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  1. This is an example of what I mean. I make only one post about something that annoys me and I'm immediately told to leave the forum. You're right. We do have a choice. Fall in line or leave. This conversation does have something to do with the OP. It's not 100% on topic but that's how conversations work. Just saying.
  2. Then what's the point of any section at all? Why not just do away with all of them? I get it. This forum has a certain few that rule and if it's something they don't like it's not important. This is why posts get deleted and threads removed. Healthy is obviously not important to the rulers here so whatever. It's not that important but the way this forum attacks any idea that remotely gets out of line with the views is really getting annoying. This is why we can't have any discussions of this discussion forum beyond "yum that looks so tasty"
  3. You don't need a basket. Take the end of your grill brush and stir up all the lump in there so the ashes fall into the bottom. Then it's easy to take the bottom off when you need to clean it.
  4. lol. I don't know how long my Akorn will last but I know I've had cheaper flimsier grills last at least 10 years. Which it actually still works. It's just in my neighbor's backyard now. lol. I can't imagine why an Akorn would only last 3 years. It's just a metal bowl that you light a fire in. There's not many parts to break.
  5. It doesn't need to be complicated and there's no reason to change the past posts. If someone posts a healthy recipe for chicken in the chicken section instead of healthy it's no big deal. But at least if you go to the healthy section you know you're not going to see a recipe for butter soaked bacon wrapped pork stuffed chicken. Plus it could be a place where you share tips on ways to cook better. So my thoughts is not necessarily a recipes sections but maybe something closer to what happens in the "kamado cooking and discussion" section minus the bacon.
  6. Crank it up to about 500 for a while. When it cools a bit take a grill brush and scrape it all off.
  7. I have a little torch like that but mine is blue. Is the yellow bottle something different? Is it better?
  8. Findlerwo

    Yeti cups

    I'm trying to find a place locally that sells these 30oz tumblers so I don't have to wait for shipping. I hope to find one this weekend. REI has a ton of koozies left because who needs that?
  9. I don't know if my Akorn has numbers or not. I've had smokers before I got a kamado and they've never had numbers on them. So I didn't think about it on my Akorn. But I can see how that might be useful.
  10. I use that chupacabra rub on everything. I have two of those big shakers. I love that stuff especially on vegetables.
  11. In other words, if I want to grill over an open flame without a lid I'll have to get another grill. Ok. I'm ok with getting more grills.
  12. The picture wasn't of the current price. He was being deceptive and he knows it since it said it's lucky she didn't ask more questions. If you think he was playing by the rules by showing the price that WAS NOT THE CURRENT PRICE and was a SEASONAL price then have a look at the rules.
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