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  1. I bet that moth could drink that Corona Light before you?
  2. I always have a beer when using my grill. It's not just the Kamado Joe that requires a good burp!
  3. Just a tip, if you are going to run your grill over 300F you want the deflectors in the mid position on the X rack. You dont want to trap a hot fire down low in the grill.
  4. Yeah, nah mate, I'm an Aussie...... By the way, we don't drink Fosters either, we export that to the Brits......
  5. Yep, in the UK that seems about right....
  6. I thought this might have been an x-rated post. Carry on.... LOL
  7. Looks great, nice job. I am sure it was great.
  8. 300F with some apple wood chunks for 45 minutes and then a bath in some tomato gravy.
  9. Stop opening the lid! You have allowed the fire to get too big. Chasing temps down requires the vents to be almost closed until the fire reduces in size, then reset the vents. Learn from this, never let the fire get too big and take it to your desired temp SLOWLY. When doing a low and slow only lite the fire in one place with one fire starter.
  10. Yep, one of the best meals I have pulled off this grill. Admittedly, there is no smoke flavor in the food, but I did spin some fries with the residual heat.
  11. Moroccan marinated pork tenderloin kebabs with oak wood fired vegetables. Finished off with some Moroccan spiced Basmati garlic rice.
  12. This guy has no idea the amount of orders he will get at this price point. Be quick before he works out that he can get a much higher price. So far he's hit the Kamado Joe Nation and Big Green Egg groups. If he hits the Kamado Joe Smoking Grilling and More group he'll go viral......
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