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  1. I picked up the last three of them from my local WalMart for $50 each. So, I'll see how it fairs against the BGE Mini and Primo Oval XL. Should be a great middle ground, as the Mini is usually too small.
  2. I don't see the value for $1500 or $2000. All I see is paying a lot of money for the name Weber. I love how they even marketed the pressed, el cheapo, "stainless steel utensil holder." That piece belongs on a $20 grill. It is nice, but not at that price nice.
  3. MAPP torch = much faster light times. Welcome!
  4. Meh, I did a brisket for my 2nd cook when I got the Primo. Was the best brisket todate, way better than my WSM ever turned out. People make this seem harder than it is, really. Lol
  5. So basically we are neighbors lolWhere do u buy your lump coal, what brand do you buy? I like Royal Oak from Walmart honestly. If you want to try BGE charcoal (also Royal Oak), Kaebelins ACE on Ireland on the south side is a dealer.
  6. So I measured this thing today after visiting the 'rents using CGS's guidelines and this is the older firebox and ring. Can't use the XL Adjustable on this thing. Glad I didn't tell them to order it! It's looking like the XL Woo will fit though, but was hoping for the Adjustable. :( I'm wondering now of the KJ Divide and Conquer setup will work on this older design. Anyone have any recommendations for this thing? It has the older platesetter with the short legs.
  7. You're about 10 min away, lol. My cousin lives behind Marcos Pizza, and that's 8 min from here. Nice to meet you as well.
  8. You south bend too? Crazy. No I have not shopped at Lowery's in Chicago.Yeah, on the north west side. Lowerys is in Buchanan, lol. http://www.lowerysmeatandgrocery.com/coupons.html Cheap meat there. Best ribeye I've ever had came from there for $3/lb. But you gotta buy the whole cut.
  9. Might be overkill, but I'd prefer that over not enough.
  10. Dump Truck, have you been up to Lowery's for any full cuts of meat before?
  11. For long cooks, I always put my meat on before grill is even up to temp and is still billowing white smoke. Never had a problem and everything i've cooked ad shared with folks was the best they ever had. On short cooks such as steaks and especially chicken, I follow that white smoke rule.
  12. You know...It's pretty good deal when the accessories you tell them to get (XL Adjustable from CGS), cost more than the whole dang grill. LOL
  13. Yeah, I think I used all my luck up on this one. It will be awhile before I snag another one like this I bet.
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