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  1. Welcome mate! Nice to see another Aussie on here. There are a few of us. If you can afford it, go with the KJ. Such a great grill.
  2. No, I've never had that issue with KJ lump or RO lump.
  3. Excellent looking cooks there!
  4. Nice one mate! BTW, that has to be the longest sentence I have ever read.....
  5. Yes, anchovies take the pie to a whole new level! We always have several cans in the basement for emergencies!
  6. I just picked up a Sig Sauer P320 9mm. What an awesome gun, very accurate. I can also buy the slider kit to convert to a .38 and .40 caliber. Simple to break down and clean. Awesome pistol. I was looking at Glocks until I shot one of these.
  7. Welcome mate. Charring snags on a hotplate is not what this site is about. Good to see the real art of barbecuing is taking off in Australia these days. When I left people still thought that searing meat on a screaming hot hotplate/griddle was considered barbecuing.....
  8. That would have looked good on the JoeTisserie
  9. I thought this was a post about me......
  10. I'd borrow the truck and be sure to save a futile trip
  11. Great job mate. Mouth watering the say the least.
  12. Thanks, thats true and whilst I check for many other things I buy, I never thought to check for their lump stock
  13. Amazing how KJ come up with innovative new products and constant improvements to the grill, yet they cannot update the manual to tell people how to register the grill! Must be an Irish owner........