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  1. LOL, yeah, the classic II on the left. The other 2 are a Classic I and a Junior.
  2. Well I have been using a Petzel headlamp for years and finally decided to spend $23 on this: https://smokeware.com/collections/grill-lights-racks/products/1-arm-ultra-bright-grill-light Great addition to my grill. The light slides out of the bracket for indoor storage.
  3. Fully agree. I'd rather put that sort of money towards another grill....
  4. Here's my set up. This little inexpensive table gets the grill at exactly the same height as the Classic. I tied it down with cable ties to keep it stable. Perfect set up. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Best-Choice-Products-Outdoor-Furniture-Wicker-Rattan-Patio-Umbrella-Stand-Table-for-Garden-Pool-Deck-Brown/51041799?athcpid=51041799&athpgid=athenaItemPage&athcgid=null&athznid=PWVUB&athieid=v0&athstid=CS020&athguid=faa0870b-912-1686ccdd8bf600&athena=true
  5. I spoke to the manager at a Lowes store in NY and he told me that it is not up to the store. He said it is up to corporate. He said whilst the grill shows as a current stock item in their system there is no room on the price at all. He said for me to keep calling to see if they might go on sale soon.
  6. I called them as soon as you posted that on FB and they said they'd just sold the last grill. They gave me the stores that still had stock. I called 4 stores that had stock and none of them would price match. They would not budge a single dime. I'm going to keep calling.
  7. If you're looking for someone to take the $600 grill of your hands, PM me.
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