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  1. I assume thats a mustard based Carolina BBQ sauce. I'd never tried (knowingly) mustard based sauce until a couple of years ago. Man, its really good! I'll get either the Harris Teeter brand or Sweet Baby Rays, love it on chicken. I'm not loyal to any particular sauce though. Often the SBR hickory and brown sugar, or HT branded sauce, but I could come home with anything.
  2. I like our local ACE hardware, they have a nice selection of grills and accessories. They didn't have the 575 available as early as HD did (I bought mine Feb 24th) or I would have bought from them. So far I feel like the 575 has what I really needed at a price I wanted to pay. There is a Timberline 850 on Craigslist near me that has a great price, was really tempted by it but decided the warranty on the new grill was a better option for me.
  3. Nice table. I've always wanted to build one for my Akorn, but decided I just didn't have a good place for it right now. A simple straightforward design like these is what I'll be looking at.
  4. They look great! Can you share your temp/time details? Also did you put them in a pan/foil as some point in the cook? I'd like compare to what I did, I feel like my process just wasn't as 'simple' as it could be. But part of that might be my lack of experience, I was probably checking on things more than needed. I was also using Pit Boss Competition blend pellets, but not exclusively, things started with what was left of some Lumber Jack Competition blend. So not a very scientific review, but I thought they both did great throughout. The PB was running in the latter half of the cook, there was a great hickory smell.
  5. It took longer than I expected, but the results were very good! The Traeger held temp really well. And got back to temp and stable quickly after I opened and closed the grill. I never felt like there were big swings either. I was running the maverick probe at the same time and everything was spot on. Once I calibrated the meat probe both were within a degree or two. Had an opportunity to try out the WiFire, while running some errands this afternoon. I'll have a lot more confidence next time. I did one butt last year on the Akorn and now this one, probably a few lessons yet to be learned And @bosco, each of your grills has their unique size and features, perfectly reasonable to own them all!
  6. Dang this takes awhile! Glad I got up at 3am, but maybe could have started before I went to bed! 12 hours in, wrapped in butcher paper at 10 hours and bumped up to 275, probes reading 177. So some ways to go till 205? Smells great though
  7. I'll keep this in mind, there are two things I've yet to make that are always on my list, chili verde and cuban sandwiches. Maybe get enough for both from one roast!
  8. It was available from the menu on the controller on the grill, not the app. Settings, Probe, Prob Calibration. However, it still reads 20° higher than the Maverick, so there is also an offset setting that I may try.
  9. Well I know which probe to believe. The Maverick reads 34° in ice water. The Traeger probe, 55°. Butt temp confirmed with my Thermapen as well. I think there is a calibration adjustment option on the Traeger, I'll need to look for that. @Bosco I just noticed your signature, you have both the 850 and 1300?! Nice!
  10. Thanks for the advice! Put it on at 3am. Encountering my first issue...which probe do I believe? I've found the Traeger pit probe reads much higher than my Maverick when over 300°, but usually in agreement when running at 225°. And they both have been reading ~225. The Traeger seems to hold temp really well. But the Traeger meat probe is reading 160° while the Maverick is 135°! May try to do a quick calibration check for both of them.
  11. Have my first butt prepped for going on the new Traeger very early tomorrow morning. I don't have any experience with this, so knock on wood pellets hope it goes well! Debating about wrapping in foil or paper (have both), will probably wing it as I often do :-) Will post the finished pics tomorrow.
  12. That's my kind of meatloaf, looks great! the veggies look good too, but it was like 'where's Waldo' while you search for a Waldo that's not there! I think an occasional puzzle picture would be fun! For example, which one of these chicken wings is not like the other? Here's a clue, they were all right winged chickens except for one...
  13. Received my FM5480 today. Will be trying it out this weekend.
  14. You are probably right, I think sometimes they are just labeled 'sweet onion' not sweet vidalia onion.
  15. Don't think the ironwood 885 is $2500? I think you saw that price on an Australian site, not US $
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