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  1. Well thanks gurus maybe I am just not burping it long enough or opening it high enough. Grease would make sense but last time I did this I was doing a roast and potatoes in a pot at 400 degrees. Thanks again for all your input and keep those amazing cooks coming.
  2. Alright gurus I've had a KJ big joe for a few years now and of course love it. My issue is when I'm cooking at much over 300 when I open the lid it burns my arms so bad it's hard to hold it. I open it slightly till I feel heat coming out then go ahead and open it. Is this burping it enough? What am I doing wrong? I couldn't imagine getting it to pizza temps with out scorching myself badly. Please help gurus.
  3. Thanks everyone for all this awesome information.
  4. Thank you all very much for your input. I am so excited about trying this.
  5. I have never done a Chicago style pizza or any pizza in my big joe for that matter. I have done them a few times in my acorn. I know I would like to do Chicago style though. I would love any and all advise you all can give me. I do not have any pans yet so am looking for advise of those. I will have to do probably 3 of them at a time. Please give me all your pizza knowledge I am very excited about doing some pizza on my big joe. All kinds of pizza.
  6. I have tried bad byrons and I think it's pretty good. But my go to as of lately is a rub made by head country it is awesome on butts and brisket.
  7. I am now part of the club as well. I was stirring my lump the other day and noticed a crack in my firebox. I have never had my grill over 600 and never once did I go over 350 with my deflector in the lower position. Not that I'm concerned either I know kj will take good care of me as they did others. It's not a big crack anyways. Strange thing is its not vertical or horizontal it actually goes down at an angle.
  8. Awesome thanks guys. Going to try it soon. I'll let everyone know how they turn out.
  9. Got mine yesterday. Kamado joe has outstanding customer service!!!
  10. Dumb question but if it contains oil is it really a dry rub? I am not at all familiar with making my own rubs so sorry if that was really dumb.
  11. Alright guys I love buffalo wild wings dry buffalo rub. Anyone know a good mimic for this buffalo dry rub? I can make decent wet buffalo wings but would really love to make some good dry buffalo wings.
  12. My has done this since day one but the dome doesn't seem to be out of alignment front to back anyways. It is slightly higher in the back which causes a very small gap not even larger enough to leak some but didn't do week on the paper test. As long as I pull the rack forward it won't rub. If you push it towards the back it will rub pretty badly.
  13. Mewantkj what did your seal damage look like? If I don't pull my d&c rack all the way forward before closing the dome it runs my deal in the back and has pulled about a 2 inch area loss. Not to bad just annoying.
  14. Ok was wondering. I have a guy not far from me that sells 55 gallon drums for $20 with lids but no telling what was in them.
  15. Does the barrel have to be food grade or will any 55 gallon drum work?
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