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  1. Tried your recipe tonight but I doubled the macaroni and it came out a little lighter and less cheesy but still pretty good.
  2. New Grill Dome Infinity X2 http://grilldome.com/CMS/infinity-x2-black/
  3. Jalapeno cheese bread smoked bacon cheeseburger patty melt.
  4. Honey sriracha chicken on the Akorn Jr.
  5. The Dozyant fits and is fairly accurate. I use the Maverick if I need a precise temp but generally I don't do long low and slow cooks on Jr so I don't really need the temp to be perfect.
  6. I know this is an old thread but the thermometer in my Akorn Jr just crapped out and I found DOZYANT BBQ Barbecue Charcoal Grill Pit Wood Smoker Temperature Gauge Grill Pit Thermometer on amazon.
  7. I have had mold issues on my old Grill Dome in the past but it was generally because I would forget to open the vents back up after the cool-down and would not use it for several weeks. It is in a detached garage so leaving the vents wide open is not a problem. My Akorn jr is under and awning and I do the same, may still have some minor mold if you leave food residue on the grates and the weather is really humid like it always is in NWFL. https://www.grillbilliesbarbecue.com/blogs/how-tos/56250049-how-to-prevent-mold-on-my-smoker-or-grill
  8. Should be easy to get parts once you determine the size. You could try repairing the firebox but from personal experience I would buy a new one. http://biggreenegghead.com/big-green-egg/product-information
  9. Thank you, seems like the possibilities of ingredients are endless. I would recommend a heavy duty apple corer if you are going to use the large baking potatoes, they will wreck a cheap one.
  10. For the "Let's Take Sides Challenge! " I decided to try Gouda and Jalapeno stuffed tater bombs to go with a maple/sriracha glazed ham. Most of the ingredients. I used an apple corer to make a hole completely through the potatoes and stuffed them with jalapenos stuffed with Gouda cheese and wrapped the spuds in bacon. ( Some of the smaller yukon golds I stuffed with a dragon cayenne pepper inside the jalapenos but they were scarfed down before I could get a photo.) Added some olive oil, salt and pepper and wrapped them in foil. While the ham was getting pretty on ole smokey I put the tater bombs on Jr. at 325-350 for around 40 mins. I hate to waste the residual cool down heat of ole smokey so I put a couple of the large tater bombs on her after the ham was done. Plated pics Thanks for looking. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
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