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  1. I’ve done a mixed batch of peppers on my egg one time a few years back. If memory serves me right I ran about 180 for 26-27hrs. I ended up with a bunch of really spicy chill powder. It’s one of those things I won’t do again but at least did it one time. Lol
  2. How are you checking for doneness ? Most of the time if ribs are dry they are undercooked and are mushy when overcooked.
  3. I’ve burned bunch of Rockwood and have no intention of switching. It is neutral enough I can bake bread with no smoke taste. Another thing with the neutrality is you get the flavor of the wood you add and not competing with the lump flavor profile.
  4. I know back when I used starter cubes it took longer to get a clean fire than it does now using a torch but other people use cubes and tumble weeds with no issue so that’s probably not it. I think you could be closing the dome too soon and your starter hasn’t completely burned up yet. Also try leaving your vents wide open once you shut the dome. Start dampening down once you get within 50-75° of target temp and make final adjustments shortly there after. Last but not least smell your smoke before you put the protein on. Just hold your hand above the exhaust vent and then smell your hand. If it smells like a campfire your not burning clean yet regardless of what color smoke you are seeing. I had the same smoke problem when I first started cooking on a Kamado grill. I went with a more neutral lump than the RO I was using. I’ve been using Rockwood ever since. You’ll just have to keep trying different lumps and methods until you find what works for you. Good Luck.
  5. You very well could’ve pulled them at the correct tenderness but wrapped too soon and the carryover heat cooked them more and made them overcooked. If wrapping to rest I always wait till the IT has stabilized and starting to go down a few degrees before wrapping. You have what we call chuck ribs(4 bones). If you can find plate ribs(3 bones) I think you’ll find that they are a bit more tender and moist cut of rib. IMHO. they still look incredibly edible. Nice Job!
  6. For prime rib I like to leave it uncovered in the fridge for 3days or so to dry out the surface. Then season with with some S&P and fresh herbs. Cook Indirect at 225- 250 till you hit the desired IT. With the surface being good and dry you will build a good crust without a having to sear it. IMHO no smoke is better than smoked. like John said be careful with the sugar content if you are going to sear at the end.
  7. If your going to use a can/rack turn the chicken upside down. Let the fat from the legs and thighs baste the breast meat.
  8. I’m saying because of the lack of smoke ring that A was on the kamado
  9. How hot were you cooking? Generally if something sticks after oiling the grid(basket) then its not ready to flip. Maybe try canola or peanut oil that has a higher flash value
  10. By running high heat then shutting vents down and smothering the fire I’m guessing you will get some bad sooty type smoke. I like doing the forward sear you mentioned but do it using 2 eggs. Another way to cook your roast if you have a little time to air dry it in the fridge is just slow cook the entire time,say around 250 till you hit your desired IT. You will get a crust this way too.
  11. I gotta agree with no water pan but that didn’t cause the dry meat. The flat alone is a tough cook to nail down. I always have better luck with a packer. I go by tenderness rather than temp. I’ve had brisket let go at 195 and some as high as 210. The other thing that sticks out to me is the rest in the foil. If your meat probed tender when you pulled it there is a strong likely hood that it over cooked while resting in the foil. I like to let the temp at least stabilize and preferably drop a few degrees before wrapping for the rest.
  12. Pork looks great. I wonder if a braise the end would help the dryness? Kinda like taking a chuck roast to pullable temps.
  13. You have to go by smell. If your fire smells good your food will taste good. If it’s acrid smelling the food will suck.
  14. Although our komados are not open pits or KBQs we can get better smoke by increasing the temp of the fire. I read so many comments about holding 225° and I think why. Clean fire happens at 275 or higher. No rule that your protein will suck if you cook above 225. Lessen up on the sugar and increase your pit temp and enjoy the better blue smoke.
  15. I had no idea either. If that cook was high $$$ protein I guess I would’ve be fighting it for a bit.
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