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  1. Never ever shut the bottom vent unless you are shutting down the grille.
  2. It's is about percentages and risks. You have to either deny that or you do not understand what it means.
  3. Wow the same old denial junk. Yes "flare ups and the char burning that follows can create carcinagens (sic) in the meat leading to cancer". Yes there are "many other HIGHER RISKS of cancer". They all all count and they all add up. Ignore at your peril. The wiser among us try to avoid the flare ups and use leaner meat. Grass fed and organic for me.
  4. Start just one little spot in the middle of the coal and when your sensor gets to about 170 start closing the vents until stable at 225. The key is to start only one little spot instead of a wide area. Works for me.
  5. This for low and slow and just a slightly larger area around the spot for bigger burns.
  6. Then what's the point of any section at all? Why not just do away with all of them? I get it. This forum has a certain few that rule and if it's something they don't like it's not important. This is why posts get deleted and threads removed. Healthy is obviously not important to the rulers here so whatever. It's not that important but the way this forum attacks any idea that remotely gets out of line with the views is really getting annoying. This is why we can't have any discussions of this discussion forum beyond "yum that looks so tasty" Again, you say it better than I.
  7. Yes of course that's all good but does not preclude a healthy section as each poster sees it. The word "healthy" is pretty clear as to intent even if the results may not always lean that way. You don't see a whole lot of Green Egg posts in the Char Griller section for a reason.
  8. ^^ That's what I would have said pre 1st IPA. LOL
  9. If OP posts chicken section instead of health section or vice versa no big deal. Nobody has suffered any big hardship. Just do the usual mod thing while not deleting posts because a mod does not like what is says even though perfectly with forum rules. No need to overthink this.
  10. I am not sure why I would want to block off my surface area. I can start a pinpoint burn for low and slow or hot burn without it easy enough.
  11. Hey whippersnapper save some for another good ole boy who passes through Pickens County from time to time.
  12. OMG I don't know how I got by with just my Thermapen!
  13. Gary, I deleted those posts because they were off topic on the thread. I started a product review thread on a book. Your posts about bacon being unhealthy were completely unrelated to the subject of the post. A book about, wait for it... bacon! lol I get it. This is first and foremost an entertainment website.
  14. A 24 hour rise seems like a long time but in the tips it says for extra flavor up to another 6 days in the fridge!
  15. Here is what I want - a section where I can post (in one sentence, no less as close as I can remember) - Bacon is not good for you in my opinion. And not have it deleted. Yes, that happened.
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