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  1. That's called legal robbery....... Nice find!
  2. There is one question missing: "How do I convince my wife that I need another kamado?"
  3. I don't own a BJ, so I am not sure if a full firebox makes a bigger gap between the coals and grates than the KJC. I have never needed to reduce the gap on the KJC and get great sears provided the fire is really going before searing.
  4. Be careful with the wooden shims. There needs to be a slight gap all around the Kamado base. The ceramic will expand slightly when heat soaked and there has to be some room for that. If it's being restricted by wooden shims that may put stress on the ceramic and cause it to crack. Your problem is not normal so you should get to the root cause and fix it that way. Reach out to KJ and send some pictures so they can help with the remedy. I have seen a few cracked bases on here that look to be caused by the base choking the base with the heat expansion. The cracks were right around the base where the stand met the base. Hope this helps.
  5. Nicely done, thanks for posting this. I've focused mainly on baby back ribs and will now give the spare ribs a try using your technique.
  6. Keep up the good work. You will master it in no time and be making some nice $$.
  7. Awesome set up.
  8. Try buying some earth magnets and use them. They'll allow you to hold your settings through the cook.
  9. You Germans know how to make cars, brew beer and process pork to perfection!
  10. Looks great man! I like the home made hamburger buns!
  11. If you want fries, then heed the advice here and fry them. If you want to grill up some potato sticks on the kamado, that is fine as well, but they won't be comparable in any way.
  12. Super glue is like taking a knife to a gun fight. Buy a new one. It won't stand up to the heat.
  13. Keep cooking
  14. Nice work! Mind sharing your dough recipe?