends. Any suggestions? Plan on not brining, doing my basic rub (Salt, Pepper, Cumin, Chili Powder, Brown Sugar, Cayenne, Paprika, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Sometimes a lil Celery Salt depending on how I am feeling, that about sums it up). I will brine the night before, put on grill at 220F for about 2-3 hours, depending on the mood of the birds! Lump coal with a little apple wood added in, I love the apple for most anything, especially since hickory or mesquite is a little to harsh for my family, even though I love it. Do not plan on adding a sauce during the cook, putting Trolinger's sauce and a basic homemade sauce on the side for those that want some sauce (Catsup, Worcestershire sauce, Dry Mustard and Brown Sugar, basic and awesome! Add a little Cider Vinegar for a twist). Feeding 8 adults and 8 kids, do not mind the left overs, pulled chicken goes a long way with my family! Any and all suggestions are appreciated! Thanks, Ed
  11. Thanks all for the tips. Grabber, if you get the chance, try a venison ham. They are wonderful if done correctly. Venison Pastrami is at least as good if not better imo!
  12. Hi All! Thinking bout tackling a homemade venison ham on the Kamado this fall. Anyone ever do something like this? I have done jerky lots of times, but never on a Kamado and will for sure this fall if my harvest is successful (God willing!). I also plan on jamming out a few summer sausages and will be looking at the recipe section soon for this. I am feeling a little ambitious right now, so some good smoked brats and other sausages will be in the future also! Ed
  13. Hi all, thanks for all of the great compliments. Seems like a great community and I hope to be quite active as time goes on. FYI, my response to Jon at the end should be "kinda hard NOT to repeat", not "kinda hard to to repeat", lol.!
  14. Hi Jon, Honestly the bark was great, nice and crunchy. Nice color down bout 1/3 inch or so. Tasted great and was very juicy. I want to do one with a crutch and no added liquid, but after this go, kinda hard to to repeat as above. Thanks for the compliment! Ed
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