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  1. Kara: Does the wok you suggested have a round bottom? If so,do you need the order the ring with it so it will set up straight on the grill, or does it work okay without the ring?
  2. Thanks again to everyone for all the help and advice with my first butt.
  3. Well, my first butt turned out pretty good, but I had the put it in the oven for the last hour of cook time as my Akorn ran out of charcoal. I thought I had put enough in before I started, but I now no that I didn't. In any event, it was a great learning experience today and I had no problem keeping it in the 225 - 275 cooking range for the first 6 1/2 hours while I had charcoal.
  4. I do similar to Rival, and don't even try the .5 setting on the lower vent anymore. I just set mine to 1 and adjust the top vent to keep the temp between 225 and 275
  5. That is probably the biggest variance, some butts hit the "stall" at like 150 to 155, some maybe 165+ and once it hits the stall you really don't know for maybe 30 minutes that its really at the stall. I usually let it sit at the stall as much as an hour then I foil. That point could be anywhere between 6 to 8 hours. on average I think I usually have it in the foil about 3 hours. I also have mine at 225 degrees until I foil then I bump it slightly to 250. If you have yours at 250 from the beginning times should be slightly less. Do the butts always "stall"? And when you wrap them in foil, do you wrap them completely so they are no longer visible and also leave your temp probe still in the meat? I've got a butt in progress right now and may have hit the "stall" at 158 degrees, thus the reason for my questions.
  6. Thanks for all the continued help and advice. 4 hours into the cook and things seem to be progressing well. Grill temp has ranged between 225 and 250, with the butt's internal temp now at 156. Internal temp hasn't moved lately. Is it possible that I have hit the "stall"? If so, do I completely wrap the butt in foil (leaving in the temp probe on my Maverick)for the rest of the cook time until it hits 200?
  7. Thanks Lardog. I thought prorate might be the smart move, but didn't want to take a chance. Since this is my first one, I didn't want to take a chance of doing it overnight and not being able to watch it closely
  8. Thanks King19! I'll probably be starting mine a little after yours.
  9. Thanks for the info Squarehelmet. I should have done more research on the size of the BB before I went out and bought one. Another rookie mistake on my part.
  10. Sorry John. I realized after I posted it there that it should have put it here Rookie mistake! Thx.
  11. I purchased an Akorn a couple of months ago and still trying to learn how to use. So far, it is working great and I love it. This forum is great. So much knowledge, helpful info and guidance can be found here. Thanks for all the help and knowledge shared on this forum. Much appreciated!
  12. Smoking my first boston butt tomorrow on the Akorn. I've read on this forum that it can take between 10 - 12 hours for an 8 lb boston butt, but the one I bought is smaller (5.5 lbs), so how long should I expect it to take to cook if I am able to mantain temperature between 225 and 275? I want to have it for dinner tomorrow, so I'm wondering if I should start it tonight before I go to be, or get up early tomorrow a.m. to put on on the Akorn. Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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