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  1. Oh yeah this is the best grill ever!!! Thanks everyone. Dan
  2. Hi I started grilling on a Chargriller Patio Pro. I was grilling some of the best steaks and sausages. I'm trying to duplicate the same method on my Chargriller Komando. My first tries ended up baking more than the effect of the smaller grill. Anyone try a charcoal basket on the lower Grill spot where the stone goes? Or possibly grilling on a lower rack closer to the charcoal. Thanks, Dan
  3. Here is a picture of my first pizza. I cook my toppings as the grill is heating in a separate pan including some cheese. I place the dough in a cold steel pan including some cheese and place it on the upper swing arm grate for about 6 minutes. I then lower it to the regular grill and toast it more until I see it is getting brown. I then add my cooked toppings on and give it another few minutes.
  4. Hi just got a new unit with the cart. I installed the TTT and it works great using the plate adapter. The only trouble is covering the grill and the cover pulling at the ttt. Anyone find a solution or do you remove it each time? Dan
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