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  1. You learned a lot since that Ikea bookshelf! Very nice table! My Akorn Jr has been sitting unused for the past several months, since I usually use the full size Akorn or the Traeger. But I'm going to be getting it cleaned up for use, we are planning a trip to the coast next week, love taking the Jr on vacation!
  2. Agree, looking great! Love the big stone blocks. Makes me want to do some upgrades to our home, we've talked about several but never pulled the trigger. When we visited our daughter in St. Catharines last summer, I was impressed by the lawns in her neighborhood, and now yours. Those Northern lawns look beautiful!
  3. Nice looking cart, and no complicated joinery! I could use a cart like that, might even be able to make one! Have thought about making one but never had a good plan so settled for some larger side shelves.
  4. Had this same question last night. My brother picked up a 40lb box of boneless skinless chicken thighs, in 4 10lb bags. But they are frozen in a solid block! I was thinking maybe just cleaver them in to smaller portions. Might result in some bits and pieces but would be fine for soups or the crock pot.
  5. Thanks, informative. So probably not high grade at that price at HT, but it did look good. Think I will splurge to give it a try. I'll have to pay closer attention and see if there are is any grading on it. Pretty sure it won't be a bad steak
  6. Was at my local Harris Teeter yesterday, and they had Wagyu Beef. Never seen it there before. Is $28/lb for NY Strip Wagyu a good price? It looked really good, lots of marbling, definitely not like their regular steak. I didn't buy any as I had a cart full of necessities already and it seemed extravagant. But mentioned it to my wife and she said I should get it so I may make a trip back later today. Maybe will freeze it and keep for a cookout later when we can have some family over
  7. Looks wonderful! That just looks so amazingly good with the fresh spinach! What cut did you start with for the pork roll? Did you butterfly a loin?
  8. Enjoyed that I notice afterwards when I read your posts they have an Aussie accent.
  9. O C

    KJ Charcoal

    I would think, to know if its the 'real thing' you'd only have to look in the bag. Don't think I would ever mistake KJ Big Block for Royal Oak, Cowboy, or most any other run of the mill lump.
  10. The Traeger looks good, especially on your deck I have the Traeger Pro575, it is easy, I love it. When I first got it last Feb, it pretty much replaced my use of the Akorn for the year. Since Jan of this year I cleaned up the Akorn and cook on both every week. No zen with the Traeger, but it sure is easy and I think the results are great.
  11. I did a double a few weekends ago, ate a little, froze a lot. Was my first time doing two, and honestly think I won't do one by itself again, why not do two!? Went with the same rub on both, but next time will consider two different for variety :-) Yours are looking good!
  12. Oh my what a beautiful rib eye. was gonna say more but at a loss for words. Guess I'll go check on the chicken now....
  13. O C


    We are good here, but most everyone in my family has really made an effort at social distancing for a while now. We are pretty well stocked with food and supplies and only go to the grocery once a week or two. My dad is in a retirement community that went through a spate of norovirus just before the corona virus arrived, so they had weeks and weeks of disinfecting and social distancing already going on (Dec through most of Jan), I think probably was a good thing and there are no cases there in staff or residents. I'm currently working with a project to evaluate hydroxychloroquine, a large registry of healthcare workers and a smaller study around the drug(HERO-HCQ): heroesresearch.org I play a small role, but its been amazing to watch all the people and logistics involved to stand this up in a short time.
  14. Just tried the new Dizzy Pig Spicy Pineapple Head the other night on some wings, good stuff! Some heat but tempered with the sweetness, its really good Using it on some chicken leg quarters tonight. Generally I find their rubs are not overly salty. Many of them feature a fair amount of demara sugar, maybe a concern for some. But they sure are good!
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