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  1. I picked up the last three of them from my local WalMart for $50 each. So, I'll see how it fairs against the BGE Mini and Primo Oval XL. Should be a great middle ground, as the Mini is usually too small.
  2. I don't see the value for $1500 or $2000. All I see is paying a lot of money for the name Weber. I love how they even marketed the pressed, el cheapo, "stainless steel utensil holder." That piece belongs on a $20 grill. It is nice, but not at that price nice.
  3. MAPP torch = much faster light times. Welcome!
  4. Meh, I did a brisket for my 2nd cook when I got the Primo. Was the best brisket todate, way better than my WSM ever turned out. People make this seem harder than it is, really. Lol
  5. So basically we are neighbors lolWhere do u buy your lump coal, what brand do you buy? I like Royal Oak from Walmart honestly. If you want to try BGE charcoal (also Royal Oak), Kaebelins ACE on Ireland on the south side is a dealer.
  6. So I measured this thing today after visiting the 'rents using CGS's guidelines and this is the older firebox and ring. Can't use the XL Adjustable on this thing. Glad I didn't tell them to order it! It's looking like the XL Woo will fit though, but was hoping for the Adjustable. :( I'm wondering now of the KJ Divide and Conquer setup will work on this older design. Anyone have any recommendations for this thing? It has the older platesetter with the short legs.
  7. You're about 10 min away, lol. My cousin lives behind Marcos Pizza, and that's 8 min from here. Nice to meet you as well.
  8. You south bend too? Crazy. No I have not shopped at Lowery's in Chicago.Yeah, on the north west side. Lowerys is in Buchanan, lol. http://www.lowerysmeatandgrocery.com/coupons.html Cheap meat there. Best ribeye I've ever had came from there for $3/lb. But you gotta buy the whole cut.
  9. Might be overkill, but I'd prefer that over not enough.
  10. Dump Truck, have you been up to Lowery's for any full cuts of meat before?
  11. For long cooks, I always put my meat on before grill is even up to temp and is still billowing white smoke. Never had a problem and everything i've cooked ad shared with folks was the best they ever had. On short cooks such as steaks and especially chicken, I follow that white smoke rule.
  12. You know...It's pretty good deal when the accessories you tell them to get (XL Adjustable from CGS), cost more than the whole dang grill. LOL
  13. Yeah, I think I used all my luck up on this one. It will be awhile before I snag another one like this I bet.
  14. Funny story, it was 1.5 hrs from home, but I was another past there on base for drill. Guys place was about 10 min off the highway on my way home. Score. On the way to pick it up, called a family friend to see if he could help unload at my parents (their best friends ), well, come to find out they were 5 miles from this guy's house with a truck as well. So we had two trucks (mine and his), but mine has a tonneau cover, his has high boy cap), and loaded egg and table in his truck. Thankfully this happened, I really had no clue how I was going to get this in my truck. So, we got it loaded and on out way. He is following behind me all the way home. Well, we snake through a few semis and I make it between them and as he is just clearing them, I see him slow waaaayyyyy down, then shoot over to shoulder. I do the same but am quite aways ahead. I proceed backing up to them to find a blown/shredded rear tire, and back around them to shed some light to work. Let's just say it took tools from both trucks (his didn't come with the jack attachment portion) to get the change done. Instant karma!!!
  15. Nope, been there for awhile. Over a year or two since I've been using them.
  16. How do you go about setting up craigslist to email you when items come up that your interested in? The Craigslist+ app on your smart phone will allow you to do this... Don't need an app, it's built into craigslist.
  17. How do you go about setting up craigslist to email you when items come up that your interested in? Best way I guess is a guide. I just click search alert next to search box after I hit search. But follow this: https://evmc2.wordpress.com/2015/01/14/setting-up-searches-and-alerts-on-craigslist/ No need for an app.
  18. Don't forget to leave an air gap between the Joe and the table, otherwise you'll have some charred wood under there (just found this out on a recent egg purchase, table was burnt where the guy had the egg sitting directly on table).
  19. I'm with you. If only I could buy the point at the store..
  20. Alright, well I have my Primo, but I keep an eye on craigslist for good deals on cookers. I have been watching for a Joe Jr or Mini Max sized for portability. Then I saw the Akorn Jr is coming back, even better for lightweight portability. Anyways, back to the topic. Got an email Saturday about a CL egg post. XL Big Green Egg. Click the link in email, has plate setter, old table, accessories. Read on, find the price is $150 for all. I read it again... $150! Refreshed page several times to make sure it was right. Yup, $150. I couldn't open the reply box fast enough. I ask in my first text if the price was correct in the ad for $150? He replies yes. "I'll take it, be there tomorrow." He was happy with that. Parents now have an egg. We straightened out the table when we got it home, needs rebuilt. Deal of the decade for me. Dude bought it to cook good stuff, said he never got around to it and only ever cooked burgers on it. :/
  21. I've had mine for several months and yet to use it. But, I have two little ones and very little time to even fire mine up anymore. :(
  22. Hey Phil, quick question...in your first post in this thread, you mentioned using it in the lower position/level. I have both the grate and griddle, but how would you raise the griddle or grate to a higher position? Set it on one of the grates?
  23. Damnit man, I want one for the Primo!!! Looks delicious. I'm getting jealous of all this spinning!
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