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  1. Great post! Regarding the next to last pic, I had no idea how Akorn Jrs were born, thats a substantial umbilical cord
  2. This looks interesting. I have an Akorn, Akorn Jr and the 980 Gravity Feed, my impression of all of them so far is pretty good. The controller looks like the same as on the 980. Maybe the fan too but I doubt the Akorn would need as much CFM as the 980. I have a BBQube temp control for the Akorns. I only use the BBQube for low and slow, and most of my cooks are more hot and fast (325-450, chicken, fish, steak, burgers etc.). It would be more convenient to have the integrated controller. However, I wonder if you could use the Auto Akorn in a manual mode? If the power is out or the electronics fail, can you still use the grill and control it like the original Akorn? I don't see a bottom vent. I have had power outages, and one time the fan failed on the 980 (CG customer service was great and promptly replaced under warranty), and I've just pulled out the Akorns and grilled on...
  3. I've always meant to try that small hole drilled in the bottom just never got around to it yet. Over a year ago I bought one of those inexpensive rectangular gazebos. Screwed into the deck, it has held up great through wind and rain and snow. Not full protection from heavy rain but better than nothing. Also mounted a solar light in it. Should have bought one of those years ago, I went through 2 regular umbrellas and and offset that could not handle being left in the wind. https://smile.amazon.com/MASTERCANOPY-Garden-Gazebo-Outdoor-Canopy/dp/B07MD5CKBK
  4. I hope they are not like the hornworm caterpillars my daughter raised! They were huge thick almost 'succulent' caterpillars, like pieces of thick green taffy candy. Beautiful... With unbelievable projectile poop everywhere!
  5. Those are some amazing looking Armadillo Eggs. I don't know exactly what they are (i have a guess), but they look great!
  6. Don't give up on the kamado yet. My family is not particularly fond of smoke either. Like Keeper most of what I cook is between 325 and 425. At the higher temps there is less smoke. Also give the grill a little more time to settle in at the higher temp (if you are not already). Use a good quality lump charcoal.
  7. That looks really yummy. And congrats on the 18 years. I'll have 22 come January, and if everything goes to plan, thats as far as I'll get
  8. A new grill always calls for a celebration. or several How nice that the KAB and D&C fit so well.
  9. Last August my oldest daughter, her boyfriend and their dog piled into their Honda CRV to drive across the country to Philomath Oregon, where she is in grad school at OSU, probably for the next 5 years or so (PharmD program). We didn't know when we would see her again, first Thanksgiving came and went, then Christmas, and the pandemic not letting up. Finally this month my wife and I and our youngest daughter flew over to Oregon. It was a wonderful 10 days, and every day was a celebration. The last three months before she left, my daughter had taken 'lessons' from me for on how to use the Akorn. How to light it, control the temps, etc. She wanted to learn how to cook all her favorite things that I cooked for her. Within three weeks of arrival last year she and her boyfriend were proud owners of an Akorn Kamodo, and have been using it several times a week since. So I planned to do this cook with her when we visited, a family favorite of grilled chicken thighs and cheesy hasselback potatoes (from John's Kamado Joe video ) We started off with the potatoes, as we wanted them on the grill for an hour before we put on the chicken. I'll refer you to John's video as it has more details. We loosely followed it with what we had (red and russet potatoes, heavy cream, lots of parmesan, cheddar, onion). We baked it in the pan we gave her at Christmas, she had wanted a nice ceramic pan just for the grill. After an hour we took off the foil and put on the chicken thighs, dusted with her favorite rub, Tsunami Spin from Dizzy Pig. Rounded things out with some green beans and sourdough bread. Here is her grill setup, small deck with room for her grill and a potted garden: Potatoes ready to go on: Chicken ready to go (Cora approved of them): Tending the grill: Almost ready: Table is set: Dinner is served Link to Johns You tube video (https://youtu.be/hoyiDbk3F_k)
  10. Those look good! Chicken thighs always a favorite at our house. I've used Oakridge brines but haven't tried their rubs. Just looked at their website i think I might need to try a few
  11. Wood scraper if the grill is hot, or a Char Broil cool clean nylon brush if its not.
  12. Your first? You're a natural lol, looks great. Did my first on a kamado too, albeit an Akorn. You and your family will love that grill!
  13. I like it a lot. Picked up the last three bags at my local Ace the last day of the sale. To go with a couple bags I still had left from an earlier purchase.
  14. Lol, well maybe so because the materials that come with the grill (Char-Griller 980) make no mention of seasoning or even burn-in to burn off manufacturing oils etc. (as noted by Tom Horsman to his surprise in one of his videos). Maybe we don't need instructions because we already know all about grills, and of course, you always season everything not just cast iron But I've been googling the heck out of this grill since I got it, and came across some generic seasoning instructions from Char-Griller. Weber on the other hand specifically states in one of their FAQs no need to season porcelain coated cast iron. And burn in is just something I would normally do, even though its not mentioned in the grill materials. So just wondering if anyone else would normally oil coat the interior surfaces (and exterior too) of a grill to 'season' it. Maybe it doesn't apply to stainless steel, but honestly never crossed my mind to season anything but cast iron, or a carbon steel pan.
  15. I've never considered seasoning the interior surfaces of a metal grill. But Char-Griller recommends wiping down the inside of the lid and body and even the porcelain coated grates with oil and then running at 250 or so for a couple of hours and the repeating. Is this really worthwhile?
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