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  1. Originally from KY myself. Welcome. GO BIG BLUE!!!!. It's going to be a fun season.
  2. My wife wants me to make this for her. Bookmarked this page.
  3. I tried it. Not great IMO. Small chunks. Lot's of sparking. Royal Oak is better and cheaper, I think. Only tried one bag, though.
  4. That looks great. I make mine almost exactly the same way. I also will buy some avacados and use some of the pico to make guacamole.
  5. Just my opinion but I think KG is more a family than a message board. The more experienced gurus encourage the inexperienced (like me) and share knowledge to help us become better. Once you start down the negative path, the negativity will grow. And this community will go downhill. At this point, I am much more concerned with the quality of the food I prepare than the looks.
  6. I have a Classic B with the ash drawer. Works like a champion. Great grill.
  7. I am very glad I found this forum. I spent about 2 weeks reading before my first cook. I know it saved me so much heartache. I have also saved a lot of money with information from this board. Sent from my ME173X using Tapatalk
  8. Sorry. Forgot to take pics. I will do better next time. Sent from my ME173X using Tapatalk
  9. Oh man! I want to see those after they are sliced!
  10. I bought a pork loin and cut it into 1 1/2 inch chops. Seasoned with nothing but Lawry's seasoning salt . I threw a couple of Hickory Chunks in. I did a reverse sear at 250 up to 130 degrees. Got my Vision up to just below nuclear and seared both sides. Best pork chops I have ever tasted. My wife's eyes got really big when she tasted them. That's when I know I hit it out of the park.
  11. I bought the cast iron griddle from Academy Sports, cut the handles off and welded them back on in an upright position. Works great. I can use it as a heat deflector or to get a good sear. I used two strips of cold rolled steel bolted together and bent to fit my fire box. The griddle hangs two inches below the lower grate. Total cost, about 20 bucks.
  12. We have plenty of shooting ranges!! Maybe you can adapt some of your great German food to the Kamado and share some recipes with us.
  13. 40 bucks for a 733. Free shipping and no tax. I'm not going to beat this deal. Sold. Deal is good thru 4/4. Thanks for the heads up Rich.
  14. Guten Tag Sascha. Willcommen!! Where in Germany do you live? I was stationed in Darmstadt in the Army a really, really long time ago. I loved it there. I was fortunate to be able to return to the Black Forest last year. My wife and I stayed in Donaueschingen and we visited several towns in the area including Basel, Switzerland and Strasbourg, France. It is such a beautiful area with so many wonderful people.
  15. I marinated Flank Steak, Chicken, and Pork in lime, oil, and Carne Asada seasoning. Threw them on my new Vision Classic B at 550. Served them over tortilla chips with cheddar and monterey jack, homemade pico de gallo, and homemade guacamole. Unbelievable. I was able to dial in 550 and hold it steady with no problems thanks to all the great advice I received from this forum. Thanks everyone. I love this forum and I love my new grill.
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