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  1. Nice. If my math is right, approx. 365g or 10.5 oz. per pizza ball?
  2. John has a good point. I was an early Kickstarter purchaser of the MEATER (one of the few real smart items I picked up off that site) For roasting, or long low and slow, its great. Especially because you can manage ambient heat and internal heat on one device, one app. Ridiculous to use on a steak or grilled fish. And it doesn’t like flare ups. Use an instant read Thermo-pen. I just changed out mine early this week after Johns video.
  3. That works. A patio umbrella has been my go to. Luckily a wind driven rain hasn’t happened to me yet.
  4. With just two of us and already owning a Bradley Smoker and a Weber LNG Grill, I bought the M 4 years ago because it was Early September and the floor model was half price. About $300 US dollars. From there I ordeed the all in one kit online (has two lava stones, deflector holder, rib rack, etc.). That kit is great because the larger stone and holder work if we move up to a Pro-C or Pro-S. We will do that. Probably end season this year. Love the M. Sold the Bradley. Still use the gas grill to complement large cooks. Get the Nomex gasket for the replacement of the felt gasket. It’s on Amazon. Right away. Mine still seals like it did in 2015. That allows you to get this over 500 F without worrying about the gasket. Watch for for leaks in and around the air intake at the bottom. The M is known to perhaps require a bit of sealing applied after. Get a fire brick and have a mason cut it into 4 or 5 equal pieces. Use that to modify heights between things like the deflector and a quality pizza stone. You will hold temperature well on these units for low and slow. Closed bottom and a very small crack on top on a good bunch of coal allows me to run at about 225 (200 to 250) for eight hours. Buy lump coal when when on sale and buy 20 lb bags. Enjoy!
  5. Thought I would share tonight’s chicken thigh recipe. Stacked grills. Pan on lower grill acts as deflector plus a bit of water so catches fat and not acrid smoke. Not much water and monitor it. Don’t let it run out. Goal is to have just enough water that the pan is just covered at end of cook. Get up to around 350. Score the skin one way about 1/2 “ wide. Season. Salt Pepper and whatever you like. Not light but not heavy. Decent coverage all around. I rub in with hands. Skin side up. About 40 m. Depending. You have some time. You need to disinfect yourself and your work area anyway. Next, make a little garlic butter and your salad dressing. Chop up a beans or asparagus or root to fit that covered pan later. Did you check that water? Go for internal 165 on the thighs. Remove thighs. Place on your plate. Remove top grill and pan. Save the pan, as it is going on again soon. Place thighs skin side down. Two to Three Minutes, char marks showing and crispy skin. Return to plate skin side up. Let rest 10 m. Foil or lid. Add splash of white wine to pan, that was your deflector, put that back onto heat with cut beans or carrots, or asparagus, or another root veg. Throw in some garlic butter. Let that cook down for 10 m (no moisture really left). Throw in some crushed nuts or sesame seeds, stir, and put into a bowl. Sprinkle fresh lemon and maybe some zest over.
  6. Nice. I think I might try a long smoke on a fresh small bird I picked up today. If it works, I'll update. Help our US friends next month.
  7. After 15 jobs, my gasket was done. I had researched and expected it, so I had one on standby (ordered the day after buying the Vision M.) Put the nomex on the M yesterday. It really works well. A quick loosening and re-tighten on upper band brought balance. I didn't feel like asking Vision to ante up... Save my goodwill for a real problem if it occurs. 2 suggestions. 1) Don't trust your Kamado thermometer AND 2) homemade pizza works best at about 475 with the stone high. (Put a thermometer on the stone. ) Now, back to the Spanish Style, open Dutch oven, OxTail... With green onion and garlic dough rolls just about to go in the ceramic muffin cups...
  8. Nice job. Looks incredible. Got my vote (there were some great entries!)
  9. This is a rather fascinating bunch of photos from Paraguay. It makes you appreciate just what is involved to get raw wood, process it, then bag and ship from there to here, all so it retails at a buck a pound. They can't be getting paid much with all the transport costs. http://fornetto.com/blog/fornetto-lump-quebracho-hardwood-charcoal/
  10. Hi - nice work on the site. Great cooking tips. (Kudos to John Setzler... amazing work there )... Site has a good culture. Well done! I've a couple ideas to pass along over time. So ya, we ride sport touring motorcycling (maybe a bit too fast? ), work and live in Alberta and BC, bone in prime rib / prime rib steak are specialties as are smoked pastrami (but I sold the Bradley last week so I'm both feet in to get it right on this unit.) We travel a fair bit when we can. Here's a shot from last year, When not working, cooking, with family, we travel / motorcycle, or spend time reeling in Salmon, or taking in NHL, LFC (for those who know), 'Hawks, and open wheel racing (RIP Justin). After a long quest, I'm convinced that nothing beats a Stiegl now.
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