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  1. John, the best part of making this pie was doing it with my daughter from start to finish! I love it! Would have let the pie stay in the KJ for another 5-10 minutes, but my filling was bubbling out and the little helper wanted to pull it off! Everything was delicious, but the top crust wasn't 100%. Will definitely do this again with her, we both had a great time. My favorite part was our 1-on-1 talking time while peeling and prepping the apples. You're the man!
  2. Thank you both very much, I'll apply all the advise so far and then start tinkering around on it, if need be. Really appreciate the responses from the community.
  3. I'll do this on the next cook, thanks for the advise, bosco
  4. The Joe is about a month old, with 1-2 cooks per week and 2 cooks/day on the weekends. I would estimate roughly 12-14 cooks. The manufacturer on the temp regulator suggest shutting down the vents...it makes sense that the forced air needs to go somewhere. Thanks very much, Smokehowze.
  5. Hello, everyone! Long time lurker, first time poster! I was prepping for a cook this morning and noticed a "more than normal" amount of smoke coming out from between the top and bottom of my KJ. Is this an issue? Considerations: - Current temp at time of picture 204 working towards a final temp of 225. - Using a Flame Boss blowing at 49% fan power. - Using Mesquite for the first time, maybe I'm just not used to the very thick smoke. - Last cook was the kamado joe cooking show's peach-rosemary tenderloin, we got a little hot on the grill, but don't think it caused any damage on the felt. - I've got up to the 500s on pizza cooks, but there is not visible damage to the felt seal. Please see pics for another 1,000 words. Thanks, all!
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