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  1. I think your spot looks great! We are looking to downsize in the next year or two, and a spot for my grills is one of the key things we are looking for. Or room to add something if its not already there, my wife is already in favor of whatever I need She enjoys my cooking :-) I just bought an offset umbrella for those rainy days, its quite nice.
  2. That looks tasty. Will have to throw some pepperoni in my next quiche!
  3. Tried the foil trick again, no luck, but again my technique may not be spot on. But enough hijacking of this thread with Traeger issues I'm sure the RecTec Bull RT-700 will be an awesome grill for the OP. I think he made a good choice!
  4. I'll give that a try. I kinda tried it the other day but your instructions are better.
  5. The new PRO575. There are other users reporting similar issues. The grill reads much higher than actual temp ( probe below was calibrated at 0 and 212). For most of what I cook its not a big problem I just compensate for the desired actual temp. If what I need is 250, 325, 350, no problem. But, since the grill thinks its maxed out I can't actually grill at 450. I do like the grill. It is stable and consistent, just inaccurate. Works like a charm for 350 or less. I don't use the pre-programmed cooks, I've heard thats a problem because you simply aren't cooking at the temp the grill thinks. Apparently Traeger is still trying to figure out if the the RTD probe, controller or will a software fix work. Aside from that, build quality, size, wifi etc. are great.
  6. Looks good! The Dizzy Pig mole rub is tasty, I've used it on wings too. Also did some skinless/boneless thighs that went into a chili and that was very good. Nice set of grills
  7. Good advice from shuley. I would be very disappointed if I had sold my Akorns as soon as I had my new pellet grill... When we lost power a few weeks ago, I stopped at the grocery on the way home and picked of some filet, and grilled up a full meal on the Akorn :-) I'm having temperature issues with my new Traeger. The grill thinks its at 450, but my calibrated probes say 350. And there are no vents to adjust that can convince it otherwise But thats a problem specific to this grill. Also I'm doing a lot more maintenance and cleaning on the traeger, and it is more expensive to run (although I've decided PitBoss pellets from Lowes are plenty good enough and I don't need to buy expensive pellets). That said, it IS nice to come home, push a button, and go in to prep dinner while the grill does its thing.
  8. Missed the bit about "remove potatoes from the pan. Place cut side down on the driveway. Remove from the driveway and place in compost." At least it wasn't your steaks sprawled across the garage floor! Which is what happened to me a while back, two beautiful ribeyes
  9. What went wrong? We can learn so much from our mistakes, or someone else's
  10. I've also had an Akorn for several years, and have wanted to move up to ceramic. Two things stopping me thus far, the Akorn has been so good (great grill and has held up great) I can't (yet) justify the upgrade, and I'm holding out for when we downsize (1-2 years?) and my wife lets me build the 'grillin' gazebo' I want! That being said, based on my subjective research, a KJ Classic or Classic II are at the top of my list.
  11. I recently bought a pellet grill (or two) looking for a set it and forget it grilling solution, as well as easy, cleaner (less charcoal mess) grilling. Although its going ok, I'm now looking at temp controllers for my Akorn. Ready to fall back in love with it! The Tempmaster Pro looks like a good option.
  12. That looks good! I've grilled cod on the Akorn, usually just right on the grate (could NEVER do that on my old propane grill!). We like it with some cajun seasoning and on a brioche roll for a sandwich. And for Mr Cue, same thing here, much prefer cooking fish outside than in!
  13. I assume thats a mustard based Carolina BBQ sauce. I'd never tried (knowingly) mustard based sauce until a couple of years ago. Man, its really good! I'll get either the Harris Teeter brand or Sweet Baby Rays, love it on chicken. I'm not loyal to any particular sauce though. Often the SBR hickory and brown sugar, or HT branded sauce, but I could come home with anything.
  14. I like our local ACE hardware, they have a nice selection of grills and accessories. They didn't have the 575 available as early as HD did (I bought mine Feb 24th) or I would have bought from them. So far I feel like the 575 has what I really needed at a price I wanted to pay. There is a Timberline 850 on Craigslist near me that has a great price, was really tempted by it but decided the warranty on the new grill was a better option for me.
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