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  1. Oh yes, definitely a rebrand. It is good hardwood lump and burns very much like the KJ brand. I got 4 bags, 3 were good size lump, but one was crumbs.
  2. Atlanta Grill Company make their own store brand lump and it is good.
  3. Is that a digital price for a new Kamado Joe?
  4. Same, always used RO and John's review proved I was on the right track. No point wasting money on inferior lump. I hope the borders open up again soon, I need to make a trip up to Montreal to see some friends and you all need to buy some good old lump down here!
  5. Thanks John. Please folks, don't mess this up again!
  6. Hi John, For those of us who did not abuse the RPT, is there anyway you can open it back up and ban people that choose not to follow the rules? Thanks for all you do to keep this site going, we all appreciate your efforts. Beermachine
  7. You won't regret it. Best addition I've made in lighting . Tried many other things and this is the most convenient. Cheap, simple to use. Just don't leave the lid open for a high heat searing as the light cannot take that sort of heat.
  8. I've been brewing my own beer for 25 years now. Also into motorcycling, both long touring and local day rides in the mountains on twisty roads.
  9. I've been buying Royal Oak for years. Great value for money and gets the job done.
  10. I have this, it is fantastic. https://smokeware.com/collections/grill-lights/products/1-arm-ultra-bright-grill-light?variant=1318423939
  11. I bet that moth could drink that Corona Light before you?
  12. I always have a beer when using my grill. It's not just the Kamado Joe that requires a good burp!
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