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  1. That is one of the coolest kamado table/cart I've seen. And what a great place to grill too! Nice!
  2. Have never tried beef back ribs. Picked up two racks the other day, will be grilling them tomorrow. Looked through the forum for some tips and advice, you showed up with a lot of beef rib cooks! Hope mine turn out as good as yours did!
  3. For those interested in some unique high end cast iron, Finex is currently running a 20% off sale.
  4. KJ Big Block is my favorite. Usually get it from Lowe's. I didn't know until recently you could just buy coupons for $10 off 50, $20 off 100, or 10% of everything, will make the bags a little cheaper next time :-) I have some FOGO Black I bought on sale some time ago, its good too but sparky. Moving the lump around after starting is like a fireworks show!
  5. Looks great! We are having a big family vacation in the NC mountains in Mid July, hope to do the same on my Jr.
  6. The oval shape sure gives you a lot of room! We have a large group going up to the NC mountains in mid-July, planning to take Akorn Jr. Although considering the Davy Crockett pellet grill instead. I have it cleaned up as I was planning to sell it, but it might be useful to smoke a pork butt all day while we are out and about...
  7. Is the included controller also usable on the Akorn and/or other grills? What are the folded dimensions? I'm interested in something portable, and have also been looking at a temp controller for my Akorn and Akorn Jr. Currently use the Jr on vacations, but this might be a good option too. One feature I'm looking for is 'clean' travel. The Jr buttons up pretty tight with no grease or ash messing up the van.
  8. Yes, SS countersunk flat head screws, with large washers and nuts on the bottom. Screws pass through the gaps on the builtin shelves, so they just bolt onto the existing shelves, total of 6 screws per side. They've held up very well! Didn't add a lot of weight. Need to add some new coats of poly, getting a little weather worn.
  9. I've updated my spot with an offset umbrella. Much better than the old standard umbrella, this one covers two grills and the cook! Debating about removing the last three feet of the bench, would allow the Akorn to roll back and have both of its shelves up. On the menu today, chicken leg quarters on the Akorn, and a bunch of skinless thighs on the Traeger, lots of family over for dinner.
  10. I think your spot looks great! We are looking to downsize in the next year or two, and a spot for my grills is one of the key things we are looking for. Or room to add something if its not already there, my wife is already in favor of whatever I need She enjoys my cooking :-) I just bought an offset umbrella for those rainy days, its quite nice.
  11. That looks tasty. Will have to throw some pepperoni in my next quiche!
  12. Tried the foil trick again, no luck, but again my technique may not be spot on. But enough hijacking of this thread with Traeger issues I'm sure the RecTec Bull RT-700 will be an awesome grill for the OP. I think he made a good choice!
  13. I'll give that a try. I kinda tried it the other day but your instructions are better.
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