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  1. I took the fire bowl out the other nite and there was quite a bit of ash under there. It's a bit of a pain, but I may have to start doing that every week. A shop vac is probably the best way to clean it up, but was very good job and super fast with my leaf blower. [emoji3] I tried using a bit less lump for my next cook. It really is surprising how little fuel you need for a super hot fire.
  2. Welcome. I like the side shelves and stand on the acorn. I think when it comes down to it, the flavor of the lump charcoal will make quite the difference in your cooking. And the temperature control of kamado is quite better than any grill or smoker I have tried.
  3. The vents were wide open and it was smoking/ appearing to be lit; but it was not catching on or getting hot. I cleaned it out before starting. Maybe tonight I take the bowl out and do a real good clean. I'll try to keep using good lump, not so much shake and small stuff. I did put a torch on it for a minute, but I'm reminded how nice it is to fire up that gas grill and five minutes later ready to cook
  4. Anyone ever have problems getting good fire started? Maybe it was because there were no big pieces of lump last nite. Mostly all the small shake left in the grill and stuff from the bottom of the bag. This crap just would not burn. Thankfully I haven't thrown away the gas grill yet. It did finally heat up when I checked it an hour after dinner. I let that garbage burn all out. Start with a new bag today.
  5. Either Cast or Stainless are way better than ceramic coated IMHO. I do like the Cast Iron better though. I think it holds up better in the long run.
  6. Little potatoes, eggplant, onion and green pepper in the fridge waiting to go out on trash night. Oh, and two ribeye, not trash. I only use salt and pepper, maybe a splash of olive oil. Started the potatoes a bit earlier. Brought heat up to 350~ 400ish not a big fan of eggplant, but someone gave it to us. Looks nice cooked up! Still not my thing though. Onions on the Kamodo are something else, very good. Peppers cook up nice too.
  7. No wood added to the lump. To be honest, I was looking at beef tenderloins. I though they all were tenderloin. I liked the blue writing and "steakhouse" filet on the package. It sounded more interesting than cracked peppercorn or teriyaki at the time. I got another Bad Chef experience tonight though!
  8. Looks like it would be well worth $300 to me. It looks like better shape than mine, that I've had for a month now.....
  9. This was a steakhouse filet I got packaged in a bag from SAMs. It looked really good! Didn't taste so good:/ I think they added some liquid smoke or something. It just tasted too over the top smokey...yes it's possible.
  10. this is from yesterday. You can see the peel a little. I'll probably start getting cracks like yours a bit later. I may try refinishing the side tables before making a whole outdoor counter. Might also look into getting rid of my ol gas grill soon....
  11. I'll take some pictures later, but this thing unfortunately is not seeming to handle elements to well. Now, it does just sit out on my patio, and I have a cover....haven't used yet....because I cook on it like every day and this thing does not cool down for quite some time. So, it's been rained on a few times. The lacquered finish on the side tables and handle is all peeling. This not the end of the world. Maybe I build one of them kamodo tables a bit sooner. The grill part seems to be holding up well. The wood, well not so much.
  12. My first try smoking a 9 1/2 lb. pork butt. Taste great! I smoked 14 hour at 250. It was most likely done at 10~12 hour, but I read people having full cook issues, so I let it ride til supper time. Didn't quite get that crispy "bark" I'm used to on R2-D2 smoker. This week I got some ribs, a beef tenderloin, chicken and of course more steaks to try.
  13. Good thing I had a killer pork tenderloin ready to go. Well, that was supposed to be dinner tonight...I got lots of chicken too. And I bought 2 cases of steaks from these kids running around the neighborhood. It is unfortunately no surprise for me to ruin food.
  14. Burnt bottom. Raw top. I'll stick with delivery pizza for now on.
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