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  1. O C


    Same here, from the shingles vaccine. And my wife felt even worse after hers. My sister-in-law has had her first covid vaccine (she is a PT for elderly), she's had no issues.
  2. Thanks, perfect timing on this post! Just three of us for Christmas dinner this year, so I picked up a small bone in rib roast. Hope its not too small, only 2.5 lbs. I reckon it won't be bad though. I do wish I had read this post this morning before I went to the grocery, I would have picked up the horseradish ingredients!
  3. That was a very enjoyable write-up for a delicious looking meal!
  4. That's really nice. Would love to have a hut like that, for now I make do with an offset umbrella. My wife is on board with having something better when the day comes that we 'downsize'. I've bookmarked this just in case!
  5. That Akorn looks great there in the snow on that nice patio!
  6. Love St. Augustine, We've been there many times! Its our favorite place to stop on our way to the Keys.
  7. $697 available only at WalMart at least for now. +$50 shipping https://www.masterbuilt.com/collections/charcoal-grills/products/masterbuilt®-gravity-series™-800-digital-charcoal-griddle-grill-smoker
  8. Just got an email from Masterbuilt about the new 800 model due out 11/2/2020. Looks like a 1050 styled body but sized between the 560 and 1050. Includes a cast iron griddle. Not much information to be found about it yet. Wondering what other changes/features it might have.
  9. That looks really delicious! And here I was thinking the Chicken Chili Verde I made this weekend was a lot of work because I had to grill the chicken and chillies, boil the tomatillos, chop that and some veggies up
  10. Did something yesterday I don't usually do. Put a pork butt on in the early AM of a grey dismal rainy day. We had a break in the rain that afternoon, so I decided to pull the pork off (IT was 178) and finish up in the crockpot. Usually would wrap in paper but didn't want to have to mess about in the rain. Glad I did because it was pretty steady rain later that afternoon. It might just be my go to method in the future. I thought the bark was great when finished, even though I added a cup of liquids when it went into the pot.
  11. Probably a Big Poplar Sphinx moth. My daughter would be thrilled to run across one!
  12. This has been on my to do list for some time. Finally gave it a whirl today. Absolutely fantastic! The chuck roast I had was only 2.2 lbs, so I reduced the worcestershire and only used two large bell peppers and an onion. And 4 banana peppers that my wife grew. Could have gone ahead and added one more pepper and onion, there was a lot of meat. Used Dizzy Pig Raising the Steaks rub and some smoked paprika. Wonderful flavor! Put the roast On the akorn at 11:30 at 250, using the Tempmaster Pro controller. Into the dutch oven at 1:45, raised temp to 325. Shredded at 4 and back on for another
  13. Those rolls look great, beautiful! I tried a different dinner roll earlier this month, but changed up the recipe, and well not being an experience bread maker I should probably stick to a recipe...
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