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  1. Nice! Makes me want to camp again. Its been about 4 years since we last went camping. Used to have a popup camper but poor storage resulted in a damaged top, sold it to someone willing to rebuild it. Weather just starting to turn, makes me want to head up to the mountains!
  2. That looks great! 20 yo wheat...does that make your bread as rare as a fine aged Scotch?
  3. They look good! I like the idea of adding some honey and bourbon, sounds delicious! Your setup is pretty much what I used last time, grilling stone in and drip pan (no water). But I did use a temp controller, although I often don't bother as my grill will usually hold temp pretty good..
  4. Well, since the pandemic has eased up the stress on food supplies, I went to my freezer and found some baby backs from April that I thought needed to be cooked. Thawed 24 hrs, rubbed with mustard and Dizzy Pig Dizzy Dust. Put them on the Akorn, using the Tempmaster Portable. Effortless! 6 hours at 225. Probably ran a little higher the first two hours because of the weather (really hot sun on the Akorn). No wrapping, spritzing or flipping. Sauced twice in the last 30 min. I don't do low and slow very often, these were perfect!
  5. Thanks Daz, but I ordered the Jr. adapter some time ago. Used the Tempmaster Portable today on the full size Akorn for some baby back ribs. Perfect!
  6. Nice! Your money shot looks great, but the pic right above it makes me wish I could just dip a spoon in :-)
  7. My usual go to brand has been KJBB. I like everything about it except the price , but I still buy it. I don't mind the big pieces, sometimes I use them as is, other times I break them up. But overall I like that there is not a lot of small pieces and waste at the end of the bag. Burns well. A few others I've tried: Three bags of FOGO Black. More smaller pieces, and by far the sparkiest lump I've burned, it was like fireworks. Very pretty. Unlikely to buy again, but might be willing to try some of their other products. Several bags of RO. More small stuff, and the last two bags s
  8. Thanks all! She was taking lessons on the Akorn the last couple of months before she left. Got to where I didn't need to fire it up if she was over, she would do it for me :-) And she just received her grillin' stone and first order of seven different rubs from Dizzy Pig. She's determined to eat as well there as she did here! Her mom and I were kinda hoping for grad school at UNC-CH...but she is following her dream. The program and offer from OSU was just what she wanted. It helps that she has some west coast family too. She has a cousin she grew up with here who now lives in Corva
  9. My oldest daughter(25) has moved from home in NC to Oregon for grad school. Its a bit sad here, as she and her dog have been almost daily visitors here at home (undergrad was in-state and she's been living and working nearby since). Given the current situation, we aren't sure when we will be able to see her again :( Not to mention the stress of the arrangements to get her to OR. But she planned it well, and she, her boyfriend, and dog made a 10 day trip by car arriving in Corvallis OR last week. Not only successful but enjoyable, as they planned stays in small AirBNB units a bit off the beaten
  10. When I want pellets at a budget price, I get PitBoss Competition Blend from either Lowes or Wal-Mart, usually about $15 for a 40# bag. I think they are ok. The seem to do well in my Traeger, no complaints. Dicks sporting Goods has 20# Lumberjack at $15, 0.75 per lb. They occasionally have these on sale (not very often) for around 8.99 a bag. Well, they did at least twice last year! If they do it again I've told myself to buy a bunch! These are supposed to be 100% the wood indicated, i.e. not a 'hardwood' pellet with flavor wood oils added.
  11. One of my daughters likes Craisins on her pizza
  12. Its got cheese and pepperoni, can't be too bad unless you've got cauliflower hiding under there.
  13. Those look really good!! The tenders have a kinda Panko breading look to them. We rarely eat out, and when I do, I often order something fried because frying is just something I rarely if ever do at home. I would chow down on both of those! And kudos for no grease fire over an open flame
  14. Inspired by WI/TN and his challenge cook last month: https://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/45726-5-ingredient-steakhouse-special/ I used a mixed bag of baby potatoes, quartered and tossed with EVO, S&P, and some Dizzy Pig 'Raising the Steaks' seasoning. For the cheesy spinach I used fresh baby spinach. Learned something new, fresh spinach is a bit like cotton candy when it gets wet. I dumped the whole bag of spinach in the saute pan and thought 'thats way more than the three of us can eat', one minute later I'm like 'I'm not sure there will be enough for two of us to eat...'! Sauteed
  15. I have the EGO mower as well, bought last year in the spring and love it. Also their leaf blower, string trimmer, chainsaw. We have a 1/2 acre yard and lots of trees, so I make frequent use of all the tools. Also have their small inverter which is great for running an LED light or charging phones during a power outage. One of the best decisions I've made to buy these!
  16. Congratulations! I was like you, bought the Akorn to see how I would like kamado/charcoal grilling (after decades with a gasser). Loved it, and haven't had a gas grill for years now. In my current situation the Akorn is ideal primarily for its light weight. When we downsize (hopefully not too distant future) I'll probably be looking at the Classic II as well.
  17. I forgot how much fun it is to visit our local Ace Hardware They have a really good grilling section. They had plenty of B&B and Fogo, so I picked up three bags of the B&B. And some new rubs to try (Bull City BBQ Poultry rub and Barbeque Provisions Tiki-Tiki Rub). With three bags of the Vision Grills Mesquite lump coming tomorrow, plus I have 140 lbs of pellets, I should be set for a while now. Besides I don't have room to store anything more! I probably should try to keep track of how much I use for how many cooks. I grill 3-5 days a week, switching between the Ak
  18. How much is the current 4 bag special from costco? My membership isn't current so I can't see the price :( My local HD had two pallets of Royal Oak. but I decided to pass and take this opportunity to try a couple of other things that I've not tried before (was not impressed with some RO I had bought some time ago and have been using mostly KJ and FOGO since). Ace hardware has B&B available, and will try some Vision Grills Mesquite lump from HD.
  19. Well this morning was disappointing. Realized I was down to my last bag of KJ. Went to Lowes hoping to pick up 3 bags, no lump of any kind in stock. Picked up a bag of briquettes for now, and a couple bags of Pit Boss pellets for the Traeger. Will check Home Depot later today.
  20. Received mine the other day, first impressions are very good. Just put it in the Akorn this evening, will fire it up tomorrow. They are sold out now.
  21. That really looks good! My wife would love it if I made that for her. Will have to try that simple spinach side.
  22. " wife was working late so just me eating which meant that it was plated with no veggies or potatoes, just meat with a side of beer" That made me chuckle, been there done that!
  23. My two girls love fruit, I'm amazed sometimes at how quickly large bowls of cherries or strawberries can disappear. But they are not as good at finding and eating them when they are in the fridge! Like you we always have some that go bad. I will try this trick with our next batch of strawberries.
  24. Thanks for pointing out that basket, just ordered one!
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