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  1. For a 10" grate. Look at the food I got on here. A packet of potaoes, corn and the pork chop !!! A complete meal !!! This little mini cooks !!
  2. I made a tier..... It didnt work the first time. Or the second. But it does now. The journey continues everyone !!!
  3. Couple of ribeyes !! Basic chop seasoning. Tasty!!
  4. I will be doing a Chuck roast this weekend. I will definitely post pics!!! I'll get to build two tables for the girls after we move !!
  5. I would love to have a mini max. I could fit a whole spatchcock chicken in it.
  6. Thanks jlindstrom !!! I will keep the thread going. I have another trip tip in the freezer. I will definitely try your style. Keep that smoke rollin' !!
  7. Little mini is heating up. I walked away from it for a little while. She went up 350 degrees. I didn't use any wood. My fuel of choice is Fogo charcoal. My platesetter was in. I opened it and set those chops inside and that brought my temp down to 260. Perfect. Little chops cooked in 10-13 mins I pulled them off the cooker at 140 and gave them a quick sear . They were delicious.
  8. Cooking shot. This was 3lbs or so. Fits perfectly. I used the holy cow gospel from meat church on this one.
  9. Get some ciabatta bread. This cut of meat makes great sandwiches. I trim off all the hard fat on the bottom side. Bring the kamado up to 250. Season the cut as you wish. Cook indirect till desired temp. I cook till 135. Depending on the seasoning I will finish off with a high heat sear.
  10. Here's what I'm doing tonight A nice little tri tip. Picked up a new seasoning too.
  11. I also built a little table for it. It was a practice table so... it weathered, but serves its purpose
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