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  1. Yes Bosco you are absolutely correct. Still haven't worked out how to post pics yet. That's my next challenge. ....
  2. Haha, this model is red with 4 wheels and a big hood! I'm thinking spatchcock chicken with a lump of applewood for some smokey flavor. Have seen many good reviews here and haven't tried cooking one that way before. Will post some pics.
  3. All set up and ready to go. Starting off with a warm up to 350 for an hour to get started and to learn how to control the temperature. Will cook something tomorrow night
  4. Ok thanks for this. I'll just use it and enjoy it whilst following all the good advice on this forum.
  5. The more I read here the more concerned I get about doing a high heat cook.
  6. Thanks Karacooks. I have tried an indirect method for years in the weber kettle and whilst the chicken has always been good, the beer never boiled or steamed the bird at all. A cold chicken set snuggly around a room temp beer can with indirect heat seemed to never get hot enough to do anything. The bird insulated the can too well! By the time the bird was done, the can was still at 150 deg or so..... I guess the KJ will do a better job as I have read many reviews here and everyone says it works great.
  7. Having been raised in Australia and living most of my life there, let me tell you that it is not the place for folks that don't like snakes and spiders! LOL
  8. Beermachine


    Well the name of this forum inspired me to think about the cooler and what our favorite beverage in their might be. For me no grill session is possible without a good full cooler consisting of one or more of the following brews: Franziskaner Hefe Erdinger Wiessbier Schoefferhofer Weizen Leffe Blond Interested to hear what you folks consider mandatory beverages when you grill.
  9. I'm guessing you are in Passaic County near West Milford’s Apshawa Preserve. I was in that preserve on my motorcycle the day that hiker was killed last year, not good. The bear problem in that area is bad. Last weekend I was riding near that area again and had a big old black bear run out right in front of me. He was quick and made it across the road before I had to swerve. Given this situation I can see why an overnight cook might not be the best idea. There's not much you can do. Even during the day you'd have to keep your eyes open as I would imagine these bears would have no problem approaching the BGE to get their paws on a nice smoked brisket!
  10. Thanks 5698k, makes sense and appreciate the full explanation.
  11. Sorry for the rookie question, but I am reading a number of topics that refer to this process and I cannot find an explanation on what it means. Thanks in advance.
  12. Does the Costco roadshow ever hit the northeast? I noticed it covers most other parts of the country but not he northeast??!!
  13. How did the beer can chickens turn out using the heat deflector? I'm wondering if the beer actually go hot enough to steam the birds on the inside. I have not tried this yet on my KJ but was thinking I'd have to do this without the heat shields. Maybe I'll try one with the half heat shield and one without and see how they turn out.
  14. Thanks guys. I might take lardog's suggestion and first try the pork shoulder and see how that goes.
  15. I'm new to smoking meat and have not received my new KJ yet. In preparing for my first cook I am considering smoking a brisket. So, my question is how long will the lump charcoal last if the fire box is quite full with a temp of 250F? I see some folks smoke for 10-12 hours and I'm wondering if you have to keep adding charcoal through the cooking process to go for this long. Thanks for your help.
  16. Nice work. Just shows how versatile these grills are. I would never have thought about deep frying in the Kamado Joe!
  17. Gidday mate, another fellow Aussie here. Moved from Melbourne to Madison, NJ with my job 12 years ago. Just bought the Kamado Joe Classic. Do you have those over there? Looking forward to draining a few cold ones over the new grill with some mouth watering BBQ.
  18. Great stuff. I see a brisket in my future!
  19. Hey guys, After a lot of research I chose the Kamado Joe Classic. It's arriving next week and I can't wait to get started. I saw a great video on FB where a brisket was smoked and will try that in the near future. Looking forward to reading more tips on this forum and to tasting some excellent food soon. Happy grilling!
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